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BIA/Kelsey names Hearsay Social a top 10 company to watch in 2012

Social-local-mobile, sometimes abbreviated SoLoMo, is a growing force that cannot be stopped. Around the world, over one billion Internet users spend all their time on social sites and sales of mobile devices have already outpaced PC sales. These two facts have combined to begin a new local revolution, where even the biggest international brands must think locally to bolster their businesses.
Jed Williams, Program Director for Social Local Media at BIA/Kelsey, recently published a report entitled 10 Companies to Watch in 2012, which reviews several social media startups “in which [BIA/Kelsey] sees great promise.”
I’m honored to reveal that Hearsay Social is the only social marketing company to have made the cut. (BIA/Kelsey subscribers can access the full report here.)
While there indeed exist social listening tools for the enterprise and simple applications for SMBs, as Williams acknowledges in the report, Hearsay Social provides the only complete SaaS solution for large organizations that want to begin social marketing on a global level while empowering their employees on a local level. It’s no trivial task transforming a Fortune 500 company into a social business, especially when that means empowering thousands of employees on social all at once. And yet, Hearsay Social has proven the ability to do this time and time again.