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Peter Thiel, Padmasree Warrior, Drew Houston, Clara Shih and other tech leaders center stage at Web Summit

u1Md_RDLIn Dublin for Web Summit next week?
Hearsay Social Social CEO Clara Shih (@clarashih) will be joining the technology industry’s most influential leaders–including Peter Thiel (Founder, Founders Fund, @peterthiel), Padmasree Warrior (Chief Technology & Strategy Officer, Cisco, @padmasree), Drew Houston (Founder, Dropbox, @drewhouston), and many more–for three days of discussions around innovation, marketing, machines, and the enterprise.
Here are some others that will be speaking:

Web Summit speakers

If you’re attending the Summit, you can see Clara speak in two separate sessions on Wednesday, November 5th:

  • At 10:15 AM on the Marketing Stage, Clara will be interviewed one-on-one by Martin Bryant (Editor-in-Chief, The Next Web, @MartinSFP).
  • At 11:45 AM, look for Clara on the Centre Stage, as she will be featured on a panel with Darian Shirazi (Founder and CEO, Radius, @darian314) and Tom Cheshire (Technology Correspondent, Sky News, @tomcheshiresky).

In both sessions, Clara will share background on Hearsay Social and the company’s growth trajectory in Europe, insights into entrepreneurship and women in technology, as well as her perspective on the growing importance of social media and technology at the executive and board level.
See you there!

Stop Making Sucky Enterprise Software

Note: You only have until September 5 to influence the final sessions for SXSW 2015. Head over to the PanelPicker now and vote for Hearsay Social’s proposed session, “Stop Making Sucky Enterprise Software” Thank you!

Bryan Schreier (Partner, Sequoia Capital) and Steve Garrity (CTO and Founder, Hearsay Social) chatting at @StartX.

In addition to Hearsay Social CEO Clara Shih’s proposed session, we’re also backing an engineering-focused session led by our CTO and co-founder Steve Garrity (@stgarrity) for next year’s SXSW Interactive:

Many people in the technology industry believe you have to work in the consumer space to have the biggest impact on the most people. Everyone wants to build the next Facebook or Snapchat, the next app that captivates the minds of millions and gets called “sexy” in TechCrunch articles — simple, beautiful, impactful. People say it’s hard to do this with enterprise software citing how painful most enterprise software is and how many people waste countless hours of their lives fighting it. But why does it have to be that way? Hearsay Social Founder and CTO Steve Garrity, an expert in software development and architecture design, believes we deserve better and will convince SXSW audiences to fight sucky software and demand better experiences with their enterprise business software.

We’re excited about having Steve share his insights and experiences, from developing the services platform at Microsoft to founding and scaling Hearsay Social to where it is today, at SXSW 2015. Help us by voting!

Going to PyCon 2014? See Hearsay Social engineer talks and join us for a beer

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 11.37.22Over the next week, developers and technologists will converge on Montreal for PyCon 2014, the largest annual gathering dedicated to the Python programming community. Once again, the Hearsay Social team is proud to be a major part of the event.
This weekend, see presentations from two Hearsay Social software engineers giving talks, and also drop by our beer bash on Saturday evening. Details here:

Programming an Autonomous 20 Foot Blimp with Python

WHO: Scott Lobdell, Hearsay Social software engineer (Be sure to read our special interview with Scott here.)
WHAT: This talk documents the journey of a less than conventional robotics application in which python is used as the logical controller of an autonomous 20 foot blimp. The blimp’s autopilot features, prolonged air time, large size, and smooth motion make it the ideal platform for aerial photography. Giving the blimp an onboard controller reduces the overall costs and requirements of the operation. (More details here.)
WHEN: Saturday, 5:10 p.m. – 5:40 p.m.


Localization Revisited


WHO: Ruchi Varshney, Hearsay Social software engineer

WHAT: Is your web app ready for a global audience? Internationalizing your codebase with gettext ( might just be the simpler part of the puzzle. It’s hard to maintain translations in a fast paced deployment environment without constant manual intervention. This talk covers tools and strategies you can adopt to automate your localization process and ensure high translation coverage. (More details here.)

WHEN: Sunday, 2:30 p.m. – 3 p.m.


Hearsay Social’s PyCon Beer Bash

On Saturday evening at 7:00 PM, join Hearsay Social’s engineering team and other PyCon attendees for food and drinks at the Reporter Room (The Westin Montreal). Come discuss your favorite sessions from the conference and share any interesting ideas you’ve learned. Anyone attending PyCon is welcome and drinks and food are on us, so we look forward to seeing you there!