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You bought the software. Now what?


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Have you ever bought a new pair of headphones and spent the next week trying to get into the packaging? Scissors couldn’t cut the plastic, you hurt your teeth trying to gnaw through it, and when you finally resorted to the chainsaw, you cut right through the cord. But boy did those headphones look good on the shelf!
Deploying software can be even worse. The story might sound good, but what’s it going to take to provide the platform to thousands of users across your distributed organization? What if your company doesn’t know anything about social media? What if Facebook is blocked at your organization? The good news is that it’s not going to take scissors or a chainsaw, but you’ll need a little help. At Hearsay Social we have experience empowering some of the largest distributed organizations in the world with a focus on speed and accuracy.
Whether it’s going from 20 pilot users to 2,000 active users in five days for one organization or onboarding 6,000 users in two months, 2,000 of which are new to social media, we have a plan. We know enterprise deployments can be tricky, and every organization is unique. That’s why we’ve put together a Customer Success Team entirely dedicated to ensuring just that – customer success. Our team has had astounding success leading the largest global/local deployments for social media management software, and we keep it simple by focusing on three things – scalable software, communication, and training.
Scalable software – Maybe you’re testing a social media platform with 100 users at your organization but you’re concerned about what happens when you open the floodgates. Will the system scale? Hearsay Social has been built from the ground up for large distributed organizations; we’re thrilled to have well over 10,000 users pounding on our system every day. We’ve analyzed every step in our sign-up process to eliminate friction, and today it takes users an average of one minute to be fully signed up, compliant, and engaged with your organization’s social strategy. Our API-based approach means your users are free to get social on any web-enabled device while staying compliant.
Communication – In the weeks leading up to a Hearsay Social launch, your Customer Success Manager (CSM) will walk you through two important documents – our Social Media Policy & Plan Mobilizer as well as Steps to a Successful Hearsay Social Deployment. Key to a successful deployment is a thorough communication strategy and your CSM will work closely with you to ensure that all key stakeholders are properly educated and aware of what’s coming. Some organizations choose to do a staggered rollout while others like to make the platform available to all users at once. That’s why each account has a CSM – to establish the proper strategy for each specific organization.
Training – We’ve built our solution to be drop-dead simple, but we know training is still a huge part of the equation. Each organization we work with receives customized training specific to the needs and ability levels of their users. Training always begins by educating the corporate administrators so your team is knowledgeable about the user experience for both administrators and local users. From there, custom on-demand videos and training materials are made available 24/7 and live webinars are planned for your organization. Webinars are customized based on the skill level of your users and always recorded for use after the live session. In addition to a CSM, your organization has full access to our Customer Care Representatives prepared to field your questions. At Hearsay Social, strategy, training, and support come standard with your software purchase and we’re with you every step of the way. Our success depends on your success and we know we’ll get there through a close partnership.
Social media is changing the way individuals communicate, purchase goods, and live their lives. At Hearsay Social, we’ve built our social media management platform to empower and educate your organization quickly so you can get into the game. Our case studies speak for themselves – choosing your social media management platform is the first step – but what’s it going to take to get from 100 to 1,000 to 10,000 users?

Hearsay Social scales to thousands of agents at State Farm Insurance

Mashable’s Anthony O’Donnell spoke with State Farm’s Janet Shoemaker and Kelly Thul about the insurance company’s social media strategy – and specifically its use of Hearsay Social. As the insurance industry is regulated by state insurance commissioners, agents face compliance challenges. The 3,400 State Farm agents using Hearsay Social’s platform (now up to over 6,700) receive localized content to post to their pages from the corporate office, can manage fan relationships, and have a consolidated view of their Facebook and Twitter accounts – all while remaining compliant.
Thanks for kind words, Janet and Kelly!
The full article can be found here.

Announcing Hearsay Social: Making social media work for your company

(FYI, this is an incredible video.)

There is no doubt: 2011 is the year of social media for business. Today we’re excited to unveil Hearsay Social to help companies operate securely, effectively, and intelligently on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Hearsay Social was built from the ground up for businesses with local branches or reps – what we are calling “corporate/local.” Just think about your insurance agent or financial advisor. Or your local coffee shop or fast food spot. Many are part of a corporate brand like State Farm or Starbucks, but what make them thrive are local customer relationships and experiences.




During the process of writing The Facebook Era (first published in March 2009) and subsequently after it became a bestseller and I began keynoting major conferences, we interviewed hundreds of brands and kept hearing the same concerns:

  • How do we get a handle on the large numbers of social network profiles and pages being created by our local branches and reps?
  • How do we encourage a unique and authentic voice on local pages, while also ensuring they adhere to brand guidelines
  • How do we bring local reps and agents into compliance with federal regulations and protect them from legal liability? For example, financial institutions are required to archive conversations, or risk heavy fines. Yet social media conversations go un-archived.

The vast numbers of corporate/local companies share a unique set of challenges when it comes to social media. How do you balance the need for brand alignment and compliance with the tremendous opportunity for local customer engagement? We designed Hearsay Social specifically to help corporate/local companies create, manage, and measure social media efforts down to the zip code. Corporate management can, for example, distribute marketing campaigns and compelling content to the field, which local reps can then select, customize and one-click post to local audiences on Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter.

We live in an exciting time. Social media is on fire, with four out of five businesses saying it is a top priority in 2011. Marquee brands including State Farm, Farmers Insurance Group, and 24 Hour Fitness have already been using Hearsay Social with tremendous early success (check out our case studies). Like the Internet 15 years ago, social media is disrupting how companies interact with and relate to their customers. We all know new customer paradigms require new solutions. This is why we started Hearsay.

I’m looking forward to seeing how far your business can go with social media in 2011!