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#HSonAir Podcast: Employee Spotlight Series- Anita Moorthy (EMEA Marketing)

anitaIn Episode 70 we continue our Employee Spotlight Series with an interview of Anita Moorthy (@anitamirchi), Head of EMEA Marketing at Hearsay Social in our London office. In our interview, Anita shares what the similarities and differences in social and digital adoption in Europe, and how this affects the way we market and position our products overseas.  Anita also shares a special video interview with Barbara Baglan of AXA France on how she is leveraging social media to connect with clients and prospects.
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For wealth managers in Asia-Pacific, digital, mobile, and social will be crucial to meeting client expectations

The same trends driving rapid adoption of mobile and social technologies in North America and Europe are not only playing a role in Asia-Pacific as well, but they’re actually even more impactful there.
Asia-Pacific Wealth Report 2014
For example, 82% of high net worth individuals (HNWIs) in Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan) expect most or all of their wealth management relationship to be conducted through digital channels in five years, in contrast to 61% of HNWIs in the rest of the world, according to the Asia-Pacific Wealth Report 2014 recently released by Capgemini and RBC Wealth Management. Not only that, but the study found that Asia-Pacific HNWIs across all ages and wealth levels will increasingly demand mobile and social technologies for interacting with wealth managers.
According to Jean Lassignardie (Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Capgemini Global Financial Services, @jlassig):

“The risk of not getting digital right is high for wealth management firms in Asia-Pacific, as its high net worth individuals are distinguishing themselves as more digitally-minded than their peers in the rest of the world. Asia-Pacific wealth management firms will need to offer a deep, multi-channel experience that takes into account regional variations in order to meet these high expectations.”

Of course, social media is especially crucial to the younger generation. Over half of Asia-Pacific HNWIs under the age of 40 indicate social media as an important channel for their wealth management relationship. The Asia-Pacific wealth manager should share that perspective, especially since Asia-Pacific HNWIs are already openly sharing information about themselves on social networks, which will be a useful resource for the digital-savvy financial professional.
To further explore Asia-Pacific’s wealth management climate and how the digital movement will play a part, download the free 52-page Asia-Pacific Wealth Report 2014.

Zurich Insurance Group collaborates with Hearsay Social in Germany, Austria, Spain, and more

zurich-logo1Today we’re proud to announce that Hearsay Social has collaborated with Zurich Insurance Group, a leading multi-line insurer that serves its customers in global and local markets, to empower their agents across Europe on social media.

(Read the news in French / Français or German / Deutsch.)

178 million people in Western Europe, or 2/3 of all Internet users, will be regularly participating on social networks by the end of 2014, according to data from eMarketer. It’s clear that social media is increasingly becoming a crucial way for insurance agents to connect with customers.

According to Monika Schulze, Global Head of Brand Marketing of Zurich Insurance Group:

“Today and over the next several years, digital technologies will become an increasingly important driving force for our thousands of agents around the world. Our global relationship with Hearsay Social allows us to empower our agents to excel on social networks and connect with customers.”

Using Hearsay Social, Zurich agents can now compliantly share content and build relationships with current and prospective clients across the social networks. After kicking off its social media project in Germany, Zurich is now rolling out Hearsay Social to multiple countries, including Austria, Spain, and others.
Michael Holzapfel, Digital Strategist at Zurich Germany, explains:

“We are proud of the successes we have seen working with Hearsay Social in Germany, which we have now expanded to other countries in Europe. Through the social business program so far, we have been able to drive marketing.”

We’re very excited to help develop the social media program at Zurich Insurance Group, and we look forward to empowering Zurich’s insurance agents to reach even greater successes as they expand the program across Europe!

On the road with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Efma across Europe

As Hearsay Social expands its international presence, we’re pleased to have spent the last couple weeks on the road with our partners LinkedIn, Facebook, and Efma across Europe.

At the LinkedIn Finance Event in London, Chris Andrew (Managing Director, UK and Europe, Hearsay Social) spoke on compliance best practices. He later joined the first European Facebook PMD (Preferred Marketing Developer) Summit held in Dublin and also participated on a panel with Lee Jay Burningham (Head of Financial Services, UK & EMEA, Facebook) at the Financial Services Social Media event in London. Peter Caryotis (Sales Director, Europe, Hearsay Social) also spoke at Efma’s Banking on Innovation event in Barcelona.

At the LinkedIn event, Forrest Baker (Head of Global Insights, LinkedIn), Christina Jenkins (Head of Insights, LinkedIn), and Laura Collins (Research Consultant, LinkedIn) presented on content and industry trends across the international financial services community. Some highlights from the event include new data on social media usage by high-net-worth individuals (HNWI):

  • 70% of HNW individuals in the UK use social media and this number is 99% in Hong Kong & Singapore.

  • In the UK, 71% of these HNW individuals access LinkedIn multiple times per week.

HNW individuals spend their time on social networks connecting, researching and reading up on business and financial information, following influencers and brands, and creating content of their own. Some other key findings:

  • 48% of these individuals have started gathering their own information on products and services, and they often use this information to complement the advisory services they seek out from financial firms.

  • 30% of HNW individuals have actively recommended or made a referral via social media.

Chris later took the stage to share a number of industry specific tips on compliance best practices, a few of which were highlighted by attendees on Twitter. He especially focused on the four steps to social business success: get found, build your network, “hear” or listen for key events, and “say” or build an engaged audience with quality content.

For a list of our upcoming global events please visit our website.  We hope to see you soon!

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AXA and Hearsay Social share international plans at LeWeb

As we wrote in our last blog post recapping the LeWeb conference in Paris, the next 10 years of social business will be bigger, smarter, more mobile, and–according to both Hearsay Social and AXA, a global leader in financial services–more international.

In an interview with LeWeb founder Loic Le Meur (@loic), who asked about our recent $30 million round of funding, Hearsay Social CEO Clara Shih (@clarashih) explained that growing outside North America is a majority priority for the next few years: “Hearsay Social has very big ambitions and a significant focus for us is around international expansion,” Clara shared with the audience.

This global theme was echoed by AXA’s Chief Marketing & Distribution Officer Frédéric Tardy, who announced a global partnership with Hearsay Social while on stage at LeWeb:

“For distribution we have a lot of agents and advisors at a global level. We signed an agreement with Hearsay Social that allows advisors to use social networks in an authentic way. Through social we have seen significantly more business in the U.S.–my goal is to contribute to transform the company globally.”

Frédéric’s global vision focused on a number of key areas, from joining the new digital frontier to renewing old-fashioned business sense:

“The future belongs to traditional companies that know how to transition to digital. The key point for us at AXA is trust. Trust is the new currency. Over the next ten years we will be successful if we use our traditional expertise, continue to build the trust of our customers, and embrace the new opportunity with digital.”

If you missed Fred’s conversation with Marion Moreau (Editor in Chief, FrenchWeb) at LeWeb, watch below:

What Facebook Global Pages mean for marketers

Facebook recently announced a new Global Pages structure, enabling brands who are present in multiple markets to adapt their branding and messaging to the needs of local markets.

Depending on the country they’re logging in from, a Facebook user who connects to (for example) will see a localized version of the page with different cover photos, profile photos, apps, milestones, “About” information, and News Feed stories shown in the local language.
This is of interest because it allows the creation of content and messaging better aligned to the local market conditions, eliminating the need for corporate marketing departments to maintain multiple and disconnected Facebook Pages. Furthermore, it takes away some of the pains of having to manage and coordinate local pages by centralizing these in a hub and spoke model, with the added benefit of being able to track overall performance in a Global Insights dashboard. This new structure is currently only available to companies who have a direct relationship with Facebook such as Unilever, Holiday Inn, and Nestlé.
Moreover, today’s news validates the approach Hearsay Social has long advocated: there is a tremendous opportunity to establish trust and generate loyalty by facilitating proximity between a brand and its customers. We do, however, take it one giant leap further by enabling field agents and those that are in direct contact with their customers to strengthen their role of trusted adviser. Contact through social media interaction serves to strengthen this relationship even more because these trusted advisers can pick up on signals that someone at the country or corporate level would find difficult to manage.
Overall, this is a positive move for international companies as it reinforces corporate branding in the local market whilst reducing the risk of dispersing marketing efforts. Hearsay Social complements this approach with its “corporate-to-local model” and further activates the person-to-person relationships that are the ultimate proximity lever for establishing brand equity with your customers.

Ed. note: Register now for our 11/13 webinar to learn even more about the power of going local from Hearsay Social’s Head of Data & Analytics, Greg Kroleski: