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Social spotlight: LinkedIn's Jonathan Lister at Hearsay Social Innovation Summit

This afternoon marked the inaugural Innovation Summit hosted by Hearsay Social at our San Francisco headquarters. This afternoon event brings together experts across fields to explore the rapidly changing technology landscape available to financial institutions. With the growing availability of social sales productivity tools, financial organizations must continue to innovate.

Closing the day out, Jonathan Lister, VP of Marketing Solutions at LinkedIn, joined the conversation with insights around how financial firms can use LinkedIn to market and promote their brands. In true social visionary form, Lister believes that business transformation involves empowering a brand’s employees.
“Individuals are now marketers. All employees are now marketers,” he reiterated. “When we consider every individual a marketer, it’s highly transformative, but it requires us to be thoughtful about transforming the individual first. That’s innovation.”
Recent LinkedIn research has determined that 73% of high net worth investors use LinkedIn to find recommendations, and ultra affluent individuals are 150% more likely to trust articles shared on LinkedIn.