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Q&A with Christine Meginness, Program Director for Hearsay Sites

Vivien Wang

How did you get into this line of work, and why are you passionate about it? Having attended high school and college in the heart of tech here in the S.F. Bay Area, I’ve been immersed in this space and have worked in digital for my entire career. I’m passionate about helping my clients express […]

Build an Alliance Between Corporate and Distributed Marketing

Leslie Leach

At our recent Hearsay Summit, Christine Duque and Nick Ingham from Deloitte Digital made a few provocative claims: (1) the customer experience is dead, and (2) corporate marketing efforts are generally ineffective at influencing the digital customer’s path to purchase. They shared the latest thinking in activating field agents as marketers, which was then brought […]

What Isn’t Measured Isn’t Managed: Capture the ROI of Hearsay Programs

Vivien Wang

At last month’s Hearsay Summit, VP of Marketing Leslie Leach spoke with Kiersten Shank, Product Owner at Lincoln Financial, and Erika Clyma, Social Media Lead at Ameriprise Financial, to discuss their journeys measuring ROI from their Hearsay programs. Both leaders were able to drive big results through targeted planning and execution, but each accomplished success […]

Scaling 1:1 Relationship Success with Hearsay Relate

Joe Van Remortel

In our post-pandemic world, the ability to scale 1:1 interactions and relationships for your sales team has taken on new urgency and relevance. With a compliant text and voice solution like Hearsay Relate, teams are effectively enabling advisor and agent productivity to cut through the clutter with faster (and better) responses to drive new business. […]

Drive Trust and Conversions with Digital Storefronts

Leslie Leach

As financial services firms rethink business models, in some cases downsizing their real estate footprint, the notion of a storefront has transformed significantly. At the heart of that transformation is the “digital storefront”—-where prospective clients engage directly with advisors and agents, and the brands behind them. We’ve seen consumers seek financial advice from an increasingly […]

The Art of Igniting Change Across Your Agents and Advisors

Marisa Ruffles

At our Hearsay Summit last month, we had the honor of hosting brand evangelist and social media expert, Guy Kawasaki, on the virtual stage. In his keynote, The Art of Igniting Change, Guy imparted the wisdom he’s learned from his decades of experience creating deep connections between brands and customers. Listening to Guy speak, I […]

If Content is King, Is Your Content Strategy Ready to Rule?

Katherine Creeden

At last month’s Hearsay Summit, Director of Content Strategy Gabrielle Levin joined Hannah Bland, Digital Marketing Manager at Aviva Investors and Tim Rickards, Director of Marketing and Client Engagement at Charles Schwab, to discuss their key content strategy tips for nurturing clients via social media, particularly during this past year. Here are five takeaways from […]

How the Supreme Court’s Auto-Dialer Ruling Impacts Future TCPA Litigation

Iain Duke-Richardet

“In sum, Congress’ definition of an autodialer requires that in all cases, whether storing or producing numbers to be called, the equipment in question must use a random or sequential number generator.” Facebook v. Duguid, Case No. 19-511 The April 1 Supreme Court ruling, applicable to both placing telephone calls and sending text messages, adopts […]

400 Days Later: Igniting Connections in our Post-Pandemic World

William Warren

In case you’re counting, we’ve now surpassed day 400 of the COVID pandemic. New habits are formed after repeating a behavior for an average of 66 days, so it’s no surprise that behaviors that previously would have taken decades to go mainstream transformed in a matter of weeks. Fundamentally, our market and clientele evolved. Hearsay’s […]

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