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Shaklee distributors go social with Hearsay Social

It’s incredible to think that it was less than a month ago when we announced Hearsay Social as the solution of choice for the insurance industry on social media. But it’s not just insurance companies using Hearsay Social – we have customers across the globe in many industries.

Today, we’re proud to reveal our newest customer: Shaklee Corporation, a leading provider of natural nutrition, personal care, and environmentally friendly home care products. For 56 years, Shaklee has been a global household name for the highest-quality beauty and wellness products.
We are especially excited for the launch of Hearsay Social at Shaklee for a few key reasons:
1. Scale
From the U.S. to China and beyond, Shaklee has more than 750,000 members and distributors worldwide. With such a massive sales force, Shaklee knows it needs social sales and marketing software that can easily scale to match their size. Already, Hearsay Social is in the process of rolling out to Shaklee distributors, and many more thousands will be brought on board in the next several weeks. With large enterprise customers like Farmers Insurance and Northwestern Mutual who have thousands of agents and advisors, Hearsay Social has the proven track record of quickly rolling out software to thousands of non-technical users.

2. Relationships
Direct sellers like Shaklee distributors intuitively understand the power of relationships. Indeed, each distributor’s success depends on both their ability to sell products (like nutritional supplements and beauty products) as well as their ability to recruit new Shaklee distributors. As you may have already guessed, having a large social network influences both of these factors. Through Hearsay Social, the only platform focused on helping salespeople build relationships over social media, Shaklee distributors will be able to engage with their customers and prospects in a simple, professional manner. Best of all, they’ll be able to bring all their offline social activities onto the social Web to schedule parties, share the latest product news, and provide health and wellness tips.
3. Brand protection
When you’ve been building your brand for over half a century, as Shaklee has, maintaining brand integrity becomes a priority. This can be extremely difficult for companies like Shaklee that have hundreds of thousands of people representing the brand and talking about their products. Perfectly suited to solve these pain points, the Hearsay Social Content Library allows Shaklee to distribute corporate-approved content to thousands of Shaklee distributors. Additionally, our platform’s brand monitoring capabilities helps companies comply with regulations from government bodies like the FDA and FTC.
It’s an exciting time at Hearsay Social and Shaklee, as we work together to bring thousands of salespeople into the social era.