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10 Social Media Posts to Share During Life Insurance Awareness Month

LIAM2015September is a great time to promote the benefits of life insurance. Why? Because it’s Life Insurance Awareness Month (#LIAM2015)! Get clients to re-evaluate their policies by using social media to share resources and content about the importance of having adequate life insurance that best fits their current life situations.
Social media also is a great channel to educate prospects – especially if they’re part of the 40% of consumers who don’t have life insurance at all – on why they need coverage to secure their loved ones’ financial well-being, and how it’s not as costly as they might think.
To that end, we’ve put together the following pre-written social media posts that you can simply cut-and-paste and share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social network of your choice. They all include the hashtag #LIAM2015 to help increase the visibility of your posts. You can schedule these to publish throughout the month, to keep the topic fresh in the minds of consumers. (Be sure to get compliance approval before using and/or customizing this content.) 
1) Study shows Americans have less insurance since the recession, leaving families vulnerable #LIAM2015
2) 8 in 10 Americans overestimate the cost of life insurance. What’s the true price tag? #LIAM2015
3) Do you have the right coverage? Calculate how much your family will need in case the unexpected happens #LIAM2015
4) Check out ‘Blackish’ star Anthony Anderson’s personal story about the importance of life insurance #LIAM2015
5) 7 smart moves for new (and experienced) families to secure their financial future #LIAM2015
6) Over 40% of Americans are not covered by some form of life insurance; are you one of them? More stats here #LIAM2015
7) Learn what health conditions life insurers look for when determining rates #LIAM2015
8) If any of these events happened in your life recently, you should re-evaluate your insurance needs #LIAM2015
9) Did you know life insurance could do these 5 things? #LIAM2015
10) Quitting smoking can lead to significant savings on life insurance #LIAM2015
Below are additional suggestions:
Send a client who just had a baby this great reminder flyer that they need to protect their loved ones. Click here.
Post this great graphic quote of actor, comedian and LIAM spokesperson Anthony Anderson with his passionate message about life insurance on Facebook or LinkedIn. Add a heartfelt line about why you’re sharing. It’s a low-key way to let people know what you do for a living. Click here.
Also, be sure to check out our partners Life Happens and LIMRA’s website for more resources, including statistics, graphics, calculators and more to help educate consumers about life insurance and their individual needs.
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Life Lessons Scholarship Announcement: Deadline is March 3

Life Lessons Scholarship program eases the financial burden of college when a parent or guardian dies without life insurance. Deadline to apply is: March 3, 2015 at 4pm EST. It’s not too late!
life happens image logoLosing a parent or guardian is hard enough—the emotional strain and sense of loss can be devastating to a child or young adult—but losing a parent or guardian who has little or no life insurance can be even more emotionally and financially devastating for many families just trying to make ends meet.
When Shane LeBarge lost his father during his first month of college, his family wasn’t prepared for the emotional and financial toll that this would cause. Still coping with his own grief, Shane stumbled upon an organization that would eventually change his life for the better.
The organization, Life Happens, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating Americans about the importance of life insurance. Through its annual Life Lessons Scholarship Program, now in its 11th year, the organization will award over $200,000 in scholarship, ranging from $5,000 to $15,000, to college students who are experiencing hardship after the death of a parent or legal guardian who did not have life insurance.
To be considered, applicants will need to submit a 500-word essay or 3-minute video that describes how their lives have been affected, both emotionally and financially, by the death of a parent or guardian.
Shane’s advice to other families who are unsure about needing life insurance:
“We were just like you. This happens to people like you everyday, just as it did for us. You don’t want your family to have to live with the consequences of not getting life insurance.”
After overcoming his fears, Shane took the step to apply for a Life Lessons Scholarship and was awarded the grand prize scholarship for his essay that described his father as a “baby-boomer who loved music.”
Below is important information about the program:
Award Includes

  • 3 Grand Prize Winners to receive $15,000 scholarships
  • 10 First Runners-Up to receive $8,000 scholarships
  • 11 Second Runners-Up to receive $5,000 scholarships
  • 2 Sponsored scholarship recipients to receive $10,000
  • 2 Sponsored scholarship recipients to receive $12,500

 Important Dates

  • The application for the Life Lessons Scholarship must be submitted in full on March 3, 2015 at 4pm Eastern.
  • Potential winners will be selected around June 2015 and will be notified by telephone and/or email.


  • Open to college students and college-bound high school seniors (between ages 17 – 24) who have experienced the death of a parent or legal guardian.
  • For complete program rules, please click here.

Application Process

  • Fill out the Life Lessons Scholarship Application on the application page.
  • Write a 500-word essay or record a 3-minute video.

For more information, read more of Shane LaBarge’s compelling story: I Saw I Could Save Families From What Happened to Mine, and watch past scholarship recipients here.
For questions about the program, please email, or call (202) 464-5000 x4446.
Hearsay Social is a proud partner of Life Happens, Inc. and is happy to support the Life Lessons Scholarship Program for deserving families who have lost a parent or guardian without life insurance.

Ignore, innovate or die: A new era for financial services firms and advisors

At the recent LIMRA Annual conference, innovation and opportunity took center stage. The theme of this year’s conference was “The Leadership Challenge: Connecting in a Distracted World,” highlighting for executive-level conference attendees the importance of evolving their firms to grow their business in today’s digital era.

Copy of DSC_2776
Left to right: Joe Monk (State Farm), Rand Harbert (State Farm), Bob Kerzner (LIMRA), Clara Shih (Hearsay Social), Michael Lock (Hearsay Social), Scott Davison (OneAmerica), Rino D’Onofrio (RBC Insurance), and Kenny Massey (Modern Woodmen).

Presenting at the conference were industry speakers and moderators including Scott Davison (President and CEO, OneAmerica), Joe Monk (chief administrative officer, State Farm Life), Bob Kerzner (President and CEO, LIMRA, LOMA and LL Global, Inc.), Kenny Massey (President and CEO, Modern Woodmen of America), Deanna Mulligan (President and CEO, The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America), William Wheeler (President, Americas, MetLife), and Larry Zimpleman (Chairman, President, and CEO, Principal Financial Group), as well as external speakers including Lou Gerstner (former Chairman and CEO, IBM Corporation), Clara Shih (Founder and CEO, Hearsay Social), David Plouffe (SVP for Policy and Strategy, Uber), Don Yaeger (President, Greatness), and Jason Dorsey (The Gen Y Guy, The Center for Generational Kinetics).
Speakers focused on a few key consistent themes throughout the conference:

Adapting to changing demographics

One trend that fueled the topic of change was Millennials. According to LIMRA studies, 37% of Gen Y are unemployed, marrying later, and less likely to trust firms and individuals. In spite of all that, Millennials are more likely to buy life insurance than any other generation. They represent 80 million individuals spending $1 trillion in the US alone, 70% of whom want to learn more about financial education.
Conference speakers such as Bob Kurzner, David Ploufe and Jason Dorsey recognized that this segment of consumers represents a huge opportunity for financial services firms – especially their advisors, but that Millennials are going to buy differently than Boomers.

Adapting to the new buyer journey

Reaching Millennials will require very different methods than past tactics of “smiling and dialing.” For example, Millennials will decide to refer individuals and professionals they trust based on their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. In addition, Millennials consider phone calls an invasion of privacy, preferring engagement via text, email (only reading the subject line, of course), and social media.

Millennial buying drivers also differ, requiring financial education about different topics than their parents. According to Deanna Mulligan of Guardian Life, Millennials seek a secure platform for paying off loans and/or taking care of parents as opposed to buying a home and saving for the college education of their kids – more traditional priorities from the past.

Copy of DSC_2668
Left to right: Bob Kerzner (LIMRA), Deanna Mulligan (Guardian Life), William Wheeler (MetLife), and Larry Zimpleman (Principal Financial Group).

The implication is that advisors need to adapt to consumer changes – both in how they engage and where they engage.

Adapting to technology

With the rapid emergence of cloud technology, mobile devices, and social media over the past several years, consumers – and not just Millennials – now expect different things from businesses. The conference highlighted key technologies that require advisors to adapt to stay relevant in the digital era:

Social media, mobile, & big data

Kicking off the conference, Bob Kerzner highlighted how industry firms need to enable agents to be authentic and engage as individuals, not as brands, especially since the financial services industry is among the least trusted industry (per a recent Gallup survey). Deanna Mulligan also said that social media is required to be where clients are and that social media is key to engaging with clients. Larry Zimpleman agreed and offered that, for the middle and upper income clients, there are primarily two locations to reach potential retail clients: in the workplace and on social media.

The good news is that, based on a LIMRA study earlier this year, 93% of life insurance companies now have social media programs in place vs. 55% in 2010. 70% of surveyed life insurance firms now have a social business program for their advisors.

photo 2 (3)
Clara with Kenny Massey (Modern Woodmen) on the main stage at LIMRA Annual.

Clara Shih, in her presentation, “The Future of Distribution and Marketing – Staying Relevant in the Digital Era”, discussed how today’s consumers and customers have vastly different client expectations than those from the past. This has primarily been driven over the past five years by rapid growth of technology acceptance, from the Internet to mobile devices to social media. This expectation isn’t driven by competitors in the financial services industry, but rather by the likes of Amazon, Starbucks and Uber.
Clara also highlighted for the audience how social media addresses three key challenges that the Life Insurance industry faces today, including (1) changing client expectations, (2) an aging agent force coupled with the generational gap between agent and new clients, and (3) an outdated distribution model that needs to increase productivity at scale.
Finally, Clara challenged the leadership in the room to innovate beyond social within their firms, revealing the opportunity to enable a true omni-channel experience for clients as well as the opportunity to leverage technology for information discovery, data mining, and informed interactions to simplify the customer experience from signing up to underwriting to customer service.
Copy of DSC_2758
Clara with Kenny Massey (Modern Woodmen) on the main stage at LIMRA Annual.

With today’s big data & predictive analytics technology being more business-friendly along with the right models and data specialists, the industry has the opportunity to apply behavioral economics and data mining to better understand their clients.
In closing, Shih offered three final actions that leaders can take to lead their organizations for success in the digital age:

  1. Commit as management
  2. Incorporate into business process – training, prospecting, etc.
  3. Let early adopters do the talking

Like other industries, the financial services and insurance industry has three choices: ignore these trends and opportunities, innovate, or die. Clearly, the sentiment during and after the conference was that life insurance companies must embrace technology, adapt and integrate this into their training and internal processes, and enable their advisors to engage their clients at scale through technology, strong leadership, and innovation partners.

Change, cooperation, and the transforming customer experience: Notes from the 2014 LIMRA Europe Annual Meeting

LIMRAStrategicPartnerLast week’s LIMRA 2014 European Annual Meeting was my first insurance conference,  so I didn’t quite know what to expect. As it turns out, when you bring together a diverse group of people from Europe, Asia and Africa–and add a bit of Paris magic–you come out with some impressive results.
In this recap, I’ll cover key takeaways from LIMRA’s meeting including:

  • Demographics is a key driver of change.
  • Make customer experience essential to your organization.
  • Gamification is important for engaging consumers.
  • Bancassurance is here to stay and increasingly relevant in newer economies.
  • Digitization will change how we interact with our consumers.
  • Cooperation is key to organizational success.


Day 1: Improving the customer experience

Robert A. Kerzner, President and CEO of LIMRA, kicked off the event, setting the stage for changes happening in the insurance industry. Because demographics is by far the biggest driver of change, he argued, firms should give more focus to retirement as opposed to life insurance. He also believes that the world of insurance agents and commissions is changing, especially in developing economies.
Mr.  Kerzner spent a greater part of this presentation discussing companies from other industries (e.g. Coca-Cola, Walmart, Disney, Virgin) and how the insurance industry can learn from their own efforts to improve the customer experience.
Other presenters from the first day hailed from diverse walks of life, providing more intellectual and innovative ideas to delegates in attendance.
For example, Dr. Barbara Fasolo, Associate Professor in Behavioural Science in the Department of Management of the London School of Economics, spoke about her interest in “choice architecture,” and how to present information visually so users can make smart choices. Both Barbara and Robert brought up gamification as a smart way to increase consumer engagement.
Boston Consulting Group partner and TED speaker Yves Morieux spoke about the need for cooperation within teams, which he believes to be critical for companies to excel. He showed a video of the women’s relay team of France winning in 2003 and argued that they won–not because they had the world’s best runners (USA did)–but because they were better at cooperating with each other before, during, and after the race.

Yves Morieux sharing the simple rules of cooperation in business.

Later on, Hearsay Social’s Olivier Maire (@olivier_maire) presented to a packed room of delegates on the power of social business.  There were many questions on how to open up the social networks in a way that does not increase reputational risk.
We ended Day 1 with a fabulous evening at Pavillon Dauphine, punctuated with live music, quizzes, and a stand-up comedian act by Shappi who was absolutely hilarious!
On the second day we were treated to a magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower from our conference room for the duration of the conference. This provided a unique backdrop for the sessions presented by the CEO of Aviva France, CMO of Saxo Bank and others.

Day 2: Increasing digitization

The second day of LIMRA’s meeting was dedicated to practical advice on various topics ranging from social media to business models to affinity insurance. Nicolas Schimel, CEO of Aviva, gave a particularly enlightening speech around his views on where the insurance market is going and what Aviva is doing to adapt. He believes that the three biggest drivers of change for the insurance market are:

  • Increasing digitization for communication and consumer interaction
  • Bancassurance growing in newer economies
  • Redistribution of the tied vs independent agent mix

Based on a study by Rolan Berger Strategy Consultants, the largest type of buyer by channel of access is going to be more a “hybrid buyer,” or one who is going to use both face-to-face and digital methods throughout the purchase journey.
All in all, the 2014 LIMRA European Annual Meeting was the perfect introduction to insurance conferences for me–it was fun and insightful!

Transforming customer relationships with social business: Recap from the 2014 LIMRA Social Media Conference for Financial Services

Victor Gaxiola and Molly Degnan at the LIMRA Social Media Conference in Boston.

In its fifth year, LIMRA’s 2014 Social Media Conference for Financial Services last week provided financial services teams the strategies they need to build relationships, generate sales and recruit new producers with social media.

This year’s presenters shared more real life success stories and tangible strategies than ever before. In particular, there was a heavier focus on successful use of social media by agents and advisors in the field.

Here are the some of the key topics covered throughout the conference:

Advisor use of social media

In contrast to prior years, where it seemed the conference was primarily focused on brand or corporate use of social media, this year’s conference was much more focused on how advisors in the field successfully leverage social business practices.

MassMutual, New York Life, Sun Life Financial, Guardian Life, and other organizations shared stories of how advisors successfully leveraged social media to maintain customer relationships and grow business. Even Zuckerberg Media founder and CEO Randi Zuckerberg (@randizuckerberg), who focused on social media trends,  provided some best-practice examples of advisors using Facebook to connect directly with their customers.

One standout session was a panel discussion, “Winning as a Team @ MassMutual,” moderated by Hearsay Social’s Customer Advocacy Manager, Victor Gaxiola (@victorgaxiola).

In a lively discussion, the cross-functional team from Mass Mutual, including Kathleen Mayko (Director, Brand Marketing, Life Company Marketing, @kathleen_mayko), Doug Morrin (Assistant Vice President & Counsel, Law Department, @DougMorrin), and Corina Roy (Assistant Vice President, Field Digital, Life Company Marketing, @corinaroy), shared the evolution of their social media program.


In a round robin format, Corina shared how MassMutual has mobilized its field force to embrace social technology to connect with prospects and clients, and Kathleen covered the brand perspective. Both expanded on the the need for interdepartmental collaboration and communication to meet the challenges of adoption early on and through the life of the program.

Victor categorized the challenge facing the industry well: “Social media in financial services is a revolution at an evolutionary pace.”

Representing the legal perspective, Doug was a refreshing surprise illustrating MassMutual’s progressive approach to social media understanding and adoption. He spoke about how he became knowledgeable about social media by actually creating his own social media accounts and using them. (A great tip for other legal and compliance professionals who are looking to better understand the technology.)

From the beginning, he approached social media as a business imperative; instead of being a roadblock, the legal and compliance team would be partners in making social successful at MassMutual.


Mobile and social media have always gone hand-in-hand, but this year the mobile conversation was front and center. There was some mention of mobile strategy in almost every presentation.

Randi Zuckerberg, for example, discussed a number of mobile trends. “People want to get everything within one click on their phone,” she said, sharing examples of mobile consumer applications such as Uber and asking, “so how do you give your clients what they need?” A few of the mobile applications from insurance companies that she shared were The Liberty Mutual Home GalleryProgressive Art app, and MetLife Infinity.

There seems to be general consensus that the way people digest information has changed, and therefore firms and relationship managers need to connect with customers, employees, and investors through mobile channels. In their “Social E-Motion” session, Aaron Brickman, Adam Sherman, and Louis Cardello (senior associates at New York Life), shared the statistic that cold calls are ineffective 97% of the time, highlighting the need for other ways to connect with customers and prospects.

Integrated campaigns

As the industry’s use of social media matures, it is only natural that financial services organizations become more sophisticated with their social business programs. Particularly apparent at this year’s LIMRA conference was the number of success stories concerning fully integrated campaigns across other digital channels,  in-person activities, and mobile.
In his session “Plan for the Moment – Twitter and Financial Services Partner,” Dan Greenberg (Senior Account Manager, Twitter, @dangb) shared some impressive examples of integration with Twitter marketing programs, live events and TV broadcasts. Dan highlighted a successful campaign that New York Life ran encouraging customers to share stories.

Dan also shared a variety of examples of Twitter tools available to help bridge Twitter engagement with other marketing programs, such as “Click-to-Call” on mobile and Twitter Cards.

The core day of the LIMRA event concluded with the “Silver Bowl Awards” hosted by Michael Lock (President & COO, Hearsay Social, @michaelhlock) and James Kerley (Chief Member Officer, LIMRA/LOMA). With this second-annual installation of these awards, the conference attendees had a chance to look back at each other’s successes over the past year and learn from some truly creative campaigns.

Can’t wait to see how you all continue to innovate over the coming year!

Social business at LIMRA #LLSMC: AXA Advisors, MassMutual, and Hearsay Social to share success stories

Hearsay Social CEO Clara Shih and Jim Kerley (President of LL Global Services and Chief Membership Officer, LIMRA, LOMA and LL Global), at LLSMC last year. Photo courtesy of Corina Roy (@CorinaRoy)

Next week the Hearsay Social team is excited to be converging on Boston for the 2014 Social Media Conference for Financial Services hosted by LIMRA, a worldwide research, consulting, and professional development organization representing hundreds of insurance and financial services companies around the world.
As LIMRA’s Elite Strategic Partner, we look forward to connecting with business leaders and sharing the stage with sales and marketing executives like Kathleen Mayko (Director, Brand Marketing, Life Company Marketing, MassMutual) and Nicole Pesce (Director, Head of Digital – AXA Advisors) to discuss how today’s producers can use social media to build relationships, amplify their brand, and grow sales.
See below for a summary of all the conference activities where you can find Hearsay Social.

SMedia Banner


Winning as a Team @ MassMutual: Social Media Program Best Practices

WHEN: 10:30 to 11:30 am on Thursday, August 21
WHO: Kathleen Mayko (Director, Brand Marketing, Life Company Marketing, MassMutual), Doug Morrin (Assistant Vice President & Counsel, Law Department, MassMutual), Corina Roy (Assistant Vice President, Field Digital, Life Company Marketing, MassMutual), and Victor Gaxiola (Customer Advocacy Manager, Hearsay Social) as moderator.
WHAT: Successful social media programs require cross-functional coordination and efforts within your company. But this is easier said than done. How do you coordinate a social media program with key areas? How do you ensure various stakeholders and managing teams are on the same page? Join a panel of social media program stakeholders from MassMutual representing Corporate Marketing, Field Digital Marketing and Legal, and hear their perspectives and learnings on what it takes to work together to drive success on social.


Successful Social Media for Advisors: A Fireside Chat with Nicole Pesce, AXA Advisors

WHEN: 4:00 to 4:45 pm on Thursday, August 21
WHO: Nicole Pesce (Director, Head of Digital – AXA Advisors) and Michael Lock (President & COO, Hearsay Social)
WHAT: In an industry built on relationships and trust, to maximize the value of social media, financial services firms must have a strong corporate presence on social, as well as a strong advisor presence on social across all the local communities and clients it serves. Join Michael Lock and Nicole Pesce to hear how AXA developed its social media program for its advisors, how it is driving higher adoption and advisor productivity on social, and where it’s headed next.


Hearsay Social is LIMRA’s Elite Strategic Partner and endorsed social media solution for member firms to learn about and be successful on social media.

2nd Annual Silver Bowl Awards

WHEN: 5:15 to 6:00 pm on Thursday, August 21
WHO: Hosted by James W. Kerley, LLIF (President of LL Global Services and Chief Membership Officer, LIMRA, LOMA and LL Global) and Michael Lock (President & COO, Hearsay Social)
WHAT: Do you want to know what great social media looks like in financial services? The #SilverBowlAwards are here to answer the question on everyone’s minds. Join us for an hour of fun and learning as the winner of the #SilverBowlAwards are announced. Categories include Best Use of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Best Use of Social Media by an Advisor, and Social Good.
We look forward to seeing you at each of these sessions, at the Hearsay Social booth, and online at #LLSMC!

Proud to be powering agents at American National on social media

hearsay social american national bwToday we’re excited to announce the launch of a social business program for over 1300 of American National’s Multiple Line insurance agents powered by Hearsay Social.
One of the most highly regarded insurance agencies in the U.S., American National has recognized the increasing value of social media as a way for financial professionals to connect with clients and prospects. Proving its commitment to service, the company has selected Hearsay Social to empower its multiple line agents on social business.
Scott Campbell, American National Senior VP and CMO – Multiple Line, commented on the new partnership:

“As social media becomes an integral part of how insurance agents do business, we wanted to help our agents leverage the many opportunities available. Through Hearsay Social, our agents will be able to more easily connect with current and prospective clients over social media, deepen relationships and ultimately grow business.”

Many agents at American National have already seen positive results by connecting with clients across Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter, including Brett A. Calder, a multiple lines general agent for American National:

“I am quite impressed with Hearsay Social. In no time at all, my team is able to schedule content campaigns in advance, making our social media presence relevant and current. This will be a very valuable tool for my business.”

Sarah Loy is another American National agent that has already established her professional presence on social media through Hearsay Social:




We’re proud to be working with American National, a true leader in the insurance industry by providing this opportunity for agents to connect with clients and grow business through Hearsay Social!

Over 9 in 10 life insurance companies have adopted social business

In 2013, LIMRA selected Hearsay Social as its Elite Strategic Partner.
In 2013, LIMRA selected Hearsay Social as its Elite Strategic Partner.

LIMRA, the world’s largest association of life insurance and financial services companies, published new survey data this week revealing that 93% of life insurance companies had social media programs in place last year. That’s up 55% from the 60% of companies that were managing social media in 2010.
Additionally, 7 in 10 survey respondents reported that their programs support financial professionals’ use of social media, with more planning to launch such programs this year.
As provider of the leading social business platform for the financial services industry and LIMRA’s Elite Strategic Partner, Hearsay Social is delighted to see such impressive figures. Over the past few years, we’ve worked closely with our customers to elevate the social media conversation from social compliance to social business. Compliance was still cited by the top challenge among 68% of LIMRA’s survey respondents, but that figure has dropped considerably from the 90% that said it was the biggest concern in 2010.
Resulting from our work with customers and partners, social media is today seen less as a liability and more as a real revenue driver, hence why the majority of life insurance companies now support their producers’ use of social media.
Drilling down into companies’ use of social media, LIMRA also found that LinkedIn and Facebook are the most widely used social media platforms, as evidenced in the chart below. Twitter and YouTube are also fairly popular, with usage across more than three-fourths of life insurance companies. Other social networks have seen substantial growth as well.


LIMRA members are welcome to see more of the survey data in the full report, Where Are We Now? Leveraging Social Media With the Public (2014). And with LIMRA’s 2014 Social Media Conference for Financial Services taking place in Boston next month, Hearsay Social is looking forward to discussing these findings and other social business trends at the conference.

Powering social business success for Woodmen of the World

woodmen of the world and hearsay socialToday we’re proud to announce that Hearsay Social has partnered with Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society, one of the most trusted financial services providers in the industry, to power their industry-leading social business program.

Already, Woodmen of the World has over 200 field representatives using Hearsay Social to compliantly build relationships with clients, prospective clients, and recruits on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Over the next few months, more representatives will join the platform, expanding Woodmen of the World’s innovative participation on social media.

Cris Hay-Merchant, Director of Marketing Communications at Woodmen of the World, commented on the new partnership:

“As an organization, we are focused on building lasting relationships with our members, and in this era, social media is a natural channel for our representatives to connect with them. The Hearsay Social platform makes it easy for representatives to stay top of mind and strengthen relationships while staying in compliance with our company policies.”

Hear more about our work with Cris and her organization in this video:

Social business success stories

From corporate marketing departments to sales and distribution teams to individual representatives, connecting on social media through Hearsay Social is creating real, positive business impact for Woodmen of the World.
Earlier this year we were privileged to be invited to speak at Woodmen of the World’s area and state manager conference in Omaha, Nebraska. By working closely with the organization, our customer success team is able to provide more than just technology: from training to the first social business success stories, our relationship with Woodmen of the World is a true partnership.

Thomas Westhoff (Director, Western Region Strategic Accounts, Hearsay Social) presenting on the power of social business at Woodmen of the World’s area and state manager conference in Omaha, Nebraska.

One representative, C.T. Shaw, generated new business from reconnecting with an old acquaintance through a Facebook post: “Social media is an easy way to stay in front of people. Everybody’s busy with soccer and kids and work. Social media is an easy way to reach them and stay top of mind,” Shaw said.

Sharing content provided by Woodmen of the World helps representatives stay top of mind with their clients and reach out at just the right time. Jim Shull, a registered representative in Kentucky, saves time and stays top of mind with his clients by using approved content provided through the Hearsay Social platform:

“Hearsay Social makes it easy for me to follow what’s going on in people’s lives. It’s made my life so much easier,” Shull said. “Before, I had to deal with individual posts, now I can plug in posts for a month.”

Here are more examples of Woodmen of the World representatives growing their presence on social media:

Woodmen agent 1 Woodmen agent 2

It is inspiring to see early success on social media from these representatives and we look forward to helping Woodmen of the World further grow their business with social media.

Learn more about how Hearsay Social helps its customers in the financial services industry grow business on social media:

Partnering with Penn Mutual to bring social business success to producers

Penn Mutual plus HSThis morning we’re pleased to announce a new partnership with The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company, a company that has been serving its customers with life insurance products for over 150 years.
Penn Mutual has recognized that social media is becoming an increasingly crucial channel for financial professionals to connect with their current and prospective clients. Using Hearsay Social, producers at Penn Mutual will now be able to compliantly use LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to build stronger relationships with their clients. With this new partnership, an initial wave of 500 Penn Mutual producers will be using Hearsay Social to expand their social presence and grow business.
Robert Bonsall, Assistant Vice President of Interactive Marketing at Penn Mutual, commented on the new partnership:

“Penn Mutual is continually searching for ways to meet the evolving needs of our financial professionals and help them adapt to changes in the way clients want to communicate and conduct business. Social media is a natural channel for financial professionals to connect with their clients. We selected Hearsay Social to make it possible for producers to grow business on social media while staying compliant and consistent with our brand.”

Though the program only recently launched, many producers are already seeing success on social media. Greg Stoumbelis, a Retirement Planning Specialist at The Heartland Group, makes social business a part of his practice and communicates frequently on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
“My social media posts on LinkedIn and Twitter are a way to remind people who I am and keep building credibility in my networks,” said Greg.
Here are a couple of his pages:

Gregory Stoumbelis - Facebook Gregory Stoumbelis - LinkedIn

‌Similarly, Gretta Zutz at Empire Wealth Strategies has also seen some early success leveraging Hearsay Social for her business: “I love the Hearsay Social mobile site,” said Gretta.
Here are a couple of her pages:

Gretta Zutz - LinkedInGretta Zutz - Twitter

To learn more about today’s announcement and Hearsay Social’s partnerships in financial services, read on: