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On the road with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Efma across Europe

As Hearsay Social expands its international presence, we’re pleased to have spent the last couple weeks on the road with our partners LinkedIn, Facebook, and Efma across Europe.

At the LinkedIn Finance Event in London, Chris Andrew (Managing Director, UK and Europe, Hearsay Social) spoke on compliance best practices. He later joined the first European Facebook PMD (Preferred Marketing Developer) Summit held in Dublin and also participated on a panel with Lee Jay Burningham (Head of Financial Services, UK & EMEA, Facebook) at the Financial Services Social Media event in London. Peter Caryotis (Sales Director, Europe, Hearsay Social) also spoke at Efma’s Banking on Innovation event in Barcelona.

At the LinkedIn event, Forrest Baker (Head of Global Insights, LinkedIn), Christina Jenkins (Head of Insights, LinkedIn), and Laura Collins (Research Consultant, LinkedIn) presented on content and industry trends across the international financial services community. Some highlights from the event include new data on social media usage by high-net-worth individuals (HNWI):

  • 70% of HNW individuals in the UK use social media and this number is 99% in Hong Kong & Singapore.

  • In the UK, 71% of these HNW individuals access LinkedIn multiple times per week.

HNW individuals spend their time on social networks connecting, researching and reading up on business and financial information, following influencers and brands, and creating content of their own. Some other key findings:

  • 48% of these individuals have started gathering their own information on products and services, and they often use this information to complement the advisory services they seek out from financial firms.

  • 30% of HNW individuals have actively recommended or made a referral via social media.

Chris later took the stage to share a number of industry specific tips on compliance best practices, a few of which were highlighted by attendees on Twitter. He especially focused on the four steps to social business success: get found, build your network, “hear” or listen for key events, and “say” or build an engaged audience with quality content.

For a list of our upcoming global events please visit our website.  We hope to see you soon!

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Financial services: Find, relate and engage with the best prospects on LinkedIn and Hearsay Social

By Dan Swift (Director Financial Services, LinkedIn Sales Solutions) and Ron Piovesan (Vice President, Strategic Alliances, Hearsay Social), who recently hosted a Social Media Strategies Workshop in New York.

Social selling leverages your professional brand to fill your pipeline with the right people, insights and relationships. Why has social selling seen such high adoption rates? The buyer’s process has changed:

  • According to the CEB (Corporate Executive Board, 2013), 5.4 people are now involved in the average B2B buying process.
  • The CEB also shared last year that 75% of buyers are using social media for research.
  • The Harvard Business Review in 2012 shared that 90% of decision makers say they never respond to cold outreach.

Sales in 2014 is the art of navigating and getting ahead of these trends. Leading to the point of sale, a revenue producer must stay in contact with the prospect to provide relevant and compelling information so as to always remain top-of-mind.
LinkedIn and Hearsay Social understand the modern sales process and have teamed up to help financial services professionals capitalize on the moment a client wants to make a purchase.

How Sales Navigator supercharges the LinkedIn experience

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator program is the premier social selling solution, allowing revenue producers to find, relate and engage with the best prospects on LinkedIn. Revenue producers can maintain contact with an ever-growing target list and move prospects along the funnel from initial interest to final sale.
The benefit is demonstrable. After using LinkedIn Sales Navigator for only 11 weeks, a major wealth management firm was able to connect with new clients, rapidly build new relationships and bring in more than $100 million in new investable assets. This is an actual benefit realized by a wealth management firm in the market today. How? By being notified by LinkedIn of life change events such as a job change and surfacing the person in their network who can provide a warm introduction. Referral selling at scale!
LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a premium subscription purchased centrally on an enterprise basis for revenue producers. The program also includes targeted training and education for the duration of the agreement.
This supercharges the LinkedIn experience.

LinkedIn Spring 2014
LinkedIn Premium leads the pack when it comes to sales intelligence.

Depending on their specific strategies, financial advisors are using Sales Navigator to identify C-Level executives, partners and business owners on LinkedIn in particular industries or at particular companies. They then see who in their networks can make referrals into that target audience.
Commercial bankers are going a step further by reaching out to business owners in their third degree to start sales conversations. The benefit is scaled exponentially in collaborative teams as Teamlink helps revenue producers share contacts and find the best way to enter and grow an account.
LinkedIn and Hearsay Social are seeing more and more traction in the insurance sectors where agents are looking for benefits managers and brokers. Revenue producers across the financial services, banking and insurance sectors are saving these prospect lists and receiving daily updates of new perfect prospects along with relevant insight gleaned from a member profile and the name of the person in their network that could make the referral. Why go in cold?

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Hearsay Social to grow business

To harness the power of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator platform, insurance and financial services firms face the unique hurdle of regulatory compliance, as well as the need to access tools that make a revenue producer effective on social.
image (1)
This is where Hearsay Social comes in. With over 85 leading financial services customers around the world including Raymond James, Penn Mutual, and Thrivent Financial, Hearsay Social’s 1-2 punch of its content library and compliance engine means that revenue producers always have access to compelling information to compliantly share on social.
The content can come from a third-party news source, the corporate marketing department or even be developed by the revenue producers themselves. Hearsay Social also has content partnerships so producers will always be able to engage their prospects in the most compelling way. And all these conversations can be as open or as closely monitored as compliance officers choose. Compliance sets the social media rules, and the Hearsay Social platform implements.
Hearsay Social also integrates with enterprise governance and archiving systems so access can be controlled via single sign-on, and conversations can be stored in a compliant WORM archive.
These and other topics were discussed at an exclusive recent event at the LinkedIn headquarters in the iconic Empire State Building in New York. A packed room of senior insurance, banking and financial services executives heard case studies, saw demos and learned how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Hearsay Social to build new relationships.
Watch out for other such events happening soon. If you’d like to connect to get more information, please do so with LinkedIn at or Hearsay Social at

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See you at the LinkedIn Finance Summit this Thursday (2/13) in NYC!

linkedin financeconnect

We are delighted to be in New York City this week, where our CEO Clara Shih will be sharing the stage with Royal Bank of Canada (US Wealth Management) CEO John Taft, CBS analyst Jill Schlesinger, Mohamed El-Erian, and a host of other finance industry and social business leaders at LinkedIn’s 3rd Annual FinanceConnect Summit.

This Thursday, following remarks from Penry Price (VP Global Sales, Marketing Solutions at LinkedIn, @PenryPrice), Mohamed El-Erian, and Allen Blue (Co-Founder, LinkedIn, @allenb), John Taft and Clara will participate in a keynote roundtable moderated by Jill Schlesinger (@jillonmoney). They will discuss the state of the economy, and in particular how disruptive technologies like social media have changed the way financial firms, advisors, and wholesalers must do business today and going forward.

financeconnect panel

Hosted by LinkedIn Marketing Solutions (@LinkedInMktg), FinanceConnect brings together leading executives from across the industry, including UBS, Prudential, Goldman Sachs, and American Express, as well as digital technology leaders from McKinsey and Hearsay Social.

Highlights from the pre-conference workshops on Wednesday include opening remarks from LinkedIn’s Jennifer Grazel (@jgrazel), as well as a session on “Social Selling” led by Dan Swift from LinkedIn Sales Solutions (@danjswift).

CEO Panel details for FinanceConnect:2014

WHAT: In an executive fireside chat, Jill Schlesinger interviews leading CEOs on FinanceConnect topics, including the global climate for finance, the role of innovation and disruptive technologies in financial services, and the impact of social media as a new communication paradigm.

WHEN: Thursday, February 13 at 3:00pm

WHERE: The Time Warner Center, New York City

WHO: RBC Wealth Management CEO John Taft, Hearsay Social CEO Clara Shih, and Audrey Hendley (General Manager, American Express), in a session moderated by CBS News business analyst Jill Schlesinger.

See you there, or check back on our blog to see live notes and tweets from the event at #inFC14!

For a summary and video of Clara’s panel from last year alongside ex-Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Head Sallie Krawcheck (@SallieKrawcheck) and CNBC’s Herb Greenberg (@herbgreenberg), see here: