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The huge productivity advantage of social media

Ed. note: This post is the third in a series drawing from Mainstay Salire’s study on Social Media ROI: Quantifying the Benefits of Social Media Marketing Platforms for the Enterprise. Download the entire report for free here.

Increased Employee Business Use of Social Media and Productivity

While most of the businesses previously had local social media presences, Hearsay Social offered a level of convenience and scalability that attracted agents, advisors, and local-branch marketers. Access to corporate content libraries, auto-scheduling, compliance tools, analytics, and the flexibility to customize each post were all features that appealed to users. Uptake of the solution was rapid across the companies studied and training needs were reported to be minimal.

  • Average of 4X increase in employee activity on social media across companies studied
  • 90% of advisors at financial firm joined a pilot rollout of Hearsay Social and 87% continued to use the platform after the pilot, demonstrating strong buy-in, adoption, and ease of use
  • 75% of advisors said the platform improved how they used Facebook as a business tool

Faster, More Efficient Delivery of Corporate Content to Local Networks

At the corporate level, marketers noted the productivity advantage of an enterprise-wide platform for managing social media programs. Reusable content libraries, automated compliance checks, and other management tools were key to streamlining production and delivery of content to field networks. Ease of integration with back-end systems (e.g., ERP systems, compliance supervision and archiving systems, and monitoring tools such as Lithium) contributed to minimizing maintenance and support costs.

  • More than 70% reduction in steps to convert, package, and deliver corporate content to local networks
  • Creating and leveraging content library reduced compliance administration, content reviews, and rework

Easier Creation of Content at Local Level

Local teams leveraged the social media platformto access corporate content and marketing ideas, customized to local needs. By providing a common, easy-to-use platform across all channels, Hearsay Social enabled more frequent use of social media. On average, companies reported a 50% reduction in effort needed to create and manage social media content at the local level.

Thanks for reading! If you want to learn more, download Mainstay Salire’s study on Social Media ROI: Quantifying the Benefits of Social Media Marketing Platforms for the Enterprise.