The right message, on the right channel, at the right moment.

Driven by learnings from over 10 million posts and 9 years of data, Hearsay Content delivers the most engaging and meaningful content for your business.

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Sharif Renno
VP, Social Media, Robert W. Baird & Co.
“In today’s work environment where there is simply not enough hours in the day, Hearsay Content has created efficiencies for our marketing department by providing the most relevant industry content our advisors want to share with their clients and prospects. Hearsay Content complements our existing corporate content (such as articles, market outlooks, and guides), allowing advisors to be seen as experts in their field without feeling like every social post they share is coming from the corporate office. We look forward to integrating Hearsay Content into our campaigns to make our advisors even more productive by effectively managing their social publishing needs.”

AI-driven Personalized Content – Built-in to Hearsay Social & Sites, Delivered through Campaigns

Hearsay Content delivers curated feeds of the most engaging content for P&C, Life, and Wealth Management.

With a personalized onboarding experience that quickly captures information about each advisor and an AI-engine that captures and analyzes which posts get the most client engagement, Hearsay recommends campaigns and posts relevant to both the advisor and their local audience.

  • Build trust and credibility.Select from a combination of industry (i.e. taxes, retirement) and lifestyle recommendations (i.e. technology, travel), updated daily from trusted sources like Forbes, Wired, and The Economist.
  • Generate engagement.Timely, relevant and high-quality content feeds, updated daily and filled with a mix of corporate content, targeted lifestyle and industry articles to encourage maximum engagement.
  • Kickoff Meaningful Conversations. Pre-built email and message templates in Hearsay Content provide an easy way to begin meaningful conversations.

Put content delivery on autopilot.

Hearsay Content takes Hearsay Social’s Dynamic Campaigns – automated publishing for advisors and agents – one step further by providing Pre-Built Dynamic Campaigns for lifestyle content. Content is automatically added each week from trusted sources like TechCrunch, Fortune, Bloomberg, and more. The campaign is created for you and you can review, add, or remove content before you share with your advisors and agents.

Simply publishing content is not enough.

The client journey breaks down if you are not ready to follow-up at a more personal level. With Hearsay Content, there are also easy-to-use thematic outreach templates and workflows, specifically designed to start a conversation.

  • 01

  • 02
    Notification to follow up

  • 03
    Send 1-to-1 Outreach

  • 04
    Book Meeting

A wealth of content channels & pre-built 1-to-1 workflows

A variety of lifestyle and industry content channels for wealth and insurance audiences are available in Hearsay Content. Suggest individual pieces of content from these feeds to your advisors’ or agents’ Content Library or choose ‘auto-suggest’ to share all content from the channel. Automate campaigns so advisors/agents are prompted to engage more deeply with pre-built 1-to-1 workflows.


  • Wealth Transfer
  • Kids & Money
  • Technology News
  • Economy & Investing
  • Millenials & Money
  • Personal Finance
  • Career Tips
  • Philanthropy
  • Small Business
  • Education Savings
  • Retirement Income & Planning
  • Taxes
  • Women & Investing
  • Sports News
  • Real Estate
  • Healthy Living
  • Holidays Travel

1-to-1 Outreach Workflows & Templates

  • Happy Birthday
  • Holidays – 4th of July, MLK Day, Veteran’s Day, etc
  • Congratulations – new home, new job, new child, etc
  • Referral Introduction
  • Meeting Confirmation
  • Retirement Planning
  • Education Savings
  • Billing Reminder
  • Annual Review
  • Annual Review Summary and Next Steps
  • Financial Planning Follow Up
  • Advisor/Agent Introduction
  • RMD Reminder
  • Engaging Disengaged Clients
  • Outreach During Volatile Markets
  • Upsell