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Hearsay Social Receives Two Patents for Technology that Advances Social Media Compliance and Security

shutterstock_149720036We’re  excited to announce today that Hearsay Social has been granted two new patents that empower firms to manage social media risk and ensure regulatory compliance.
Our innovative, market-leading product team has developed unique solutions that address the challenges of social media for the regulated industries that we serve.
We’re thrilled that the patent office recognizes the propriety, best-in-class solutions that the Hearsay Social team has brought to market.
U.S. Patent No. 9,070,110 and U.S. Patent No. 8,914,454 pertain to “Identification of unknown social media assets” and “verification of social media” respectively.
The now patented Rogue Social Account Finder is offered by Hearsay Social as a part of the industry’s first Predictive Omnichannel Suite for advisors. The Rogue Social Account Finder makes it possible for companies to identify social media accounts, such as Facebook Pages, Twitter handles and LinkedIn profiles, that are representing the company but not approved by the company’s policy or process. With this latest functionality, companies can efficiently identify financial professionals who are doing business on social media out of compliance with industry regulations or company policy.
The second patent, for verification of social media data, has been granted to Hearsay Social for innovative work in the area of verification of data accessed via social network APIs. In order to increase the accuracy of the data Hearsay Social uses for compliance and analytics purposes, we’ve invested in technology and processes to create checks and balances. 
We are excited to provide these proprietary technology solutions to our clients and partners.
For more details, check out our press announcement.
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