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A quick hello from Ronny Kerr, social media marketing manager

Hello world! I am happy to report that it’s Friday, the Blue Angels are zipping around the skies over our office in San Francisco (Fleet Week!), and, most exciting of all, I am Hearsay Social’s new social media marketing manager. Excuse my cheesiness, but this blog is seriously about to take off.

Before landing at Hearsay Social, I served as the lead reporter for VatorNews, where social media was my number one beat. While I often covered stories about music technology, gaming, and the mobile explosion, social media was the one thing I could never escape. In fact, even when I wrote pieces about music or gaming or mobile, one theme bound them all together: they had to be social.
The two most hyped up music tech companies of the past few months, and Spotify, both had strong presences at f8 to show off their social strategy. In gaming, the big name is Zynga, overwhelmingly a result of its popularity on Facebook’s platform. In mobile, the social revolution permeates every app you can download.
Now, the enterprise is long overdue for its very own social revolution.
Oracle CEO Larry Ellison knows it: “The biggest change over the past few years is social networking,” he said at Oracle OpenWorld earlier this week.
Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff knows it, which is why his company’s recent Dreamforce conference zeroed in on the mantra, “Welcome to the social enterprise.” Benioff is convinced that unless company executives take hold of their social strategy, they will be overthrown like dictators in the Middle East.
“We saw an Arab Spring. We’re going to see a Corporate Spring,” he said earlier this week, referencing the wave of social media-influenced uprisings storming across countries like Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya. “CEOs need to transform themselves as leaders. You should be in touch with your customers. That’s my point. Are you reflecting change? Things are changing. Can you still operate like a foreign dictator? I don’t think command and control is going to work in the future.”
And, obviously, Mark Zuckerberg knows it: “Over the next five years, most industries will get rethought around social and people,” said the Facebook CEO at last year’s Web 2.0 Summit.
But I’m not at Facebook, Salesforce, or Oracle. I’m at Hearsay Social, where our very own chief executive, Clara Shih, knows better than anybody that the social enterprise is here. From the minute I met Clara a few months ago, I have held her in the highest esteem when it comes to understanding how businesses should be using social media. After all, she wrote the book on it.
For all these reasons and more, I couldn’t be more excited about working at Hearsay Social.

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