Move business forward with compliant texting and voice

You need a reliable way to get clients to respond. Hearsay Relate saves you time by using automation, delegation, and workflows to compliantly text and call your clients.

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150,000+ Advisors

Security, compliance and supervision

  • Identify and mitigate compliance risks including record-keeping, advertising, suitability, supervision and security.
  • Provide full context to all text threads through our supervision dashboard.
  • Block all inappropriate or risky text messages before they are sent to clients.

“Our partners in legal and compliance were the biggest advocates for moving forward with Hearsay”

Caroline Feeney President, Individual Life Insurance and Prudential Advisors at Prudential

Enable your advisors to engage with clients on their preferred channel, compliantly

Hearsay Relate moves business forward by combining compliant texting, high quality voice calls, and workflows built to increase client loyalty and scale client touchpoints.

  • Increase client loyalty Leverage compliant texting seamless voice calling from your business number to increase engagement with clients wherever they are.
  • Increase advisor productivity Delegate service and scheduling request communications to team members to scale communications across your entire book of business.
  • Save advisors’ time Utilize automation and workflows built for advisors through calendar integration. Pre-schedule bulk text messages to remind clients about upcoming meetings, schedule birthday greetings, or upcoming payments.
  • Integrate with CRM or other enterprise core systems Enable corporate visibility into field activities like corporate lead follow up and annual review outreach. Ensure client contact information and engagement data is automatically synced with CRM.
  • Address regulatory compliance & supervision with ease Hearsay’s supervision functionality allows teams to monitor, archive, and access the complete text thread. Automate consent to text clients for TCPA compliance.
  • Separate business from personal for BYOD Keep business and personal communications separated for BYOD environments to mitigate risk for financial services firms.

Scale advisor texting with best practices

Our world-class Customer Success team will help your team launch an advisor texting program across the field, building on industry best practices from more than 150,000 advisors.

“This is an incredibly powerful sales productivity tool that is going to help people be more efficient and create deeper engagement earlier on in the process.”

Caroline Feeney,
President, Individual Life Insurance and
Prudential Advisors at Prudential

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