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Unveiling the next generation of social sales

Businesses have said time and again that social media only matters to them if it can drive sales. Recognizing this, and coinciding with LinkedIn’s ten-year anniversary this week, we at Hearsay Social are excited today to unveil the next generation of our innovative social sales platform.

With new capabilities launching today, our customers can move beyond yesterday’s sales tactics and successfully adapt to the era of social selling. More than ever before, Hearsay Social is dedicating itself to social selling success across regulated enterprises.
Developed specifically with sales representatives in mind, new features launching today include alerts for important events, activity feeds, improved calendaring, and a robust mobile experience. Using Hearsay Social, sales reps won’t miss a thing on the social networks. Further, these new capabilities will empower each sales rep to attract prospects, retain customers, and grow their business.
In addition to upgrading our sales solution, today we also launched the Hearsay Social Brand Solution, extending the valuable Hearsay Social capabilities that marketers are familiar with, to now support complex marketing team workflows and high-volume social media interaction. Brand marketing teams can even more effectively plan, publish, and measure messages across all social channels using the same enterprise platform already deployed across their field and compliance teams.
Everything you love about Hearsay Social is staying the same: we’re focused on sales, we’re enterprise ready, and we’re committed to our customers’ success on social media.

To learn more about today’s exciting news, see the press release or our coverage on Bloomberg.
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