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Social Business Adoption: Step 2 – Five Ways to Advocate Your Program at the Field Level

shutterstock_221265520This is step two of Hearsay Social’s six-step program to boost social business adoption across the enterprise. Read step one, “Secure, Maintain Executive Sponsorship and Championship,” and check back next week for step three.
A big challenge for large firms that might have multiple organizational levels and hundreds – if not thousands – of employees and representatives is successfully implementing a company-wide initiative. Rolling out a social business program is no exception, and in many cases it requires program owners to be on the ground at field offices, training (and re-training) field reps on how to effectively leverage social media and properly use the tools and technology that the corporate office provides. At the end of the day, the more that field reps know about the initiative’s benefits to their own jobs and the resources available to them, the more empowered they will be to drive their own success – and ultimately, the company’s growth.
Here are five ideas for corporate program owners and managers to help get their field teams more involved in a social business initiative:

  1. Go door to door. Seek out opportunities to communicate the value of social business with your advisor field teams.
  2. Fill adoption gaps. Determine the specific reasons why advisors aren’t leveraging the program and help get them over the hurdle. For example, if you find that many of your advisors or agents aren’t accessing the technology made available to them to compliantly use social media for business, set up an information session or drop-in “office hours” to teach them how to get started – or do it for them!
  3. Lead by example. Identify advisors that are excelling at social business and ask them to participate in training, curriculum, support help and building momentum for others.
  4. Train by region. Incorporate social media metrics into monthly branch sales reviews.
  5. Appoint a local point person. For each region or local office, name someone that others can reach out to with questions, feedback or support.

adoption-guideWant to learn five more creative ways to motivate advisors, agents and field reps to participate in a social business program, as well as Hearsay Social’s entire six-step framework for social business adoption across the enterprise? Get our new, free Social Business Adoption Guide now.
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