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Tim Cook, Jeff Weiner, Sheryl Sandberg, Clara Shih, and others named to CNBC's NEXT List

Imagine a world without Google or Starbucks, or a world without Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates. It’s inconceivable.
So what will be the next Facebook? Who will be the next Jack Welch or Sandy Weill?

cnbc next list
Clockwise from top left: Apple CEO Tim Cook, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, and Hearsay Social CEO Clara Shih

Earlier this year, CNBC published its First 25 list, highlighting the pioneers that have most influenced the business world in the past 25 years: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey, and Mark Zuckerberg were just a few of the names at the top of the list.
Today, in the spirit of that original list, CNBC unveiled its NEXT list, shining a spotlight on the rebels, leaders, and innovators developing solutions that will transform business over the next quarter century. The four figures above–Apple CEO Tim Cook, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, and Hearsay Social CEO Clara Shih–are just a few examples of influencers named to the list.
In explaining its selection process, CNBC writes:

We cast a wide net, and our criteria were fairly broad. We aimed to include the people we expected to have the greatest impact 25 years from now; we sought to think globally so you’ll notice names that reflect the great diversity of the planet, and we wanted to make sure we didn’t just include individuals in the technology industry, because so many other sectors are innovating in ways that will change our future.

Other visionaries on the list include Dick Costolo (CEO, Twitter), Jack Dorsey (chairman and co-creator, Twitter; CEO, Square), Mary Erdoes (CEO, J.P. Morgan Asset Management), Marissa Mayer (President and CEO, Yahoo!), and Satya Nadella (CEO, Microsoft).
It’s truly an honor to see Hearsay Social’s founder and CEO among such esteemed company. Thank you CNBC and congratulations to Clara, Jeff, Sheryl, Tim, and everyone else on the list–here’s to the next 25 years!

Proud to be powering agents at American National on social media

hearsay social american national bwToday we’re excited to announce the launch of a social business program for over 1300 of American National’s Multiple Line insurance agents powered by Hearsay Social.
One of the most highly regarded insurance agencies in the U.S., American National has recognized the increasing value of social media as a way for financial professionals to connect with clients and prospects. Proving its commitment to service, the company has selected Hearsay Social to empower its multiple line agents on social business.
Scott Campbell, American National Senior VP and CMO – Multiple Line, commented on the new partnership:

“As social media becomes an integral part of how insurance agents do business, we wanted to help our agents leverage the many opportunities available. Through Hearsay Social, our agents will be able to more easily connect with current and prospective clients over social media, deepen relationships and ultimately grow business.”

Many agents at American National have already seen positive results by connecting with clients across Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter, including Brett A. Calder, a multiple lines general agent for American National:

“I am quite impressed with Hearsay Social. In no time at all, my team is able to schedule content campaigns in advance, making our social media presence relevant and current. This will be a very valuable tool for my business.”

Sarah Loy is another American National agent that has already established her professional presence on social media through Hearsay Social:




We’re proud to be working with American National, a true leader in the insurance industry by providing this opportunity for agents to connect with clients and grow business through Hearsay Social!

We're bringing the social selling revolution to Europe

We’re very excited to announce that Hearsay Social has launched in Europe!
European companies have started to recognize the tremendous business benefits arising from the use of social media. In the U.S. and abroad, tens of thousands of reps from the world’s largest sales forces already rely on Hearsay Social to move beyond outdated cold-outreach sales tactics to achieve quality conversations driven by social media insights and trusted referrals
As part of today’s announcement, the Hearsay Social platform has been updated to support German, French, and Spanish in addition to English, enabling salespeople from some of Europe’s largest economies to use the tools in their local language. Additionally, we have opened a new European headquarters in the heart of London.
We are delighted to answer increased demand by investing in expansion in the U.K. and across continental Europe.
Read the press release.

The future of social media

Half a year after the Facebook IPO, one of the biggest in Internet history, CNBC checked in with Hearsay Social CEO Clara Shih for her insights on the social network, the viability of its ad network, and the opportunities for business. In short, Clara believes that first-movers, those early adopter organizations that reach out to their customers on social media today, will reap the most rewards.
Watch the “Squawk on the Street” interview in full below:

Can your enterprise keep up with the social networks?

Ed. note: The following is an excerpt from David F. Carr’s InformationWeek article on a presentation delivered by Hearsay Social founder and CTO Steve Garrity at the recent E2 Innovate conference in Santa Clara. Read the article in full here.

Part of the challenge of social business is matching speeds between enterprises and organizations like Facebook with a “move fast and break things” philosophy, says Hearsay Social CTO Steve Garrity.
When two spaceships rendezvous in science fiction, the trickiest navigational maneuver is matching speeds and directions so they can dock, or maybe beam across. Captain Kirk’s Enterprise accomplished this on a regular basis, with all sorts of alien craft. Can your enterprise do as well at matching speeds with the social networks?
This question is inspired by Hearsay Social CTO Steve Garrity’s presentation on How to Match Speeds Between Your Enterprise and the Social Networks from the recent E2 Innovate conference in Santa Clara.
“Facebook changes every single day,” with Twitter and LinkedIn keeping almost the same pace — far different from the steady, measured pace of enterprise system development and implementation. “Move fast and break things” is a company motto at Facebook, he pointed out.

Read this article in its entirety at InformationWeek.

JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Hearsay Social CEOs address social media, innovation, and the economy

UPDATE: Watch a recording of Clara’s panel with Eric Schmidt and Michael Moritz here:

Watch live streaming video from dealbook at

Bringing together 400 government officials, chief executive officers, leading investors, and analysts, next week’s inaugural New York Times DealBook Conference will be a monumental meeting of the minds.
We’re honored today to announce that Hearsay Social CEO and founder Clara Shih will speak on the future of technology and innovation at the conference alongside Silicon Valley luminaries like Eric Schmidt (Chairman and former CEO of Google) and Michael Moritz (Chairman of Sequoia Capital). Their remarks will follow perspectives on the state of the economy from JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, Carlyle Group Co-CEO David Rubenstein, Blackstone Group CEO Stephen Schwarzman, New York Times Op-Ed Columnist Paul Krugman, and a handful of other global leaders.
Clara’s innovation panel, moderated by Quentin Hardy, deputy technology editor of the New York Times, will take place December 12 at 11:25 a.m. ET at the TimesCenter. (Limited seating is still available here.)
At Hearsay Social, we recognize a massive shift underway in the industry toward embracing social and mobile technology to drive deeper customer relationships and long-term productivity gains. Clara will focus on today’s board and C-suite innovation imperative in adopting Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and mobile devices.
Silicon Valley companies, from Apple and Google to Facebook and Hearsay Social, have flourished because they help grow the economy and drive business productivity across every sector. As chief executive of one such company, Clara will speak personally and professionally to the thriving “innovation economy,”  and Hearsay Social’s role in bringing innovation to both Main Street and Wall Street.

In addition to Clara, other confirmed speakers at the conference include:

  • Dick Costolo, CEO, Twitter
  • Lloyd Blankfein, Chairman and CEO, Goldman Sachs
  • Jamie Dimon, Chairman, President, and CEO, JPMorgan Chase
  • Indra Nooyi, Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo
  • Andrew Ross Sorkin, Columnist/Editor, The New York Times

See below for the latest tweets from the event and be sure to follow the conversation at #DBconf, or by tweeting at @HearsaySocial or @ClaraShih.

Hearsay Social CTO speaks on InformationWeek's 'Valley View'

Hearsay Social co-founder and CTO Steve Garrity was a featured guest on Valley ViewInformationWeek’s monthly live show.

Garrity (right) on set with Valley View hosts David Berland (left) and Fritz Nelson (center)

Garrity, who recently spoke at the InformationWeek 500 conference participated on the show’s Elevator Pitch segment, in which he had two quick minutes to deliver Hearsay’s message to a panel of judges. With a combined score of 23/30 from the show’s three judges, Garrity’s pitch earned the highest score of the segment.
The three critics appreciated Hearsay’s ability to empower local representatives to engage with customers via social media while maintaining brand consistency and protecting against marketing and PR blunders. To watch Garrity’s 2-minute pitch and the rest of the episode click here.
Valley View features the latest business technology news and sheds light on the most compelling happenings in Silicon Valley. Each month three “hot” companies and their executives are placed on the “hot seat.” The co-founders of Taptera and Alteryx participated in the segment with Garrity.