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Square and Twitter executives join Hearsay Social for a fireside chat

Hearsay Social CEO Clara Shih interviewing Keith Rabois, COO at Square, and Jack Dorsey, CEO at Square and creator of Twitter

In the spirit of open collaborative culture between Silicon Valley companies, we were honored to be joined today by Square executives Jack Dorsey and Keith Rabois, CEO and COO respectively, here at Hearsay Social headquarters in San Francisco.
As the head of mobile payments company Square and creator of Twitter, Jack shared with the company many lessons he’s learned about founding and growing two of the hottest tech companies of the past half-decade.
One powerful point he made was that you don’t have to be a founder to be an entrepreneur. “We only hire entrepreneurs,” noted Jack of his 400+ team at Square. He also pointed out that he believes the company has “multiple founding moments,” each completely altering the trajectory of the company forever. This really resonated with the team here at Hearsay Social, where we each consider ourselves entrepreneurs with the power to affect the entire organization.
Keith, who had previously led teams at PayPal, LinkedIn, and Slide, likewise shared wisdom from his decade-plus experience in the Valley. Similar to Jack’s points above, Keith spoke to how much the people are the company:
“Culture is like cement,” he said. Like liquid cement, it’s easy to influence a culture in the early stages when you’re still hiring your first few employees and creating a work environment. Eventually the cement hardens, however, and changing culture requires a jackhammer.
The entire company was so excited to have Jack and Keith in the office, and we’d be sure to welcome them back anytime!