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At the best companies, innovation is everyone's job: Hearsay Social CEO Clara Shih at #WIREDBizCon

Hearsay Social CEO Clara Shih and the Hearsay Social NY team.

Yesterday we were proud to have our CEO Clara Shih (@clarashih) join other business and technology thought leaders at the 2014 Wired Business Conference in New York City.
The theme of the conference was “Rethink” because businesses today need to rethink everything. From eCommerce and the arts to architecture and surgical robotics, from repurposing plastic and clothing production to gaming and the social enterprise, no industry or idea can remain stagnant.
We enjoyed seeing all the insights shared by great industry minds, including David Karp (founder and CEO, Tumblr, @davidkarp), Nolan Bushnell (founder, Atari, @NolanBushnell), Lawrence Lessig (professor at Harvard Law School and founder of Creative Commons, @lessig) and Andrew McAfee (principal research scientist at MIT and cofounder of the Initiative on the Digital Economy at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, @amcafee).
Highlights from the conference include:

  • In the “Mr. Green Jeans” session, founders from Parley for the Oceans and Bionic Yarn demonstrated how they’re making jeans out of plastic (i.e. bionic yarn). Using the jeans’ cool factor, they deliver a message of sustainability: retrieve and recycle, reduce and replace.
  • Hardeep Walia (founder of Motif Investing and a friend of Clara’s) demoed his platform, which enables people to invest in concepts and ideas rather than individual stocks.
  • In a special one-to-one chat with Jill Schlesinger (CBS News Business Analyst, Host of Jill on Money, @jillonmoney), Clara spoke about how Hearsay Social empowers financial services representatives with an authentic, trusted voice. She also shared early stories of building the platform’s first prototype with her co-founder Steve Garrity (@stgarrity). Finally, Clara discussed with Jill how an organization’s success hinges on its people: innovation is everyone’s job, from the CEO on down.

Watch Clara’s session here and see tweets from the event below:

Social Transforms the Enterprise: Hearsay Social speaks alongside LinkedIn, Salesforce, and others at Fortune Brainstorm TECH 2013

For the second year in a row, we were honored to be a part of Fortune Brainstorm TECH, the annual conference for Fortune 500 innovators and entrepreneurs to discuss how tech is changing the future of business. Speakers this year included Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky, eBay CEO John Donahoe, and Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer.
Our CEO Clara Shih spoke alongside LinkedIn’s Deep Nishar and’s Todd Pierce to a packed house, sharing her views about the three ingredients to enterprise success with social media: clear business drivers, enterprise governance and compliance, and executive buy-in with change management.
(See Fortune’s spotlight on Clara here.)

Inspired by LinkedIn’s #SXSW Influencers Reception, Jessi Hempel (@jessiwrites) of Fortune arranged the Brainstorm panel, “Social Transforms the Enterprise.” She explained at the beginning of the session that, as more and more businesses transition from experimental social media usage to a more mainstream phase, this panel of experts could help discuss best practices in the social enterprise.
Participants included Adam Pisoni (@yammeradam), CTO and co-founder, Yammer; Todd Pierce, EVP Operations and Transformation,; Deep Nishar (@deepnishar), SVP Products and UE, LinkedIn; Phil Libin (@plibin), CEO, Evernote; and Clara Shih (@clarashih), CEO and Founder, Hearsay Social.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Clara Shih, CEO and Founder, Hearsay Social; Adam Pisoni, CTO and co-founder, Yammer; Todd Pierce, EVP Operations and Transformation,; Deep Nishar, SVP Products and UE, LinkedIn; and Phil Libin, CEO, Evernote.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Clara Shih, CEO and Founder, Hearsay Social; Adam Pisoni, CTO and co-founder, Yammer; Todd Pierce, EVP Operations and Transformation,; Deep Nishar, SVP Products and UE, LinkedIn; Phil Libin, CEO, Evernote; and Jessi Hempel, co-chair, Fortune Brainstorm TECH.

Kick-starting the session, Deep Nishar of LinkedIn summed up the social selling revolution:

“What if instead you could go into your favorite CRM system–as a salesperson–and it told you here are the five prospects you should go after because you are incredibly well-connected with them through somebody you know, either at your own company or through your own network. And you can now eliminate cold calling in favor of warm prospecting.”

Indeed, salespeople today are already harnessing social networks like LinkedIn to get found and grow their networks. As time goes on, it will become even more commonplace to have a presence on the networks, allowing businesses to act on social signals and further build credibility with customers and prospects.
It’s important to note that while social media might not replace face-to-face meetings and phone calls, it does play a significant, entirely new role. As Clara explains in the session:

“Social today satisfies a different set of use cases than email currently does. Some of the best sales meetings are still done face to face. Phone still plays a key role in how we communicate. But the overall mix shifts over time as we have a bigger repertoire of communication tools.”

Watch the full panel below.

Welcoming Michael Lock and Mark Gilbert to the Hearsay Social team

Today, I am proud to welcome two extraordinary executives to Hearsay Social’s management team. Michael Lock (pictured at right), one of the founding executives of Google Enterprises and a Silicon Valley luminary, has taken on the role of chief operating officer. We are incredibly excited to start working with Michael, who has spent the past decade turning Google’s software for businesses, called Google Apps, into a world-renowned, $1 billion-a-year business.
Additionally, today we welcome longtime Microsoft Corporation veteran Mark Gilbert, who has been named the company’s vice president of product. With over a decade of experience at Microsoft leading product teams for System Center, Visual Studio, and Bing, Mark will be an invaluable asset to our own product team.

Hearsay Social Founders Clara Shih and Steve Garrity, COO Michael Lock, and VP of Product Mark Gilbert

Michael and Mark are world-class leaders and incredible technology visionaries who’ve created products that are used and loved by millions. Their leadership and breadth of enterprise product experience will drive transformational innovation for the social sales and marketing industry as well as Hearsay Social’s customers.
Forging their 30 years of combined experience, Hearsay Social is now uniquely positioned to pave the way to a truly social enterprise, powering every business-to-customer relationship on social media.
For more information, read the press release and see coverage in The Wall Street Journal.

Can your enterprise keep up with the social networks?

Ed. note: The following is an excerpt from David F. Carr’s InformationWeek article on a presentation delivered by Hearsay Social founder and CTO Steve Garrity at the recent E2 Innovate conference in Santa Clara. Read the article in full here.

Part of the challenge of social business is matching speeds between enterprises and organizations like Facebook with a “move fast and break things” philosophy, says Hearsay Social CTO Steve Garrity.
When two spaceships rendezvous in science fiction, the trickiest navigational maneuver is matching speeds and directions so they can dock, or maybe beam across. Captain Kirk’s Enterprise accomplished this on a regular basis, with all sorts of alien craft. Can your enterprise do as well at matching speeds with the social networks?
This question is inspired by Hearsay Social CTO Steve Garrity’s presentation on How to Match Speeds Between Your Enterprise and the Social Networks from the recent E2 Innovate conference in Santa Clara.
“Facebook changes every single day,” with Twitter and LinkedIn keeping almost the same pace — far different from the steady, measured pace of enterprise system development and implementation. “Move fast and break things” is a company motto at Facebook, he pointed out.

Read this article in its entirety at InformationWeek.

Unveiling Hearsay Social Cloud Compliance for Salesforce at Dreamforce ‘12

With tens of thousands of people descending on San Francisco for Dreamforce ‘12, it couldn’t be a more amazing time to be working on next-generation technology in Silicon Valley.
We at Hearsay Social are especially excited today to announce Hearsay Social Cloud Compliance for Salesforce, enabling financial services, healthcare, and retail organizations to fully embrace the socially connected enterprise in the cloud while adhering to industry regulations and corporate governance.
Hearsay Social Cloud Compliance for Salesforce will soon be available on’s AppExchange, and includes FINRA, SEC, FTC, IIROC, FSA, and FDA compliance coverage across the Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and Chatter.
[Ed. note: Hearsay Social will have a booth all day today at the Financial Services Industry Day (at the Grand Hyatt) to discuss this announcement and more. Additionally, Hearsay Social will be sharing extra details and compliance expertise in a special Dreamforce session tomorrow, September 19. This session will take place in the Ralston Ballroom at the Palace Hotel from 3 — 4 PM.]

Hearsay Social Cloud Compliance for Salesforce

Fortune 1000 organizations are eager to embrace LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, foursquare, and Chatter, but they want to do so in a way that adheres to industry regulations and corporate governance. We know this because our customers have been asking for a seamless way to compliantly engage in the socially connected enterprise, and this is what we have delivered with Hearsay Social Cloud Compliance for Salesforce.
Ziegler, a full-service investment bank serving institutional, retail, and commercial clients, is one of the first Hearsay Social customers to enjoy the benefits of our new offering. Sid Bhatnagar, Vice President of Business Applications at Ziegler, has already called our new product “an essential component” of his social enterprise’s architecture.
Here are the key product features to expect from Hearsay Social Cloud Compliance for Salesforce:

Hearsay Social Compliance for Sales Cloud

Navigate social accounts, contacts, and conversations in a compliant manner. Hearsay Social Compliance captures and archives social conversations to help your organization comply with business records and communications with the public regulations set by various regulatory bodies in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Hearsay Social Compliance for Service Cloud

Maintain complete compliance while offering a world-class customer service experience. Hearsay Social Compliance automatically captures and archives customer communications as agents are assigned to and resolve cases on any of the social networks.

Hearsay Social Compliance for Marketing Cloud

Boost your brand power by aligning marketing messaging across the organization. Hearsay Social Compliance protects financial firms’ registered representatives from regulatory risk by retaining records of social media interactions deemed advertisements, which require pre-approval by a Registered Principal.

Hearsay Social Compliance for Chatter

Capture and archive conversations for business records and eDiscovery requests with Hearsay Social Compliance.

Learn more

If you’d like to learn more about Hearsay Social Cloud Compliance for Salesforce, be sure to visit our booth today at the Financial Services Industry Day (at the Grand Hyatt) or catch our presentation at Dreamforce tomorrow, September 19. The session will take place in the Ralston Ballroom at the Palace Hotel (directions below) from 3 — 4 PM. Or simply get in touch if you’d like to see a demo of our new product.

Social Technologies Unlocked: Hearsay Social CEO speaks at Churchill Club

Would you believe that social media and social networks are mostly untapped across both the enterprise and consumer landscapes?
That’s the finding of a McKinsey Global Institute report entitled The Social Economy: Unleashing Value and Productivity Through Social Technologies. In advance of the report’s publication, several of the best minds in social media met in San Francisco for a panel discussion hosted by the Churchill Club, which has organized events for a quarter of a century with big names like Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, and Arianna Huffington.
For the social technologies-focused session, Hearsay Social CEO Clara Shih sat on the panel amongst esteemed leaders in the social media space, including Wendy Arnott, VP of Social Media, TD Bank Group; BJ Fogg, Founder and Director, the Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford University; David Gutelius, Chief Scientist, Jive Software. The panel was moderated by Michael Chui, a Senior Fellow at the McKinsey Global Institute.
View the discussion in its entirety in the video below and check out some of the best live tweets from the event:

CIOs must face these facts to go social

This piece, penned by Hearsay Social CIO in Residence Jim Lee, was originally posted on Internet Evolution. With experience as CIO at Marsh & McLennan and other Fortune 500 companies, Jim speaks with authority to a couple obstacles that today’s CIO must address in going social:

It’s a harsh truth: Most enterprise CIOs do not know how social media can benefit their organizations. One significant factor is the pressure placed on CIOs to keep the shop running and ensure the IT agenda is aligned with business objectives. IT needs to deliver on the priorities of the business, and if the business does not see or understand the benefits of social media, such initiatives are unlikely to get funded.
However, that should not prevent the CIO from developing the foundational knowledge not only for him/herself, but, more importantly, to help educate the business constituents on how social media can bring immense value to the organization.
CIOs who recognize the importance of innovation, of helping organizations think outside the box, and of ensuring competitive position through the use of technology need to bring innovation to the organization — particularly now. It is essential for IT leadership to collaborate with business stakeholders to leverage social media as a competitive advantage.
Social media are part of the technology evolution that began with the mainframe (which let organizations process massive amount of data) and moved to personal computers (to help distribute and empower end users) and then to the Internet (which enabled global connectivity and commerce).
Simply having a presence on Twitter or a business page on Facebook does not qualify as innovation with social media. I see those actions as table stakes and fundamental for any organization entering the social media arena.
In addition to essentially developing a social media strategy with the business, CIOs need to prepare their organizations for the implementation of a social media solution. This is where major challenges will emerge for the IT organization. Most social media platforms are cloud-based (SaaS), which raises a number of issues about data security and operational readiness.
For instance, here are two main issues CIOs will need to address in implementing cloud-based social software:

  • Data security: The consistent challenge being posed by chief information security officers is that data in the cloud is not secure, and the organization cannot afford the risks of data being compromised. All aspects of applications, data, infrastructure, provisioning, and the like need to be 100 percent locked down, and a rigorous process must be developed for any “exceptions.” It is incumbent on the SaaS provider to work with the client to ensure the concerns are addressed through a thorough review of the infrastructure, including security guidelines and protocols that have been implemented to protect the client’s information.
  • Operational readiness: Both the SaaS service provider and the client must develop a framework to accommodate the nuances of how solutions are deployed within each environment. You have one extreme where solutions are developed and deployed using waterfall development methodologies (a traditional enterprise approach driven by tollgates, milestones, etc.) and another extreme where solutions are developed and deployed on a daily basis. The paradigms do not mix well, and it is essential for the enterprise to be able to work with the SaaS provider on a plan for integration.

The call to action is for CIOs: Get educated on the social media domain, partner with business stakeholders on the development of a social media strategy, and work within the IT organization to ensure it is operationally ready for any level of integration with SaaS providers.