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#HSonAir Employee Spotlight Series: Amanda Atwood (Recruiting)

amandaatwoodIn episode 24 we interview Amanda Atwood, Recruiter at Hearsay Social. In our discussion we explore the challenge of finding talent in this competitive market and what sets Hearsay Social apart from other companies in San Francisco. We also talk about our internship program, university recruitment, and the recent video produced by her team showing a year in the life of a new employee. To find out more about job opportunities at Hearsay Social, visit our careers page online.
Join @VictorGaxiola and @ronnykerr in the conversation on Twitter using hashtag #HSonAir.

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#HSonAir Employee Spotlight Series: Interview with Meagan Herfkens Hency of Hearsay Social

meagan herfkens hencyIn lucky episode 13 of Hearsay Social On the Air we continue our employee spotlight series by introducing Meagan Herfkens Hency (Director of Product Marketing, @mherf) to discuss how we position Hearsay Social products and services in the market to connect with new customers and to enrich the relationships with our existing clients.
We also discuss our participation in industry events with a review of the SIFMA Social Conference in New York City. Listen to the podcast below and don’t forget to join @VictorGaxiola and @ronnykerr on Twitter to be a part of the conversation using hashtag #HSonAir!
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A year in the life at Hearsay Social

At Hearsay Social, we recognize that our successes stem from the company’s energetic focus, collective approach and collaboration with our customers–and that’s how it will always be. We work hard, fast, close (often literally – despite our spacious floor plan) and, of course, we remember to play hard as well. Openly communicating and working closely is something that sets us apart from other companies, and we like it that way.
If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to apply to Hearsay Social, interview for a position, get the job, and work here for a year, check out this new video we just created!

And remember, we’re hiring!

A note from Abhay Rajaram, VP of Customer Success at Hearsay Social

AbhayRajaramHello world!
It’s already been a quarter since I started my gig at Hearsay Social–time sure does fly when you’re having fun! I’d love to introduce myself as well as give you a sneak peek into some exciting initiatives that we’re kicking off on the Customer Success team.

Journey to customer success

My journey into the world of customer success is quite the adventure story. Growing up in India, I experienced computer programming for the first time in 5th grade: a “Hello World” program I wrote in BASIC. I was hooked!
I pursued this passion with a degree in computer science and a job as a software engineer in the early days of the technology wave in Bangalore. A few years later, I found myself more and more intrigued by the business dynamics of Silicon Valley, and I knew that nothing invigorated me more than being in front of customers, prospects, and thought leaders.
My next challenge came when I transitioned into product management. I credit IronPort (acquired by Cisco in 2008) for empowering product managers like myself to truly be “CEOs of their products,” for that was one of the best learning experiences of my career. Then came YouSendIt (renamed Hightail in 2013), which is where my customer success story began. I spent every moment at YouSendIt helping build and grow our enterprise business–building the product, marketing and selling it, and then enjoying the early successes with big brands like Coca Cola, Nike, JWT, Clorox, and many others.
But I quickly realized that the initial sale is just a beginning in the world of SaaS. And so customer success was born.
I’ve thought long and hard about what I wanted to do after the incredible results my customer success team delivered at YouSendIt. I love running a business and see myself doing just that in the future. Traditionally, business leaders have risen through the product ranks or led successful sales teams. The rise of B2B SaaS, however, has forced us to rethink everything. And customer success, while still in its infancy as a discipline, is in many ways the center of it all. When executed well, customer success can (and will) be one of the most strategic arms of a SaaS company. Suffice it to say, I believe that the next wave of business leaders will have more than its fair share of customer success executives.
Hearsay Social superhero

Customer success at Hearsay Social

I’m honored and excited to be a part of the Hearsay Social team. If you’re in the job market, you likely have a little checklist that represents your ideal opportunity. I did too, and I must say: Hearsay Social didn’t just meet the criteria, the company blew me away!
Here’s why:
It all starts with the team. That’s what defines the culture, the leadership, our core values, and a sense of happiness. Next, the business opportunity needs to pass the back-of-the-envelope sniff test, which Hearsay Social did easily. Third, I wanted to be at a company where I could “be a multiplier” and help take the business to where we are confident it will be. We have an incredibly strong foundation and we’re ready to take customer success to the next level. Fourth on my list was a personal mission: to learn something new every day. I may not yet be an expert in social media or financial services, but the company has made a bet on me, and I intend to repay this trust with everything that I have. This speaks volumes about our culture too: we back our people to scale new heights, even if it’s a new mountain we’re asking them to climb.
We have a good thing going in Customer Success at Hearsay Social. Across implementation services, customer success management, customer support, training, and education, we’ve established an exceptionally strong foundation thanks to some of the very best customer success professionals around (you know who you are!); and, as a result, we have developed methodologies and processes customized for the financial services market.
Most importantly, I have personally experienced the passion for Hearsay Social directly from customers. You simply cannot fake that or make it up. This foundation gives us an opportunity to take customer success to the next level. Digging deeper on customer engagement, enabling users to progress along a customer maturity scale, creating customized education paths, partnering with CXOs on the their digital strategies, delivering value-based ROI analyses, partnering internally to drive our product and company vision–the list goes on, and I can’t wait for us to start digging in.
It’s a great time to be at Hearsay Social and I’m delighted to be a small part of something special. (And yes, we’re hiring – check out our careers page.)
Until next time!