A New Era for Advisors and Agents

Enhance the human touch – don’t replace it. Workflows designed for P&C, Life, and Wealth Management, with Compliance built-in.

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Data-driven client touchpoints

Increase conversion and loyalty through multi-channel Triggered Actions. Drive program success with Hearsay’s award-winning mobile UX and white-glove advisor and admin success services.

  • Social SellingThe trusted industry standard loved by financial advisors and insurance agents, mobile-first and includes content. Tell me more
  • Compliant Texting
    and Calling
    1 phone, 2 numbers solution for BYOD, seamlessly synced with your archive and CRM. Tell me more
  • High-Conversion Advisor WebsitesGorgeous websites for a professional presence and high-quality leads. Tell me more

Unleash field productivity with 1-click workflows

Delight customers with Hearsay’s triggered workflows. Insurance lead follow-up and billing reminders. Wealth management RMDs and market movement touchpoints.

Easy CRM integration, out of the box

Trigger Actions from systems like Guidewire and Yodlee, then save time with auto-syncing of calls, texts and email follow-ups back to your CRM. Pre-built integrations with Salesforce Sales Cloud, FSC, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and homegrown CRM systems save busy IT teams time and money.

Automate your prospecting

Hearsay Autopilot Dynamic Campaigns, AI Scheduler, and Smart Replies optimize top-of-funnel demand generation, allowing advisors to focus on critical sales conversations.

Seamless Compliance

The only Built-in Compliance solution, which means advisors don’t have to authenticate twice. SEC, FINRA, FFIEC, FTC, IIROC, MFDA, FCA coverage. Hearsay AI Risk Meter, Blocking and Auto-Remediation, and Contextual Supervision reduce risk while saving teams hours per day.

Transform your Data and CRM

Most CRM systems have bad data because busy reps don’t have time for manual data entry. With Hearsay Data Sync, advisors can save hours each day by auto-logging calls and interactions in CRM or a data lake. 15X your visibility and maximize investments in CRM, AI, and BI tools.

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Enabling advisors to have valuable, data-driven client interactions when it matters most.

Caroline Feeney
Prudential Advisors
“Hearsay is an incredibly powerful sales productivity tool that is going to help people be more efficient and create deeper engagement earlier on in the process.”

Kristin Lemkau
JP Morgan Chase
“Touch points between advisors and clients are perhaps the most important pillar of the client experience yet often overlooked…To succeed, marketing, sales, and IT need to become best friends.”

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