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Announcing Hearsay Social's New iPad App for Advisors and Agents

At Hearsay Social we understand that financial professionals are always on the go. In fact, there are many advisors and agents who are finding ways to leverage technology to build and manage client relationships more effectively, such as using an iPad to collect client information.
It is our goal to make it as easy as possible for our customers to engage with their clients across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ in a compliant manner. That’s why we are excited today to announce the release of Hearsay Social’s first iPad application for advisors and agents.
Earlier this year, we launched iOS and Android apps to enable our customers to engage with their clients wherever they are. With the iPad app, we have streamlined the technology and optimized the tablet experience, providing them access to the key functionality they already use.
The app offers a unique Content Library experience, including filtering and content views built for the iPad touch screen. Plus, with Hearsay Social’s unique predictive content scheduling, advisors can schedule posts across the social networks, so they stay top of mind, even when they’re not online.

Now, with the new iPad app, advisors and agents can access their Hearsay Social application from any device of their choosing, including a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.
Hearsay Social customers can download and access the new iPad app and log in with their existing credentials.
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Google to Penalize Websites That Are Not Mobile-Friendly

Is your website mobile readyshutterstock_209175247? If not, Google will start penalizing your search rankings beginning April 21.
Google recently announced that it would be expanding how it uses website mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. In their official statement, they announced that this will have a “significant impact” on search results, meaning websites that are not mobile optimized — that is, non-responsive to different screen sizes or configured to be viewed on multiple devices — will see a heavy drop in traffic.
At Hearsay Social, we have suspected these changes for some time based on prior Google announcements. And once the April 21 changes take effect, the impact will be significant.
Moreover, Google rarely provides in such clear terms the secret behind their ranking algorithms, and the fact that they have done so here creates an opportunity to meet the demands of a changing era.
Are your advisor websites prepared?
Many financial services companies have realized the importance of mobile in the past few years and have invested in optimizing their corporate websites. One area frequently overlooked, however, has been advisor websites. This is especially important because mobile searches often return local results, according to a ComScore study, which stated that 56% of “on-the-go” mobile searches had local intent.
Are your advisor websites mobile optimized?
The good news is Google can help answer that question for you. They have provided webmasters with a tool that crawls a website and grades the mobile usability – a tool that very likely works in the same way that their ranking algorithm does.
Check out the Google Mobile Friendly test here
Try it out for yourself, how did your websites do? 80/100? 90/100? 95/100?
While doing research during the development of our Hearsay Sites product we found that most advisor sites were either not mobile optimized and scored in the low 50s or partially-optimized, bringing their score into the high 80s or low 90s. So if you scored in the 90s, congratulations, you’re doing better than many of your peers.
As we’ve developed our product using a mobile-first adaptive and responsive approach we’ve found that scores of 98 or 100 are not only possible, but really the only ones that should be acceptable. We never design for the test, but have found repeatedly that when our expert designers are given the tools and freedom to approach mobile design in the way they know is best for consumers, the results will follow.
Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 7.55.57 PM (1)
What can you do?
April 21 is just around the corner. While you may not have time to launch new advisor websites in under two months, there might be some minor fixes you can put in place to minimize the damage.
As you begin an undertaking to refresh your advisor sites, we recommend asking why your websites got so far behind in the first place. The answer is often that you were using an inflexible system or outdated technology. The reality is that the web is a constantly evolving ecosystem and if you aren’t prepared to move at the pace of change, your websites will be out of date the day they launch. Unfortunately, this is all too often the case in our industry.
At Hearsay Social we have a different approach to advisor websites. We take care of the technology. Your team and advisors provide the great content that consumers are looking for – what we do is keep the website up to date with the latest standards in SEO, mobile usability, markup, CSS, and other capabilities.
If your websites are already mobile friendly, great! But if not, and you find yourself too busy to stay up to date with the ever changing world of SEO, web standards, and Google algorithms, it may be time to explore how a technology partner can help you provide up to date tools for your advisors.

#HSonAir Employee Spotlight Series: Interview with Greg Kroleski of Hearsay Social

26bf7cdIn episode 17 of Hearsay Social On the Air we introduce Greg Kroleski (Product Manager, Hearsay Social, @gregkroleski) and the role he and his team play in the design and development of our enterprise solution for the financial services industry.
We also discuss how customer feedback impacts the evolution of our solution and leads to future enhancements. Join the conversation with @VictorGaxiola and @ronnykerr on Twitter using hashtag #HSonAir.
[iframe style=”border:none” src=”” height=”100″ width=”480″ scrolling=”no” allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen]

Celebrating technical women at Facebook's Tech Women's Day #TWD

What an honor and pleasure it was to address the female software engineers, product managers, designers, and engineering management at Facebook’s fourth annual Tech Women’s Day earlier this week.
It was a walk down memory lane for both my co-panelists Diane Greene (founder and former CEO of VMware) and Leah Busque (founder and CEO of TaskRabbit, @labusque) and myself, as we shared our personal journeys through covert and overt discrimination, learning how to be heard, impostor syndrome, finding mentors and role models, and building community.

photo 5
I joined VMWare founder and former CEO Diane Greene and TaskRabbit founder and CEO Leah Busque for the “Tech Luminary Panel.”

Above, a a fireside chat with Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook, @sherylsandberg).
Below, we got #TWD hoodies & hair ties! #bestswagever.

At Hearsay Social, we are excited to welcome an engineering intern class of 60% women this year and will be hosting our own Afternoon Tea with Hearsay Social Women Engineers next month.

Seeing so many bright, talented, and passionate women emerging in the tech world gives me great hope and optimism regarding the future — I am excited and grateful to be part of the movement.

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Amplify reach and grow business on Facebook with Hearsay Social for Facebook promoted posts

Today Hearsay Social is proud to announce the launch of Hearsay Social for Facebook promoted posts, allowing advisors and agents to amplify their reach, increase engagement, and grow business on Facebook.
With over 1.3 billion people using Facebook monthly, it’s more crucial than ever for financial professionals to be leveraging the social network to share content, stay top of mind, and connect with prospective and current clients.


Hearsay Social for Facebook promoted posts allows relationship managers to take content they’ve published and broaden their distribution through Facebook ads, amplifying their visibility and increasing engagement. According to financial professionals, like Michelle Monson, Financial Consultant with Thrivent Financial, the new feature will be crucial to helping them grow business:

“I am excited about advertising on Facebook. I’ve had a business page since 2013 but wasn’t very active until Thrivent’s Field Social Media Team invited me to test Hearsay Social’s new ad functionality. It’s a great way to tell prospects and current clients that I’m on Facebook and to like my page to get helpful financial tips. I’ll be reaching people I never would have met otherwise.”

We’ve designed this new feature to make it easy for agents and advisors to launch, monitor, and optimize their advertising activity on Facebook. And for users that want to learn more about the value of ads and overall best practices, our Customer Success program now includes training on Facebook promoted posts.
Finally, as with the rest of the Hearsay Social platform, today’s newly announced feature integrates directly with our platform’s compliance functionality, allowing firms to continue archiving activity and addressing any advertising regulatory requirements.
Kyle Marie Woods, Marketing Manager at Thrivent Financial, commented on the news:

“We are thrilled to partner with Hearsay Social on this new ad integration and are impressed with the feature’s ease of use. We are excited about the opportunity it provides our representatives to build their local brand on social and expand their reach.”

We’re proud to unveil Hearsay Social for Facebook promoted posts, enabling us to help tens of thousands of advisors and agents to increase engagement and expand business through social media. If you’d like to learn more, check out coverage on InvestmentNews and ThinkAdvisor or stop by the Hearsay Social booth at the LIMRA Social Media Conference this week!

At f8 2014: Facebook's renewed focus on stability and predictability is fantastic news for our customers

1560475_10152244863990798_170618524_nFacebook’s f8 developers conference was a bit different this year.
In the past, f8 has typically been a sporadically scheduled event where Facebook takes the opportunity to announce huge new features. The “Like” button & social graph were both announced at previous conferences.
This year, there were a number of new features announced that will push forward the mobile app industry–most of them focused around consumer applications. I am personally excited about app links, anonymous logins and audience network because these are the types of infrastructural changes that will allow creative developers to continue evolving the mobile app space.
At the same time, however, most of those changes aren’t particularly relevant to Hearsay Social’s current product offering. But there was one huge shift at f8 worth talking about: a very public shift towards stability and predictability.
Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook, took the stage and shared some reflections he’d noticed as Facebook entered it’s 11th year and as he soon enters his 30th. In giant letters above him the famous mantra appeared: “Move fast and break things”. This mantra is much-loved by innovative Silicon Valley developers because it is justification to innovate at all costs, even if that means periodic downtime or bugs.
But as he spoke, the image behind him changed to “Move fast with stable infra.”

It “may not be quite as catchy as ‘move fast and break things.’ But it’s how we operate now.” Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, at last week’s f8 developers conference.

Our biggest takeaway

At Hearsay Social, we build software for many of the world’s largest companies. And large companies, due to their many moving parts, require  predictability and stability to ensure effectiveness. Many of these companies operate with strict regulations, further intensifying the need for stability and predictability.
We strive to iterate fast and innovate often, while also balancing the predictability needs of our customers. This is a core value at Hearsay Social and something our CTO and founder Steve Garrity talks about often. We help “match the pace of Silicon Valley with the pace of the Fortune 100.”
The fact that Facebook has publicly committed to APIs that last for two years, 48 hour turnaround on major bug fixes and more visibility into changes is great news for Hearsay Social and our customers. The additional stability of one of the platforms we build on will allow us to pass on additional stability of our platform to our customers. This is a win.
We are excited that Facebook has acknowledged that the long term success of their company depends on the trust and participation of large companies. We are excited that they see that this trust increasing as they add stability and predictability. Finally, we are excited that we get to represent many of these companies by continuing to develop the Hearsay Social solution, which allows our customers to leverage the power of social connections.
Thank you Mark and team for your commitment to stability. We look forward to building on your platform for years to come.

Welcoming Michael Lock and Mark Gilbert to the Hearsay Social team

Today, I am proud to welcome two extraordinary executives to Hearsay Social’s management team. Michael Lock (pictured at right), one of the founding executives of Google Enterprises and a Silicon Valley luminary, has taken on the role of chief operating officer. We are incredibly excited to start working with Michael, who has spent the past decade turning Google’s software for businesses, called Google Apps, into a world-renowned, $1 billion-a-year business.
Additionally, today we welcome longtime Microsoft Corporation veteran Mark Gilbert, who has been named the company’s vice president of product. With over a decade of experience at Microsoft leading product teams for System Center, Visual Studio, and Bing, Mark will be an invaluable asset to our own product team.

Hearsay Social Founders Clara Shih and Steve Garrity, COO Michael Lock, and VP of Product Mark Gilbert

Michael and Mark are world-class leaders and incredible technology visionaries who’ve created products that are used and loved by millions. Their leadership and breadth of enterprise product experience will drive transformational innovation for the social sales and marketing industry as well as Hearsay Social’s customers.
Forging their 30 years of combined experience, Hearsay Social is now uniquely positioned to pave the way to a truly social enterprise, powering every business-to-customer relationship on social media.
For more information, read the press release and see coverage in The Wall Street Journal.

Unveiling Hearsay Social Cloud Compliance for Salesforce at Dreamforce ‘12

With tens of thousands of people descending on San Francisco for Dreamforce ‘12, it couldn’t be a more amazing time to be working on next-generation technology in Silicon Valley.
We at Hearsay Social are especially excited today to announce Hearsay Social Cloud Compliance for Salesforce, enabling financial services, healthcare, and retail organizations to fully embrace the socially connected enterprise in the cloud while adhering to industry regulations and corporate governance.
Hearsay Social Cloud Compliance for Salesforce will soon be available on’s AppExchange, and includes FINRA, SEC, FTC, IIROC, FSA, and FDA compliance coverage across the Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and Chatter.
[Ed. note: Hearsay Social will have a booth all day today at the Financial Services Industry Day (at the Grand Hyatt) to discuss this announcement and more. Additionally, Hearsay Social will be sharing extra details and compliance expertise in a special Dreamforce session tomorrow, September 19. This session will take place in the Ralston Ballroom at the Palace Hotel from 3 — 4 PM.]

Hearsay Social Cloud Compliance for Salesforce

Fortune 1000 organizations are eager to embrace LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, foursquare, and Chatter, but they want to do so in a way that adheres to industry regulations and corporate governance. We know this because our customers have been asking for a seamless way to compliantly engage in the socially connected enterprise, and this is what we have delivered with Hearsay Social Cloud Compliance for Salesforce.
Ziegler, a full-service investment bank serving institutional, retail, and commercial clients, is one of the first Hearsay Social customers to enjoy the benefits of our new offering. Sid Bhatnagar, Vice President of Business Applications at Ziegler, has already called our new product “an essential component” of his social enterprise’s architecture.
Here are the key product features to expect from Hearsay Social Cloud Compliance for Salesforce:

Hearsay Social Compliance for Sales Cloud

Navigate social accounts, contacts, and conversations in a compliant manner. Hearsay Social Compliance captures and archives social conversations to help your organization comply with business records and communications with the public regulations set by various regulatory bodies in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Hearsay Social Compliance for Service Cloud

Maintain complete compliance while offering a world-class customer service experience. Hearsay Social Compliance automatically captures and archives customer communications as agents are assigned to and resolve cases on any of the social networks.

Hearsay Social Compliance for Marketing Cloud

Boost your brand power by aligning marketing messaging across the organization. Hearsay Social Compliance protects financial firms’ registered representatives from regulatory risk by retaining records of social media interactions deemed advertisements, which require pre-approval by a Registered Principal.

Hearsay Social Compliance for Chatter

Capture and archive conversations for business records and eDiscovery requests with Hearsay Social Compliance.

Learn more

If you’d like to learn more about Hearsay Social Cloud Compliance for Salesforce, be sure to visit our booth today at the Financial Services Industry Day (at the Grand Hyatt) or catch our presentation at Dreamforce tomorrow, September 19. The session will take place in the Ralston Ballroom at the Palace Hotel (directions below) from 3 — 4 PM. Or simply get in touch if you’d like to see a demo of our new product.

Google+ now available to all Hearsay Social users

We’re always working hard to make sure our customers have every option available when powering their businesses on social media. That’s why, last fall, we made sure to partner with Google as one of just a handful of industry leaders for the trial API release for Google+ Pages.
Today we’re happy to announce that Google+ is now available for all Hearsay Social users.
Though we’ve been integrated with Google+ since the fall, Google just this week lifted the cap on how many Google+ Pages its partners can power through third-party platforms. For our customers, that means each and every Hearsay Social user now has the option of linking up their Google+ account to the platform, introducing a brand new social channel for broadcasting marketing materials, listening to what your customers are saying, and responding in kind.
Effective immediately, Google+ can be a part of everything you’ve been doing with Hearsay Social for all the other major networks, including publishing and managing corporate and local pages, creating integrated campaigns, and tracking analytics. And, for our customers in regulated industries like financial services and insurance, you’ll always be in control with our Compliance Module.
Going forward, we’ll be sure to let you know about the latest Google+ developments to make sure you’re equipped to be the best social business, no matter the network.
Next steps? Be sure to add Hearsay Social on Google+ to one of your circles and check out the links below to read up on leveraging Google+ for your business:
Five things the biggest brands need to be doing on Google+
Hearsay Social for Google+ Pages: Manage your corporate-to-local brand on the big four networks
What Google+ Local means for social marketers

Introducing Hearsay Social Content Exchange

From viral videos to professional photos, news articles to blog posts, status updates to tweets: content is the bread and butter of being a social business. These days, corporate marketing departments and creative agencies the world over have to work overtime creating fresh, original, and relevant content for their audiences.
In fact, 95% of marketers and agencies have curated content over the past six months by sharing a link, blog post, or other kind of content, according to a study published in eMarketer. Yet, as that study notes, a large number of marketers struggle with finding the time to curate content, create original content, and scour the Web and other resources for high-quality content.
That’s why we’re excited to announce the Hearsay Social Content Exchange, a revolutionary platform for businesses to discover and share great content with their customers and prospects on social media.

Hearsay Social is launching Content Exchange today with support from Thomson Reuters, Tribune Media Services, and Demand Media, three of the most respected names in media.

Content Curation, Social Syndication

Our customers are big brands like Farmers Insurance, Northwestern Mutual, and 24 Hour Fitness. Their corporate marketing departments, like yours, already do an outstanding job of harnessing all the available resources to create and distribute original content to thousands of local salespeople, whether they’re insurance agents, financial advisors, or store managers.
Today, we’re making your job even easier with Content Exchange, which empowers corporate brand marketers to curate and share the most fresh and relevant articles, videos, and blog posts from our launch partners Thomson Reuters, Tribune Media Services, and Demand Media.
As a result, we’re enabling your sales representatives to have authentic conversations with your customers on social media. For the first time, you’ll be able to cultivate real rapport between actual people on a large scale, something that used to be unthinkable for large companies.
Not only that, but the bottom line is that all these soft victories for the brand and consumer relationships will actually translate into real sales results, which many of our customers reported in this social media ROI report, also announced today.

Premium Social Media Content

Existing Thomson Reuters subscribers to Context Exchange will be able to access and curate premium content and create multiple channels inside of their Hearsay Social Content Library.
Through Context Exchange, Hearsay Social customers will also have access to the full selection of award-winning lifestyle content from Demand Media, including,, and
Additionally, Hearsay Social has entered into a business relationship with Tribune Media Services, a global content licensing and syndication company, representing a variety of renowned writers and content brands via a suite of custom publishing solutions for media and corporate publishers.
Finally, Hearsay Social users will also be able to create their own custom channels on the fly by plugging in RSS feeds.
We’re so excited to see you taking advantage of this exciting new upgrade to the Hearsay Social platform. Just look at what Marc Zeitlin, Vice President of Marketing at Farmers Insurance Group, says about Content Exchange:

“The key to any successful social marketing program is sharing timely, relevant content on a consistent basis. Hearsay Social Content Exchange reduces the amount of time my team spends curating pre-approved content for our Agents while improving the relevancy, timeliness, and therefore effectiveness of their social media efforts.”

From Reuters to Tribune to Demand, we’re supplying you with a vast network of content to explore and share with your customers on social media. And we won’t stop working at keeping Hearsay Social the leading social sales and marketing platform for the enterprise.
If you’d like to demo Content Exchange, let us know.
And if you want to learn how content can help you grow as a social business, download our ebook, The Language of Social: A Guide to Content for the Social Business.