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Empowering Mortgage Lenders and Loan Officers to Thrive in the Digital Era

shutterstock_316963652There’s little doubt that the mortgage industry is facing incredible pressure. New capital requirements, compliance concerns, and competition are challenging the industry more than ever. Consumer-direct options are chipping away home buyers who have no issue turning to and trusting the Web for referrals. Digital-native millennials are at the age where they’re purchasing their first homes, representing a huge opportunity that’s at stake for loan officers who aren’t on social media, aren’t appearing in search engine results, and aren’t accessible via email or text.
On top of it all, unmistakable signs point toward another economic recession on the horizon, bringing significant implications for mortgage and housing.
Now, more than ever, lenders and loan officers must leverage technology in order to stay relevant, optimize relationships with real estate agents, nurture leads, and ultimately convert and close. Being findable and engaged on multiple digital channels are no longer nice-to-haves; it’s a requirement in this new digital-first era. Today’s social, mobile consumers expect and demand to connect and communicate with service providers on their terms anytime, anywhere.
Here at Hearsay Social, we’ve been serving the wealth management and insurance industries for seven years and count more than 130 firms and 130,000 advisors as customers and users of our Predictive Omnichannel Suite. In the last few years, we’ve had a number of mortgage brokerages begin using Hearsay too, telling us they too need modern digital marketing and selling tools for their loan officers.
We listened, and we delivered. I’m proud that we now have more than a dozen happy mortgage customers using our platform to digitally empower their loan officers and advisors.
Our first-class solution enables lenders and loan officers to take advantage of data and predictive technology to build better relationships with real estate agents, builders, financial advisors, home buyers, and other influential sources. With Hearsay Social, they can deliver the most relevant content and message to the right contact, at the right time, and through the right channel — including social media, beautiful mobile- and SEO-optimized advisor websites, personalized email at scale, and text messaging. All the while, our powerful compliance platform ensures all communications remain compliant with industry regulations and corporate guidelines.
Armed with this data-driven intelligence, loan officers can develop more meaningful relationships with their connections and build the crucial trust that, ultimately, translates into satisfied customers and more referrals.
Today, I’m thrilled to announce several recent accomplishments that demonstrate our momentum in the mortgage industry. They include the appointment of Erin Lantz, head of mortgages at Zillow Group, as a member of our board of advisors, and being named a 2016 tech leader by HousingWire magazine.
We also highlight one of our earliest supporters and customers in the industry, RPM Mortgage, and the successes they and their loan advisors have achieved since partnering with Hearsay Social.
The entire Hearsay Social team is excited to continue working closely with our industry customers, supporters, and mortgage partners, including the Mortgage Bankers Association, to empower lenders and loan officers to thrive in the digital era. I look forward to truly great things to come.