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Social Business, Recruitment Take Center Stage at GAMA LAMP Asia

Field leaders and executives in investment, insurance and financial services in Asia and beyond converged earlier this month for the annual GAMA LAMP (Leadership & Management Program) Asia conference to learn, network and recharge with the industry’s best and brightest. Held in Hong Kong this year (which also happens to be Hearsay Social’s Asia headquarters), it drew more than 1,000 attendees – from managers to CEOs of leading firms – around the theme of “leadership to outperform.” Hot topics throughout the event included recruitment, marketing, technology and diversity.
GAMA LAMP keynote Clara Shih
Our CEO and founder, Clara Shih (right), delivered the conference keynote and joined a prestigious list of speakers that included Bonnie Godsman, CEO of GAMA International; Daralee Barbera, managing principal of Waddell & Reed and current president of GAMA’s board of directors; Edward Deutschlander, CEO elect of North Star Resource Group; and Richard Weylman, best-selling author of “The Power of Why: Breaking Out in a Competitive Marketplace” and Hall of Fame speaker.
Clara and Hearsay Social managing director Jason Suen (below) together hosted a session on the four key steps to establish a successful social business program. AttenGAMA LAMP jason suendees gained practical knowledge on social media best practices, as well as how to use social as a recruiting tool to attract high-performing talent that understands and utilizes technology to grow business.
One overarching theme from the conference was the shift from a features-and-benefits selling approach to one that leverages individual customer priorities and emotional, social positioning. According to Richard, rather than focusing on “attributes” (e.g., better products, qualified experience), a more effective way for advisors to reach customers is to talk about the emotionally-charged outcomes they desire (e.g., achieving better financial health, protecting their families). Technologies such as social media, email and other digital avenues now make it easy and more efficient for advisors to get to know their clients and prospects on that personal, social level.
Recruitment and the advisor career was another key theme, as evidenced in Edward’s talk about how people join people and causes, not companies. To attract top talent, firms must be able to align themselves to a meaningful purpose, and field managers must instill in advisors that their core motivation is finding, educating and inspiring consumers to take action to better their well-being, he said. Thanks to the explosive growth and influence of social media, it’s never been easier for both companies and advisors to publicly show and reinforce their mission and values.GAMA LAMP Hearsay Social
The atmosphere of this year’s GAMA LAMP Asia was electric throughout the three-day conference, and we’re thrilled to have been a part of the action!
Read more about Hearsay Social and how we’ve empowered over 115,000 advisors and professionals to deepen relationships with clients using social media.
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