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Social Business Adoption – Step 5: Four Ways to Amp Up the (Friendly) Competition

shutterstock_174735368This blog post is step five of Hearsay Social’s Six-Step Program to Boost Social Business Adoption across the enterprise. Check back next week for the last step, step six.

One great way to increase participation in your firm’s social business program is to take advantage of the natural competitiveness inherent in your best performers and salespeople. Get this key group of stakeholders excited and, in turn, encourage the wider field to get involved by stoking some friendly competition.
Use tried-and-true gamification techniques such as scorecards, badges and leaderboards to keep track of behaviors that the social business program has been set up to measure and grow. These metrics might include the number of times advisors or agents log into their company’s social media management platform, the number of content pieces they publish, or by how much their networks grow over a certain period of time.
Here are ideas to step up your gamification game:

  1. Offer a reward tied to a key program success metric. For example, one company gave out a prize – Super Bowl tickets – to the regional sales manager with the highest percent increase in usage of the social business technology platform.
  2. Make it fun, engaging and easy. Run the idea by a few members of your target audience before rolling the game out broadly, to ensure it will appeal to the largest subset of users possible. Remember, though, that not every single salesperson will want to participate. But for those who do, it’s important to keep the excitement going throughout the contest period.
  3. Create, publish and share a leaderboard, scorecard or another method to keep track of those who are at the top of their game – literally. This helps jump-start competition, highlight the most active participants and attract people who are not already in the program.
  4. Run a “30 days of social” campaign to bring additional visibility to the program.

adoption-guideFor more success insights on how to educate the field and arm them for success, as well as Hearsay Social’s entire six-step framework for social business adoption across the enterprise, get our new, free Social Business Adoption Guide now.
To learn more about Hearsay Social’s training options, contact your sales representative or customer success manager.
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Introducing Social Business Training for Advisors

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 4.33.49 AMA Google search for “social media best practices” results in more than 100 million pages. For a financial services advisor or agent who wants to leverage social media the right way to build relationships with clients and prospects, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.
Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new Social Business Training offering, available now to Hearsay Social customers. Developed specifically for financial advisors and insurance agents, Social Business Training provides an interactive e-learning platform for advisors to gain practical knowledge on how to create a social media plan and grow their business.
“Social media and digital technologies are transforming the way advisors and agents are doing business,” said Abhay Rajaram, vice president of global customer success at Hearsay Social, in a press statement. “While it is clear these new technologies have incredible potential, they can often overwhelm advisors who are looking for a simple, structured way to get started. Social Business Training cuts through the information overload and helps advisors create a social media business plan that they can act on right away.”
The coursework, which is self-directed so advisors can learn at their own pace, covers the basics – including how to build a social media profile, gain credibility and grow a network – and progresses toward more advanced topics, such as identifying key metrics and complementing organic efforts with paid advertising. Each course features interactive elements including video, audio, text, knowledge checks, activities, a reference library and more.
At the firm level, administrators can monitor and report on the success of their training and education program via insights such as who has started and advanced through the courses.
For additional details on our new Social Business Training offering, including more details on the courses, read our press release.
Interested Hearsay Social customers should contact their Hearsay Social representative directly to learn more about Social Business Training and to sign up.

Introducing the New Curated Content Channels for Advisors

Curated-ContentAn authentic voice. We all have one.
It is who we are. It is the words, grammar and syntax we use everyday to communicate our thoughts and talk about what is important to us, to the world around us.
Our authentic voice communicates our personality, and expresses our humanity.
How ironic it is therefore that on the most human of technologies, social networks, we often find ourselves communicating in a way that is robotic. Too often advisors post and re-post the same series of financial updates on social in some vague attempt to engage a following.
But ask, is that how an advisor communicates in the offline world? As an advisor of a person’s financial wellbeing, something that is highly personal, do you begin a conversation citing stats and dry, distant financial content in the hope your listener reacts positively?
Or do you make yourself relatable. Talk about your personal interests, ask questions and uncover the interests of others around you?
You do the latter. You want people to connect with you first as a person, and then as a financial advisor.
As Clara Shih, our CEO, has often noted, financial advisors have always been social. They have always first dawn on their personal connections and personal networks to build and grow their financial business.
Understanding this, Hearsay Social launched today Curated Content Channels, an innovative way for advisors to find and articulate in their authentic voice on social.
With the help of our Customer Success team, Hearsay admins can now create new content channels in the Hearsay content library. These content channels can be on any topic, general interest or financial, and can even be localized to focus on content from a particular region or city.
The Curated Content Channels offering will draw on tens of thousands of online sources to present the relevant content to the Hearsay admin. The Hearsay Customer Success rep can work with the admin to actually teach the system what content is desired, so the system will actually learn and seek out more relevant content in the future.
With a few clicks, admins can create a stream of relevant, curated content to make available for their advisors. This will save admins the considerable time they now spend to find content to populate content libraries.
Advisors, for their part, can find the content that is more relevant to them and that helps them best find their authentic voice. Sharing and commenting on their personally relevant content will help the advisor evolve from a seemingly automated poster to their original human, and social form.
Learn more about Curated Content Channels in the press release.