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How the Supreme Court’s Auto-Dialer Ruling Impacts Future TCPA Litigation

Iain Duke-Richardet

“In sum, Congress’ definition of an autodialer requires that in all cases, whether storing or producing numbers to be called, the equipment in question must use a random or sequential number generator.” Facebook v. Duguid, Case No. 19-511 The April 1 Supreme Court ruling, applicable to both placing telephone calls and sending text messages, adopts […]

400 Days Later: Igniting Connections in our Post-Pandemic World

William Warren

In case you’re counting, we’ve now surpassed day 400 of the COVID pandemic. New habits are formed after repeating a behavior for an average of 66 days, so it’s no surprise that behaviors that previously would have taken decades to go mainstream transformed in a matter of weeks. Fundamentally, our market and clientele evolved. Hearsay’s […]

When it Comes to Trust, Main Street Beats Wall Street

Nora Burns

A wise man or woman once said that trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair. After decades of scandals across nearly every industry, consumers remain extremely skeptical of corporate America and institutions at large, creating real-world challenges for the financial industry marketers charged with building and protecting corporate brands. A […]

Starbucks CMO Brady Brewer Shares Three Lessons for Human Connection

Katherine Creeden

This year, we were excited to welcome back Brady Brewer, the CMO of Starbucks (and our top-rated speaker from last year’s Summit), to our virtual stage. Brady joined Hearsay’s VP of Marketing, Leslie Leach, to share how Starbucks continues to sustain authentic client relationships across every individual interaction. Just as Starbucks is in the people […]

Kudos to our 2021 Hearsay Innovator Award Winners!

Brittany Nevares

What a week! Our second fully virtual Hearsay Summit has wrapped, and I’ve never been more inspired by the work our customers continue to do. One of my favorite aspects of Summit is seeing these tremendous achievements recognized and honored through our Innovator Awards. This year, we received so many great submissions, all of which […]

The Countdown to Hearsay Summit 2021 is On!

Leslie Leach

Next Tuesday, Hearsay will kick off its 9th annual Hearsay Summit, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to convene the financial industry’s best and brightest minds on our virtual stage! Last year’s pandemic altered social selling, and advisors and agents were quick to pivot from tried-and-true approaches to test new strategies for the new normal. […]

Not Your Grandma’s Website: Welcome to Your New Digital Hub

Nora Burns

For years, the humble website faded into the background, quietly working while emails zipped out, social media dazzled the business world, and live events grabbed attention with flashy keynote speakers and deal-closing conversations.  In 2020, everything changed. From local insurance offices and retail bank branches, to bank headquarters and popular steakhouses, the world stood still. […]

Slow that Scroll: How to Capture Eyeballs for Your Social Videos

Gabrielle Levin

If you still need to be convinced of video’s marketing efficacy, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you’re already bought into video and just aren’t sure how to start, this should help get you from lights, to camera, to action. When the only tool you have is a hammer… Video works, but that doesn’t […]

Financial Services Exam Priorities: Hearsay Compliance Shares What to Expect in 2021

Bill Simpson

In keeping with annual tradition, the US Financial Industry Regulators have published their respective Examination Priorities for 2021 (See SEC, FINRA, NAIC, OCC). Not surprisingly, they share a number of overlaps, with the pandemic and the implications of a potential continuation of remote work playing a large role across the board. Regulators continue to examine […]

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