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Three Quick Wins to Revolutionize Agent and Advisor Effectiveness

Vivien Wang

Looking for ways to accelerate your financial reps’ effectiveness through integrated, seamless experiences? At this year’s Hearsay Summit, Dennis Craig, VP, MGA & National Account Relationships at RBC, and Chris Johnson, AVP, Advisor Marketing and Communication, at Janney Montgomery Scott, shared the following keys to their success in transforming field success:   Deliver electronic nudges at […]

Building Trust and Partnerships: Keys to Successful Social Selling Programs

Katherine Creeden

What does it take to successfully scale social selling programs? Recently, Hearsay’s VP of Marketing Leslie Leach was joined by Cully Eisenbeis, Senior Channel Management Specialist for Social Media at Edward Jones, and Caitlin Pollack, Senior Manager of Social Marketing Platforms at RBC, to discuss this topic. Cully and Caitlin are two of Hearsay’s most […]

How Financial Services Firms Can Bridge the Lead Hand-off Gap

Marisa Ruffles

Sales and marketing alignment is a hot topic. While they may not always be in sync, there is one thing marketing and sales teams can agree on: Optimizing lead programs to increase conversion rate is paramount, but not easy. One of the biggest blockers is the inefficiency inherent in the lead hand-off process.  Financial services […]

Sell insurance on Instagram? Yes, it’s happening now.

William Warren

Recently, an insurance agent on the Hearsay platform noted that in the past year they’ve sold every line of business through social media, even through Instagram. “It’s crazy to think you can sell insurance on Instagram,” he said. We don’t think it’s crazy; we think it’s a sign of things to come. Why? Networks like […]

Innovation and Compliance: Friends, not Foes

Vivien Wang

Innovation and compliance can sometimes butt heads. Compliance programs are built around an understanding of business outcomes and use cases, in order to build controls within the frameworks of the SEC, FINRA, or other regulatory bodies. Innovation can sometimes challenge those guidelines.  At last month’s Hearsay Summit, Hearsay’s VP of Compliance Strategy, Iain Duke-Richardet, spoke […]

Q&A with Christine Meginness, Program Director for Hearsay Sites

Vivien Wang

More than ever, localized sites that highlight professional experience, capture leads and serve relevant content are helping agents, advisors and bankers win in a saturated market. In fact, when Thrivent’s financial professionals used personalized sites, they achieved a 60% increase in traffic, and greater than 25% of those leads converted into prospective clients.  As Hearsay […]

Build an Alliance Between Corporate and Distributed Marketing

Leslie Leach

At our recent Hearsay Summit, Christine Duque and Nick Ingham from Deloitte Digital made a few provocative claims: (1) the customer experience is dead, and (2) corporate marketing efforts are generally ineffective at influencing the digital customer’s path to purchase. They shared the latest thinking in activating field agents as marketers, which was then brought […]

What Isn’t Measured Isn’t Managed: Capture the ROI of Hearsay Programs

Vivien Wang

At last month’s Hearsay Summit, VP of Marketing Leslie Leach spoke with Kiersten Shank, Product Owner at Lincoln Financial, and Erika Clyma, Social Media Lead at Ameriprise Financial, to discuss their journeys measuring ROI from their Hearsay programs. Both leaders were able to drive big results through targeted planning and execution, but each accomplished success […]

Scaling 1:1 Relationship Success with Hearsay Relate

Joe Van Remortel

In our post-pandemic world, the ability to scale 1:1 interactions and relationships for your sales team has taken on new urgency and relevance. With a compliant text and voice solution like Hearsay Relate, teams are effectively enabling advisor and agent productivity to cut through the clutter with faster (and better) responses to drive new business. […]

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