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Meanwhile at PyCon 2012…

While our CEO Clara Shih and a few others from the team were networking at SXSW the past week, the Hearsay Social engineering team was out in full force at PyCon, an annual convention for the Python programming language held in Santa Clara. Since it was located in our neck of the woods, we decided to join the event, learn some new things, and spread the word about what we’re building here at Hearsay Social. Additionally, as a PyCon gold sponsor, we had a booth in the expo hall complete with a photo booth so each of you could show off the “social media superhero” inside. (Visit Da Silva Photo Booth if you want to see how your photos came out!)
The talks at the conference covered the gamut of topics including security, scalability, testing, continuous integration, the Django web framework, localization, and unicode. Of particular interest to startups was the keynote speech by Y Combinator founder Paul Graham, who challenged the audience with a few startup ideas. Sorry, Paul, but we already have one of those.
Some of the talks that really inspired our team members were “Pragmatic Unicode, or, How do I stop the pain?” given by Ned Batchelder, “Fast Test, Slow Test” given by Gary Bernhardt and “Practicing Continuous Deployment” given by David Cramer. We’d like to thank these guys and all the other speakers for volunteering their time and sharing their knowledge. We definitely came back with a lot of ideas as to how we can improve our product and our engineering process.
On Saturday night, Hearsay Social hosted a happy hour for conference goers and was pleased to be next door to the PyLadies, who were hosting a dinner of their own. Later the two parties melded into one, and then everyone made their way to the Hyatt where our neighbors Dropbox hosted desserts at a crowded afterparty. So while SXSW was all abuzz in Texas there was a quiet contingent of engineers geeking out in California and having just as much fun!
And remember, if you’re an engineer and if you love Python, Hearsay Social is hiring.!/seanconaty/status/178995085428531201!/stgarrity/status/178319401177722881