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Superhero Spotlight: Chase Seibert

Welcome to the first installment of Hearsay Social’s “Superhero Spotlight” series! Starting with this post, we’re going to regularly highlight one employee at the company that drives our engineering, customer success, marketing, sales, and operations. These are the faces of Hearsay Social!


Name: Chase Seibert

Title: Software Engineer

Time at Hearsay Social: 1 year

What did you do before coming to Hearsay Social?

I went to a startup right out of school, Bullhorn, where I was for nine years. I was employee #8, and when I left there were 200 people. That was a great experience. Anytime the company doubled, it really changed the culture and our processes.

What attracted you to Hearsay Social?

I met the team at PyCon a solid year before I was really looking for a job. Hearsay Social was hosting a drink-up after the conference. (Ed. note: We’ll be at PyCon again this year, so look for Hearsay Social’s team wearing red capes!)

What does your typical day look like?


On an average day, I spend at least 60% of the hours coding, working on features our team is trying to deliver in the next two weeks. The remainder of the time is spent on company meetings and team-specific meetings around planning. We want to deliver all these features, so we have to discuss the design as a group before we start coding. We’re given free reign to figure that out. There’s not a lot of prescribed ideas from the top, it’s very open-ended, which the engineers really like. And then there’s always sports: I do basketball and volleyball every week and I’m trying to play flag football half the time.

What do you like the most about working here?

The caliber of software engineers we have is higher than companies I’ve worked at in the past. It’s really nice to discuss technical problems with people, and they may very well have a better idea than you about how to solve an issue. And just like other startups, there isn’t a lot of red tape or process in the way to make your ideas real. It’s within your power to do anything: you’re not dependent on another team or department.

ChaseQuote_2sqIs there any specific accomplishment you’re proud of from the past year?

One thing I’ve been working on is introducing “scrum,” or working to deliver in two-week chunks. From an engineering point of view it’s great because you’re confident you’re constantly working on the next high-priority item. It tends to let us design our own solution, working with the designers as we need them. We’re so committed to meeting our deadline that we’ll work extra hours if we need to, but we’re pretty good about delivering within those two weeks. And then we keep iterating.

What’s your best advice for job seekers?

If real estate is about location, then work is all about the people you work with. That’s what you really need to get a sense for when you’re interviewing. Do you really want to hang out these people every day? Because you’re going to be hanging out with them every day! Do they work collaboratively or is everyone just doing their own thing?

Now for the easy questions. What’s your favorite lunch served at Hearsay Social?

That’s easy: fried chicken and waffles, because it has hot sauce, syrup, and butter. I also love the Vietnamese bowl, which I loved so much I even tried to make it at home.

Favorite color? Definitely blue.

Favorite movie? Dances with Wolves, which my wife gives me crap about it because she thinks it’s a chick flick.

Do you have a superpower? I can reach things off of high shelves.

Favorite song to DJ on the office Sonos? Daft Punk is good to code to because it has a beat and keeps going.

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Who is your role model, and why?

Definitely my dad, who passed away about ten years ago. He really got me into both computers and cooking. He was just so passionate about Apple when they released their IIGS machine back in the 80s and he was an architect so passionate about personal computers that we got one of these super expensive computers right away even though we didn’t really have a use for it. I was 5–shortly after that I was building my own PCs, and it was all because of that first experience.

Thanks for reading! If you’re interested, learn more about what it’s like working at Hearsay Social.