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Social Business Adoption – Step 4: Promote, Enable Field Success Stories

shutterstock_302256263This blog post is step four of Hearsay Social’s Six-Step Program to Boost Social Business Adoption across the enterprise. Check back next week for step five.
It’s important for advisors to regularly hear from the corporate or home office about the benefits and potential of social business, but peer-to-peer evangelism is critical to motivating and mobilizing them as well. After all, salespeople want to hear from and about other salespeople, especially about how they achieved their successes.
As part of your social business program, you need to identify people who have found the program valuable and can provide real-life examples of how they leverage social media grew their book of business. Then, you must empower them to share and amplify their stories. Here are three ideas how:

  1. Share advisor/agent success stories with the executive team. In addition to generating awareness among the field, it’s important for high-level decisionmakers to get visibility into how the social business program is producing real results, so they can see the return on investment. After all, these are the folks who will have considerable influence on any contracts and future financial commitments to the initiative.
  2. Find your power users and make them feel special. Run a report to see who within the company is using social media regularly and have an engaged following. Reach out and invite them to an exclusive group or circle of fellow power users (e.g., “Social Media Superheroes”) that provides special access to things such as continuing education, future beta programs/sneak peeks and other resources that might not be available widely.
  3. Increase advisor/agent visibility via peer to peer sharing. Encourage these power users and early adopters to share their stories not just within their immediate teams but across the entire organization. This not only promotes the overall social business program in general, but gives these individuals increased visibility and positions them as leaders in social. Some ideas include: regularly profiling them in internal corporate newsletters  and/or the company Intranet; highlighting their success strategies at sales conferences and other events; and/or developing a how-to based webinar using them as a use-case example.

adoption-guideFor more success insights on how to educate the field and arm them for success, as well as Hearsay Social’s entire six-step framework for social business adoption across the enterprise, get our new, free Social Business Adoption Guide now.
To learn more about Hearsay Social’s training options, contact your sales representative or customer success manager.
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