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10 Social Media Posts to Share During Life Insurance Awareness Month

LIAM2015September is a great time to promote the benefits of life insurance. Why? Because it’s Life Insurance Awareness Month (#LIAM2015)! Get clients to re-evaluate their policies by using social media to share resources and content about the importance of having adequate life insurance that best fits their current life situations.
Social media also is a great channel to educate prospects – especially if they’re part of the 40% of consumers who don’t have life insurance at all – on why they need coverage to secure their loved ones’ financial well-being, and how it’s not as costly as they might think.
To that end, we’ve put together the following pre-written social media posts that you can simply cut-and-paste and share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social network of your choice. They all include the hashtag #LIAM2015 to help increase the visibility of your posts. You can schedule these to publish throughout the month, to keep the topic fresh in the minds of consumers. (Be sure to get compliance approval before using and/or customizing this content.) 
1) Study shows Americans have less insurance since the recession, leaving families vulnerable #LIAM2015
2) 8 in 10 Americans overestimate the cost of life insurance. What’s the true price tag? #LIAM2015
3) Do you have the right coverage? Calculate how much your family will need in case the unexpected happens #LIAM2015
4) Check out ‘Blackish’ star Anthony Anderson’s personal story about the importance of life insurance #LIAM2015
5) 7 smart moves for new (and experienced) families to secure their financial future #LIAM2015
6) Over 40% of Americans are not covered by some form of life insurance; are you one of them? More stats here #LIAM2015
7) Learn what health conditions life insurers look for when determining rates #LIAM2015
8) If any of these events happened in your life recently, you should re-evaluate your insurance needs #LIAM2015
9) Did you know life insurance could do these 5 things? #LIAM2015
10) Quitting smoking can lead to significant savings on life insurance #LIAM2015
Below are additional suggestions:
Send a client who just had a baby this great reminder flyer that they need to protect their loved ones. Click here.
Post this great graphic quote of actor, comedian and LIAM spokesperson Anthony Anderson with his passionate message about life insurance on Facebook or LinkedIn. Add a heartfelt line about why you’re sharing. It’s a low-key way to let people know what you do for a living. Click here.
Also, be sure to check out our partners Life Happens and LIMRA’s website for more resources, including statistics, graphics, calculators and more to help educate consumers about life insurance and their individual needs.
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