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#HSonAir Podcast: Preview of the LIMRA/LOMA Social Business Conference for Financial Services

erikqualman.blogIn Episode 84, Carolyn Clement (@singingcarolyn) and Norah Denley (@ndenley) preview the upcoming LIMRA/LOMA Social Business Conference for Financial Services, and join me in a special interview with Technology and Social Media Expert, author, and speaker Erik Qualman (@equalman).  As a pioneer on the use of social media for business, Erik shares insights from his presentation entitled  “Disruptive Innovation,” and the evolving changes our industry has experienced in its adoption of social and digital technology.
There is still time to register for the Social Business Conference (#LLSBC) in Boston on August 17-19th and it is not to be missed.  This year Hearsay Social On the Air will record an all new episode in front of a LIVE audience as well as participate in the annual presentation of the Silverbowl Awards. On Friday, our CEO and co-founder Clara Shih (@clarashih) kick off the final day with a presentation on the Omnichannel Advisor and Client.  We hope you will join us in Boston for this always popular event.
Be part of the conversation with @victorgaxiola and @alissadossantos on Twitter using hashtag #HSonAir.  If you have a question, comment or suggestion, please send an  e-mail to   We also invite you to “like” our podcast page on Facebook where we share posts about the podcast, our guests, and other fun stuff.


Compliance for the Financial Services Industry in 2016 [WEBINAR REPLAY]

Thanks to all that attended our #HScompliance presentation on social media compliance for the financial services industry. Please find the webinar replay below as we share the latest compliance research and best practices collected from our client and member firms, and what financial services firms need to be aware of in 2016.
In this 45-minute webinar, moderated by Victor Gaxiola, Sr. Customer Advocacy Manager at Hearsay Social, you’ll hear from Yasmin Zarabi, Hearsay Social’s VP of Legal and Compliance, and Stephen Selby, CRCP, Assistant VP of Social Media Strategy, Audit & Regulatory Relations at LIMRA as they discuss:

  • The current state of digital technologies in financial services
  • FINRA retrospective rule review
  • The DOL’s pending fiduciary rule and its potential impact to social media
  • Compliance-enabled text messaging programs for advisors

unnamed (1)

Listen to the webinar replay, or view the slide presentation, to learn how financial services firms are shifting to an omnichannel customer experience and a culture of compliance. Continue the conversation at #HScompliance
To learn more about Hearsay Social, visit
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10 Social Media Posts to Share During Life Insurance Awareness Month

LIAM2015September is a great time to promote the benefits of life insurance. Why? Because it’s Life Insurance Awareness Month (#LIAM2015)! Get clients to re-evaluate their policies by using social media to share resources and content about the importance of having adequate life insurance that best fits their current life situations.
Social media also is a great channel to educate prospects – especially if they’re part of the 40% of consumers who don’t have life insurance at all – on why they need coverage to secure their loved ones’ financial well-being, and how it’s not as costly as they might think.
To that end, we’ve put together the following pre-written social media posts that you can simply cut-and-paste and share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social network of your choice. They all include the hashtag #LIAM2015 to help increase the visibility of your posts. You can schedule these to publish throughout the month, to keep the topic fresh in the minds of consumers. (Be sure to get compliance approval before using and/or customizing this content.) 
1) Study shows Americans have less insurance since the recession, leaving families vulnerable #LIAM2015
2) 8 in 10 Americans overestimate the cost of life insurance. What’s the true price tag? #LIAM2015
3) Do you have the right coverage? Calculate how much your family will need in case the unexpected happens #LIAM2015
4) Check out ‘Blackish’ star Anthony Anderson’s personal story about the importance of life insurance #LIAM2015
5) 7 smart moves for new (and experienced) families to secure their financial future #LIAM2015
6) Over 40% of Americans are not covered by some form of life insurance; are you one of them? More stats here #LIAM2015
7) Learn what health conditions life insurers look for when determining rates #LIAM2015
8) If any of these events happened in your life recently, you should re-evaluate your insurance needs #LIAM2015
9) Did you know life insurance could do these 5 things? #LIAM2015
10) Quitting smoking can lead to significant savings on life insurance #LIAM2015
Below are additional suggestions:
Send a client who just had a baby this great reminder flyer that they need to protect their loved ones. Click here.
Post this great graphic quote of actor, comedian and LIAM spokesperson Anthony Anderson with his passionate message about life insurance on Facebook or LinkedIn. Add a heartfelt line about why you’re sharing. It’s a low-key way to let people know what you do for a living. Click here.
Also, be sure to check out our partners Life Happens and LIMRA’s website for more resources, including statistics, graphics, calculators and more to help educate consumers about life insurance and their individual needs.
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The Rise of Social Recruitment, Early Adoption, and Other Insights from LIMRA's 2015 Social Media Conference

IMG_8578Last year, when Stephen Selby, Assistant Vice President of Regulatory Services for LIMRA, announced that the LIMRA LOMA Social Media Conference for Financial Services (#LLSMC) was coming to San Francisco, no one was more excited about the news than I was. You could hear the enthusiasm in what at the time was only our third Hearsay Social On the Air podcast.  
As many of you know, Hearsay Social is based in San Francisco, and having the conference in our hometown was going to provide us an opportunity to show off our beloved city to all the social professionals in attendance and “paint the town red.” Our keycard photo competition was built to get people out of the hotel, explore our city and have some fun at the same time. 
I’ve been lucky to attend #LLSMC for the past four years in a row, providing me an opportunity to observe just how far the financial services industry has evolved in a very short amount of time. Changing consumer expectations and the growth of the internet of things has certainly forced this industry to adapt. Well, I am happy to report that the financial services industry is not only evolving, it is thriving. I hope my ongoing optimism isn’t clouding my objectivity.
As you can imagine, wrapping up three days of conference activity isn’t easy, so after careful reflection, here are my four key takeaways from this year’s conference:

1. Social recruitment is on the rise

A new and welcomed addition to the conference was a Hackathon session on day one that was led by Greg Bailey (@gbaileyco), Partner at Insure.VC. and known industry veteran. Greg rarely needs an introduction amongst these circles and we had the privilege of interviewing him on or podcast a few months ago about his latest venture. Popular in these parts, hackathons are created for educational or social purposes to encourage and create new ideas and actionable solutions. In our case, we were asked to focus first on some of the biggest problems facing the financial services industry and then make recommendations on how to solve them. The key takeaway from the assembled group? We need to do more to recruit and retain talent, and social networking and digital technology should be part of the solution.

This is not the first time this has come up. As a facilitator of multiple customer roundtable events, and as a participant at industry conferences, this has become a recurring theme. However, the appetite to leverage social media as a solution to address this challenge has been gaining ground. I anticipate that as more and more distributed teams have access to social to manage relationships and connections with clients and prospects, the next stage of development will be to use social as a way to recruit and retain talent.

2. Early adopters of social media moving ahead of the competition

It has been nearly five years since FINRA released its guidance on the use of social media by the financial services industry. Organizations that mobilized a social strategy and implemented a solution shortly thereafter are now leading the industry and charging ahead. It’s as if all of us were at the same starting gate of a long race five years ago and today it’s become much easier to identify which organizations are pulling ahead and lapping the competition. I attended two sessions that illustrated the evolving growth of social, the first was a fireside chat between Corina Roy (@corinaroy), Assistant Vice President, Digital and Customer Experience at MassMutual and Abhay Rajaram, VP of Customer Success at Hearsay Social.   The other was a session facilitated by New York Life by Phyllis Tozzi (@phyllistozzi), Corporate VP, Social Media Marketing, Aaron Brickman (@aaron_MMA) and Louis Cardello (@louiswcardello), both Senior Associates, Social Media Marketing. In both sessions the keys to success and their social evolution closely matched the key findings from our own Social Business Maturity Model released last week, namely that organizations that succeed and progress in their maturity typically have a collaborative team to move the social project forward, and the support and buy-in from and senior leadership. There are many other factors that contributed to the evolution of the programs at Mass Mutual and New York Life including the need for constant evaluation and training, course corrections based on feedback, and ongoing communications across all levels of management from the home office to the field and back. What both of these organizations illustrated was that the entire endeavor is a process that will take time and some occasional set backs for it to grow and mature.

3. Want to win? Fight for attention with creativity and authenticity

IMG_8589One of the advantages of attending a conference like this one is the opportunity to hear from outstanding speakers, and this year was no exception. We heard from the likes of Chris Brogan, Clara Shih, Scott Klososky, Debra Jasper, Betsy Hubbard and Julian Aldridge, and many others. The overlying theme of all the presentations was that today’s consumer expects more, and that earning their attention is becoming a bigger and bigger challenge. A challenge that is being met by creativity, and then supported via an authentic voice. People want realness. People want to feel that you care. It reminds me of something we used to say when I worked as a financial advisor, “people don’t care what you know, until they know that you care.” Let that sink in.
At no time was this more evident than during the announcing of the annual Silver Bowl Awards.  As a judge for the second year in a row, I got to review multiple entries across categories and was impressed by the level of creativity and thought that went into the development of multiple campaigns. Even more impressive was how much of the work was driven internally and developed organically without the use of an agency.  
If you’d like to win the award next year, my suggestions is that you get creative and stay authentic. It’s a formula that works and apparently wins awards.

4. Although still an important and critical component of social business, compliance is no longer the main focus

IMG_8602This last observation did not come to me until well after the conclusion of the conference as I was reflecting. Almost as an afterthought, I realized how little talk there was around compliance. I assure you that this was not the case just a few years ago when it seemed it was the only focus. Mind you, this is not to say that compliance doesn’t matter anymore, it does, it’s just not the main conversation anymore. In my opinion, this is a very positive sign that the industry has evolved and we are much further along in embracing social as a business tool embedded in the DNA of our marketing and sales process.
Addressing compliance concerns will continue to be a pre-requisite to any social program, and our continued participation at FINRA events and relationships with the regulatory bodies will ensure we are abreast of how their decisions and guidance affects our customers and their business.
In conclusion, the industry continues to move forward and we are seeing some encouraging and creative approaches that businesses are taking to further their evolution to connect with clients, prospects and recruit new talent.  Knowing that it would be a challenge to encapsulate three days worth of a conference material in a blog post, we released an entire podcast (see below) devoted to exploring the themes of the conference. I encourage you to not only listen to it, but to also be a part of the conversation by sending us your questions, comments and suggestions to or via Twitter using hashtag #HSonAir.
If you attended the conference in person, or followed along on the conference hashtag #LLSMC, what did you think?  I’d love to hear from you.


#HSonAir Podcast: Themes from the LIMRA Social Media Conference for Financial Services

FullSizeRender (3)The LIMRA Social Media Conference for Financial Services (#LLSMC) was in our hometown of San Francisco and we were there to cover the event as we painted the town Hearsay Social Red. In episode 56 we discuss the themes, conversations and highlights of the conference including: the rise of social for recruitment, how early adopters are pulling ahead, and how organizations are getting creative in their use of social.
As part of our podcast we also expand on the ideas presented by the conference speakers and the #SilverBowlAwards. To see a list of this year’s winners of the Silver Bowl Awards, check out our post from last week, that includes back-to-back winner Thrivent Financial for best use of Social Media by a Financial Advisor.
Join the conversation with @victorgaxiola and @elizelig on Twitter, use hashtag #HSonAir. If you have a question, comment or suggestion, please send an e-mail to
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Congratulations to the Winners of the 2015 Social Media Silver Bowl Awards!

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 1.37.49 PMAs the 6th annual LIMRA LOMA Social Media Conference for financial services (#LLSMC) comes to a close, we’d like to congratulate the winners of the Social Media Silver Bowl Awards! The Silver Bowl Awards recognizes innovation and business success of financial services firm and advisor use of social media campaigns and programs.
This year’s award recipients truly embody what it means to be innovative thought leaders via social business growth in many areas, including sales, customers service, digital marketing, and recruiting. The awards program aims to highlight innovative social business programs that make a measurable impact on business overall.

To that end, here’s the full list of winners:
Best Integrated Social Media Campaign
Voya Financial — “Born to Save”
Best Use of Social Media by an Agent/Advisor
*Thrivent Financial — Hannah Sorensen
*Sun Life Financial — Rebecca May-Gorges
Best Use of Social Media for Customer Service
Allianz Turkey — “Social Customer Care”
Best Use of an Emerging Social Channel
*Transamerica –Vine Campaign
Best Use of Social Media for Social Good
John Hancock — “There’s Only One Boston”
Best Use of Social Media for Recruiting
*COUNTRY Financial — “Candidate Experience”
Best Use of Social Media for Consumer Education
*Prudential — “Bring Your Challenges”
Best Use of Social Media by a Company Outside the United States
Allianz Turkey — “Becoming One”
*Denotes Hearsay Social customer

Congratulations everyone!
Learn about the Predictive Social Suite for Advisors.
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#HSonAir Podcast: Interview with Gregory Bailey of Insure.VC

baileyWe’ve heard a lot about FinTech, but what about InsureTech? In episode 48 we interview Gregory Bailey (@gbaileyco), Partner at Insure.VC and long time industry thought leader on the changes we are seeing today in mobile, social and wearable tech as well as big data in the ongoing evolution of technology in the insurance space.
Gregory will be a speaker at the LIMRA Social Media Conference for Financial Services in our hometown of San Francisco this August.  We hope to see you there.
Join the conversation with @victorgaxiola and @elizelig on Twitter, use hashtag #HSonAir.  If you have a question, comment or suggestion please send us an e-mail to  Like our NEW page on Facebook and follow the progress of our good friend Ronny Kerr or follow on Twitter using hashtag #RonnyWalk
Thanks for listening!


#HSonAir Podcast: Interview with Norah Denley of LIMRA on Financial Services Industry Support of Social Media

DenleyAre Financial Services companies doing enough to arm their advisors, agents and producers with the resources and support they need to succeed with social media? In episode 39 we interview Norah Denley (@NDenley) Sr. Research Analyst at LIMRA on the results of a recent study they conducted exploring how financial services companies are adopting social media and the ongoing challenges identified by participating member companies.
Additional Segments:

  • Sanjiv Baxi (@SanjivBaxi) from our business development team stops by to share infromation about the launch of our Curated Content Channels– an innovative way for advisors to find and articulate in their authentic voice on social.
  • Nicole Johnson (@nicjohnmedia) co-author of the Advisor of the Future visits to discuss the recent reactions to the Executive Report presentation in Chicago.

Additional Notes:

  • Blog post reviewing the LIMRA Social Media Conference- October 2014
  • Download your copy of the Advisor of the Future Executive Report

Join the conversation with @victorgaxiola and @elizelig on Twitter using hashtag #HSonAir.  If you have a question, comment or suggestion please send us an e-mail to  We also encourage you to LIKE our NEW page on Facebook and follow along on all #RonnyWalk progress.


LIMRA Study Reveals How Financial Brands Can Help Advisors With Social Media

LIMRA recently released a study of financial services companies that looked into if, and how, they are arming their advisors with the resources and support needed to succeed on social media.
According to the Supporting Social Media report, six out of 10 financial services companies have deployed programs to assist their advisors and representatives on social media, realizing the importance of social media at the field level.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 1.53.55 PM
Figure 1 showing the percentage of companies that have initiatives in place to support their financial professionals in using social media. Fewer than 10 percent have no plans. Source: Supporting Social Media (2015), LIMRA

However, participating companies also report that content continues to be a challenge, including a shortage of compliant content in addition to slow approval processes. This points to a need for meaningful content that moves faster in order to keep pace with – and rise above – the constant stream of “noise” often presented in social media.
“In some cases, the content that is created can pass through a lot of hands, meaning the process is resource intensive and the content, less timely,” says Norah Denley, LIMRA’s senior research analyst and the report’s author, in the press release.
Still, the overall picture is improving. Not only are financial services companies recognizing the business value of social media, many also are investing in the development of training, education and best practices programs to ensure their advisors are both compliant and equipped with the know-how to succeed on social.
“Companies and financial professionals successful with social media know it is not a magic bullet,” says Denley. “They realize it’s a powerful tool to establish and nurture relationships, part of their broader marketing efforts, and that over time it can help contribute to success.”
There are other factors that are critical to social media success, according to the report. Characteristics of those who are successful on this front include companies that 1) can secure executive buy-in and support from the top; 2) have compliance and sales teams that know and use social media themselves; and 3) have home office staff that know about their social media program and can build greater awareness around its benefits.
For more details, see the full LIMRA press announcement.
Tune in to our #HSonAir podcast later this month where we speak with Denley about the report’s findings and other interesting tidbits.

Embracing and Applying New Digital Tech Emerges as Top Theme at 2015 LIMRA Distribution Conference

At the LIMRA Distribution Conference for Financial Services last week, technology took center stage and book-ended the 2-½ day conference.  Kicking off the conference, James W. Kerley, Chief Membership Officer of LIMRA and LOMA, focused heavily on technology and challenged distribution leaders to embrace social media and digital technology to enable producers to excel in today’s digital world. Jim echoed thoughts he shared at the 2014 conference: sales is changing, and it’s changing faster than ever before. “To be a leader in the digital age,” Jim said, “you must be a digital savvy leader.”

Jim set two key takeaways for the conference attendees:

  1. The need for growth.
  2. The requirement to not only “Think Differently” but to “Act Differently”

The Future of Client Acquisition
The first outside speaker was Greg Bailey, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Athene USA, who covered The Future of Client Acquisition. It seems notable to have a marketing leader on the main stage at a distribution-focused conference, something I imagine that would have been much less likely a decade or more ago when customers where less influenced by digital channels throughout the buying process.

According to Greg, the future growth of this industry relies on a new and innovative approach to distribution. Greg shared, “4 opportunities to shape the future of customer acquisition and realize your potential”: 1. Mobile Technology, 2. Social Technology, 3. Big Data, and 4. Wearable Technology.
Here’s his recap via Twitter:

Finding, Keeping and Managing Clients: How Technology is Changing the Business of Sales

Another technology-focused session was the closing panel moderated by Knut Olson, SVP of Mission Advancement for Thrivent Financial. Knut is so passionate about technology-enabled distribution teams that he said he believes good distribution leaders should act essentially as CTOs.  For this reason, it makes sense that he brought together Michael Lock, President & COO, Hearsay Social with Jaymie Brill who leads Financial Services, for LinkedIn Sales Solutions and Simon Mulcahy who leads Financial Services for Salesforce.  In leading the discussion, Knut shared his the “dream” of a completely integrated content strategy, to empower distribution at Thrivent Financial.

Much of the discussion on the panel was around how technologies like Hearsay Social, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and Salesforce will continue to evolve, and work together for a seamless customer experience.

Evidence that Distribution Leaders are Embracing Change
This was the third LIMRA Distribution conference that I have attended, and it has been amazing to witness the changing conversation.  Just a few years ago, there was still a focus on “proving ROI” for social and digital initiatives in distribution for financial services.  The focus on technology and evolution at the 2015 conference shows how the industry and its sales leaders recognize that the time to change is now. And, embracing and applying technology is critical for advisors and agents to reach today’s and tomorrow’s customer.