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LinkedIn launches content publishing platform for thought leaders

Content, from status updates to viral videos, is the currency of social media. Recognizing this, LinkedIn recently launched a new content platform where users can follow industry thought leaders like Richard Branson and Arianna Huffington for business insights and other professional guidance.

For the 175 million LinkedIn members, the new platform will integrate seamlessly with the professional networking experience we already know. When you login to the site, you’ll now see posts from thought leaders you’ve subscribed to, in addition to all the posts from users, companies, and industries in your network. It’s just one more way to drive content sharing across LinkedIn and the rest of the social Web.
Here are some fantastic posts already published through the new platform:

As Weiner writes in his inaugural post above, the new content platform is unique because, like all of LinkedIn, it is specifically tailored to the needs of professionals:

“You can keep building your network as you always have, but now also tap the ideas and knowledge from people who remain outside of your first-degree relationships. Previously untapped — or narrowly shared — business intelligence now has the chance to reach an audience of millions, and subsequently expand the collective knowledge of professionals throughout the world.”

We congratulate LinkedIn on the new product launch and we look forward to reading many insightful posts from the already-strong community of thought leaders.