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#HSonAir Podcast: Employee Spotlight Series- Chris Dickens (Product Management)

IMG_9666In Episode 68 we continue our Employee Spotlight Series with an interview of Chris Dickens, (@_ChrisDickens) Technical Product Manager at Hearsay Social in our Seattle office. In our interview, Chris shares his early influences in technology, insight on the work he does today, and his thoughts on the future of the industry.  We also explore his love for problem solving and the need to take risks in order to grow and improve.
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#HSonAir Podcast- Employee Spotlight Series: Yahui Jin and Roger Hu (Product/Engineering)

Roger Hu and Yahui Jin
Roger Hu and Yahui Jin

The Hearsay Social story may have begun with Clara and Steve, however realizing the vision meant hiring others who shared the same passion, drive and commitment to create something special.  In episode 59 we interview Yahui Jin, Mobile Tech Lead and Roger Hu, Director of Engineering, to share their stories of the early days at Hearsay Social.

Together we discuss how Hearsay Social has evolved over the years, the joy that comes with making a difference, and how we’ve managed to maintain the unique culture that continues to attract new talent today. It was my honor to profile these longtime employees for their continued contributions and passion and for lending their talents to the growth and success of our team.
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Advertising Age, Inman News recognize Hearsay Social's leadership in social sales and marketing

Today we’re taking a moment to share appreciation for our customers and partners. Thanks to all our customers’ success on social media, Advertising Age and Inman News recently honored Hearsay Social for its leadership in social sales and marketing.

At the end of Inman News Real Estate Connect NYC last month, Inman News announced the Inman 100, naming Hearsay Social Founder and CEO Clara Shih one of the most influential real estate leaders in the “Media, Blogging, Social Media, Marketing” category. (To learn how real estate can benefit from social media, download our social sales and marketing success kit.)
In addition to the Inman 100, Clara was also recently named to the Advertising Age 40 Under 40, honoring “innovative, young marketing leaders who have made their mark in the client, agency and media realms — all before their 40th birthdays.”
Regular readers of Advertising Age will be familiar with Clara’s DigitalNext column, where she has published several posts on social sales and marketing:
The Original Social Networker? Your Insurance Agent
Insurance agents are the most natural “social networkers” on the planet. They were educating clients, investing in long-term relationships and growing their businesses through word-of-mouth referrals long before social, mobile and digital technologies existed. In this article, we explain how social media initiatives in the insurance industry are models of forward thinking.
Three Key Steps to Local Success With Social Media
Big-name brands like Walmart and 24 Hour Fitness are trailblazing on social media by connecting with customers on locally created social-media pages. Every store and gym gets its own page to share locally relevant content with consumers in the area. In this article, we outline three crucial steps to get e-commerce and brick-and-mortar teams working from the same playbook.
How Walmart Is Localizing Its Stores With Facebook
Long before the digital age, all business was local and social. Customer engagement was paramount. Shopkeepers, barbers and Avon ladies alike intuitively knew that their ability to connect with customers would often determine whether a purchase would be made. In this article, we explain how a local-social strategy makes big-box stores more relevant to their communities.
Facebook’s New Business Pages Means Marketers Must Evolve
The new Facebook Business Page is not only a visual transformation of the site, it is a game changer for the marketing function. In this article, we describe how Facebook’s Timeline format requires brands to shift from the static “tabs” mindset to a “Timeline” mindset based on continually fresh, engaging, and authentic content.
Google+ Prepares to Revolutionize the Local Landscape
In this article, published just over a year ago, we rightly predicted that Google would combine its Google+ social network with data from Google Places for a powerful social-local tool. (On May 30, 2012, Google Places was replaced by Google+ Local.)
We share all our achievements with each and every one of our business partners. Thank you!

What Facebook Graph Search means for marketers

Facebook earlier today announced a new tool called Graph Search, which greatly expands the power of search on the social network.

Graph Search is essentially a search engine dedicated entirely to Facebook’s Social Graph. In the works for several years, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Graph Search will be a powerful new way for users to search for people, places, and things within their personal network.
Want to know which of your friends live in San Francisco? Simply search “friends who live in San Francisco.” Looking for music recommendations? Search “music my friends like.” See more examples of how one might use the new feature on the page Introducing Graph Search.

Facebook Graph Search for sales and marketing

For brands and marketers hoping to make an impact on social media, today’s announcement is especially significant. As Graph Search rolls out in the coming weeks and months, more and more of your customers will increasingly rely on Facebook for their purchasing decisions.
As an example, somebody looking for a dining recommendation could search “restaurants in London my friends have been to.” In this case, it would be crucial for your business to  have a presence on Facebook with complete location information filled out. Similarly, you can imagine users searching for “insurance agents my friends trust.” Your business page should be the first result!
Here are a few tips to optimize your Facebook Page for Graph Search:
1. Update your business page
It has always been important to keep your business page up-to-date, but with Graph Search it will be even more crucial. Under your Page settings, select the right category and sub-categories for your business, pick a vanity URL, make your address is correct, and update other information for your business. Indexing piles and piles of business pages across the site, Facebook will be using this key information to accurately surface your page in Graph Search results.
2. Connect with your customers
Boosting the number of likes on your business page is good for more than bragging rights–with Graph Search, likes are your entry point into search results. Specifically, the more connections you have, the more likely your page is to show up in a search. Nothing is more valuable than a recommendation from a friend, and now what may have been passive connections on Facebook have become searchable recommendations. Make sure to connect with your most loyal customers so that their friends and family have a good chance of finding you.
3. Keep sharing great content
As always, consistently posting photos, links, and other valuable content to your business page will remain a cornerstone to your Facebook sales and marketing strategy. Before, it was mostly important for keeping up your EdgeRank, the algorithm that determines how and when your posts show up in customers’ News Feeds. Going forward, we expect EdgeRank will also play a role in ranking you in search results via Graph Search.
Facebook says Graph Search “is available now in a very limited beta program for English (US) audiences,” but we expect it will slowly roll out to more users over the coming months. In the meantime, stay tuned to the Hearsay Social blog for more information on Graph Search and other Facebook tools.

TechCrunch Founder Stories spotlights Hearsay Social's strong engineering culture

Engineers are the lifeblood of any true Silicon Valley organization. For any company with a vision of improving the world and streamlining the way business works, as Hearsay Social does by driving deeper customer relationships, great technologists and engineers are essential.
That’s why we’re so proud to see TechCrunch recognizing our strong engineering team and culture.
In the interview below, Michael Abbott (general partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, previously Twitter’s VP of Engineering) talks to Hearsay Social founder and CTO Steve Garrity about our company’s engineering culture—from its early development to the present.
What was it like starting an entirely new company after leaving one as large as Microsoft? Why does Hearsay Social regularly send engineers into the field to speak with customers and end users? How do we implement efficient processes to make the most of each engineers’ time?
Steve details answers to these questions and more in the interview. And remember, Hearsay Social is always hiring the best engineers, so get in touch!

Square and Twitter executives join Hearsay Social for a fireside chat

Hearsay Social CEO Clara Shih interviewing Keith Rabois, COO at Square, and Jack Dorsey, CEO at Square and creator of Twitter

In the spirit of open collaborative culture between Silicon Valley companies, we were honored to be joined today by Square executives Jack Dorsey and Keith Rabois, CEO and COO respectively, here at Hearsay Social headquarters in San Francisco.
As the head of mobile payments company Square and creator of Twitter, Jack shared with the company many lessons he’s learned about founding and growing two of the hottest tech companies of the past half-decade.
One powerful point he made was that you don’t have to be a founder to be an entrepreneur. “We only hire entrepreneurs,” noted Jack of his 400+ team at Square. He also pointed out that he believes the company has “multiple founding moments,” each completely altering the trajectory of the company forever. This really resonated with the team here at Hearsay Social, where we each consider ourselves entrepreneurs with the power to affect the entire organization.
Keith, who had previously led teams at PayPal, LinkedIn, and Slide, likewise shared wisdom from his decade-plus experience in the Valley. Similar to Jack’s points above, Keith spoke to how much the people are the company:
“Culture is like cement,” he said. Like liquid cement, it’s easy to influence a culture in the early stages when you’re still hiring your first few employees and creating a work environment. Eventually the cement hardens, however, and changing culture requires a jackhammer.
The entire company was so excited to have Jack and Keith in the office, and we’d be sure to welcome them back anytime!

2012: The first social election

Obama’s post-victory photo posted on Twitter was retweeted over 700,000 times overnight, breaking records in social media history. Numerous news outlets have followed this strategy already, but the increasing importance of social media in any marketing and PR campaign cannot be understated.
A seasoned veteran of the social media sphere, Obama currently boasts over 22M followers on his Twitter account (versus Mitt Romney’s 1.7M), but his focus on social media as an important channel did not begin during this campaign. In 2008, the then Senator of Illinois utilized social media to target the technologically-centric 30 and younger demographic to garner viral support (one video of an ardent supporter received over 25M views after it was posted in 2007).
Back then, Obama’s social strategy targeted a niche audience, but social media is no longer just for early adopters. 98% of the online population is on social media, which means that anyone targeting the general population must consider the social channel. 88% of adult social media users are registered voters, and 94% of voting-age social media users who see a political message online watch the entire thing – a third of those go on to share the message with at least 130 friends.

Knowing that context, it’s less surprising that four years later, Obama’s team is responsible for defining what’s now known as the first Social Election. CNN tracked the election live in real-time, showing the breakdown of gender, age, and political trends. According to the site, over half of users between 18-34 were Obama supporters, and the majority of Democrat-leaning conversations from women.
The mainstream appeal of connecting with others on social networks has permeated every industry and interest group. In the past years, we’ve seen it used to power revolutions in the Middle East, provide real time updates on natural disasters, like the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy, and take down a large car insurance company.
For companies, the ability to connect with customers and learn about them at such a granular level is unprecedented – and ignoring this opportunity is near-reprehensible. 100% of the Fortune 500 will participate in social media this year. As one of the most powerful new communications paradigms of our time, social media is bound to influence our political elections and your own marketing campaigns for years to come.

Celebrating Hearsay Social momentum in 2012

What an incredible month it has been for Hearsay Social and all our customers.
Today I am pleased and humbled to announce incredible market validation and accelerating growth for Hearsay Social. In the past nine months, we’ve grown our user base by an amazing 400%, and been adopted across many industries. We are proud to work with insurance companies like Allstate, financial firms like AXA Equitable, retailers, hospitality organizations, real estate agencies, direct sellers, and more. (You can read several of our customer success stories here.)
Most exciting for me and the rest of the team are all the accolades generated by this incredible momentum:

  • Independent analyst research firm Ovum featured Hearsay Social in an “On the Radar” report, revealing how Hearsay Social software “empower[s] sales teams via actionable insights and customizable content” on social media. Download the complimentary report for free here.
  • Hearsay Social CEO Clara Shih was featured in the November 2012 cover story of Fast Company as a “Generation Flux Leader” whose work is helping to influence “the future of this country and of our global economy” alongside Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior and Box CEO Aaron Levie.
  • Clara also recently made it onto the Fortune “40 Under 40” list alongside other business stars such as Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer.
  • Vanity Fair featured Clara as part of “The New Establishment in Silicon Valley” alongside One Kings Lane founder Alison Pincus, Kleiner Perkins partner Juliet de Baubigny, and All Things Digital executive editor Kara Swisher.
  • For the second year in a row, Clara was invited to Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit in Laguna Niguel, CA, where she spoke on a panel with Carol Bartz (former CEO of Yahoo!) and Anne Mulcahy (former CEO of Xerox).
  • Honored by Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein as one of the 100 most innovative entrepreneurs of 2012, Clara will be joining President Bill Clinton, best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell, and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg next week for the Goldman Sachs Builders & Innovators Summit in Newport Beach, CA.
  • Hearsay Social was selected to present as an innovative company at InformationWeek 500 conference in October. Additionally, Hearsay Social co-founder and CTO Steve Garrity will be a guest on Valley View, InformationWeek’s live online show all about the latest technology from Silicon Valley. The show will be taking place October 24 at 11 AM PT. Register for the show here.

Lately our team is seemingly everywhere, talking about how our customers have proven you can do real business on social media.
From insurance to direct selling, real estate to retail, Hearsay Social is the enterprise standard in social sales, marketing, and brand compliance software for the enterprise. And we owe it all to you, our customers, investors, and strategic partners. Thank you!

Shaklee distributors go social with Hearsay Social

It’s incredible to think that it was less than a month ago when we announced Hearsay Social as the solution of choice for the insurance industry on social media. But it’s not just insurance companies using Hearsay Social – we have customers across the globe in many industries.

Today, we’re proud to reveal our newest customer: Shaklee Corporation, a leading provider of natural nutrition, personal care, and environmentally friendly home care products. For 56 years, Shaklee has been a global household name for the highest-quality beauty and wellness products.
We are especially excited for the launch of Hearsay Social at Shaklee for a few key reasons:
1. Scale
From the U.S. to China and beyond, Shaklee has more than 750,000 members and distributors worldwide. With such a massive sales force, Shaklee knows it needs social sales and marketing software that can easily scale to match their size. Already, Hearsay Social is in the process of rolling out to Shaklee distributors, and many more thousands will be brought on board in the next several weeks. With large enterprise customers like Farmers Insurance and Northwestern Mutual who have thousands of agents and advisors, Hearsay Social has the proven track record of quickly rolling out software to thousands of non-technical users.

2. Relationships
Direct sellers like Shaklee distributors intuitively understand the power of relationships. Indeed, each distributor’s success depends on both their ability to sell products (like nutritional supplements and beauty products) as well as their ability to recruit new Shaklee distributors. As you may have already guessed, having a large social network influences both of these factors. Through Hearsay Social, the only platform focused on helping salespeople build relationships over social media, Shaklee distributors will be able to engage with their customers and prospects in a simple, professional manner. Best of all, they’ll be able to bring all their offline social activities onto the social Web to schedule parties, share the latest product news, and provide health and wellness tips.
3. Brand protection
When you’ve been building your brand for over half a century, as Shaklee has, maintaining brand integrity becomes a priority. This can be extremely difficult for companies like Shaklee that have hundreds of thousands of people representing the brand and talking about their products. Perfectly suited to solve these pain points, the Hearsay Social Content Library allows Shaklee to distribute corporate-approved content to thousands of Shaklee distributors. Additionally, our platform’s brand monitoring capabilities helps companies comply with regulations from government bodies like the FDA and FTC.
It’s an exciting time at Hearsay Social and Shaklee, as we work together to bring thousands of salespeople into the social era.

Unveiling Hearsay Social Cloud Compliance for Salesforce at Dreamforce ‘12

With tens of thousands of people descending on San Francisco for Dreamforce ‘12, it couldn’t be a more amazing time to be working on next-generation technology in Silicon Valley.
We at Hearsay Social are especially excited today to announce Hearsay Social Cloud Compliance for Salesforce, enabling financial services, healthcare, and retail organizations to fully embrace the socially connected enterprise in the cloud while adhering to industry regulations and corporate governance.
Hearsay Social Cloud Compliance for Salesforce will soon be available on’s AppExchange, and includes FINRA, SEC, FTC, IIROC, FSA, and FDA compliance coverage across the Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and Chatter.
[Ed. note: Hearsay Social will have a booth all day today at the Financial Services Industry Day (at the Grand Hyatt) to discuss this announcement and more. Additionally, Hearsay Social will be sharing extra details and compliance expertise in a special Dreamforce session tomorrow, September 19. This session will take place in the Ralston Ballroom at the Palace Hotel from 3 — 4 PM.]

Hearsay Social Cloud Compliance for Salesforce

Fortune 1000 organizations are eager to embrace LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, foursquare, and Chatter, but they want to do so in a way that adheres to industry regulations and corporate governance. We know this because our customers have been asking for a seamless way to compliantly engage in the socially connected enterprise, and this is what we have delivered with Hearsay Social Cloud Compliance for Salesforce.
Ziegler, a full-service investment bank serving institutional, retail, and commercial clients, is one of the first Hearsay Social customers to enjoy the benefits of our new offering. Sid Bhatnagar, Vice President of Business Applications at Ziegler, has already called our new product “an essential component” of his social enterprise’s architecture.
Here are the key product features to expect from Hearsay Social Cloud Compliance for Salesforce:

Hearsay Social Compliance for Sales Cloud

Navigate social accounts, contacts, and conversations in a compliant manner. Hearsay Social Compliance captures and archives social conversations to help your organization comply with business records and communications with the public regulations set by various regulatory bodies in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Hearsay Social Compliance for Service Cloud

Maintain complete compliance while offering a world-class customer service experience. Hearsay Social Compliance automatically captures and archives customer communications as agents are assigned to and resolve cases on any of the social networks.

Hearsay Social Compliance for Marketing Cloud

Boost your brand power by aligning marketing messaging across the organization. Hearsay Social Compliance protects financial firms’ registered representatives from regulatory risk by retaining records of social media interactions deemed advertisements, which require pre-approval by a Registered Principal.

Hearsay Social Compliance for Chatter

Capture and archive conversations for business records and eDiscovery requests with Hearsay Social Compliance.

Learn more

If you’d like to learn more about Hearsay Social Cloud Compliance for Salesforce, be sure to visit our booth today at the Financial Services Industry Day (at the Grand Hyatt) or catch our presentation at Dreamforce tomorrow, September 19. The session will take place in the Ralston Ballroom at the Palace Hotel (directions below) from 3 — 4 PM. Or simply get in touch if you’d like to see a demo of our new product.