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Announcing the "Rethinking Email" eBook: 4 Ways to Deepen Relationships and Grow Business

rethinking-emailIn a world where consumers are bombarded with marketing messages at every turn, personalization is key when communicating with customers via email. Even amid the rise of digital marketing technologies, email remains the go-to channel for marketers – and the most effective.
The numbers don’t lie: 72% of consumers prefer email as their primary channel to communicate with companies, and 61% say they’re willing to trade personal data for personalization. Additionally, personal emails generate up to six times higher revenue per email than non-personalized emails, making email personalization one of the most effective digital marketing strategies today.

What the eBook Is About

In our latest ebook, Rethinking Email: 4 Ways to Deepen Relationships and Drive Revenue Through Personalized Client Communication, we outline four ways successful marketers can deepen relationships and drive revenue through personalized client communication. Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll learn:
Be More Client-Centric
Clients expect their advisors to truly know their unique preferences, interests, and problems they face. Marketers can help advisors better understand their clients’ needs by segmenting their customers as well as building customer personas–such as grouping customers together using a mix of attributes and actions they take.
Invest in Technology To Enable Advisors
Advisors who own the client relationships have a wealth of information to authentically personalize email communications, but they generally don’t have the time or resources to create personalized email campaigns for each individual client. Marketers can enable their advisors to send personalized communications by investing in a next-generation technology solution that pairs the efficiency of email automation with the open rates of personal messages.
Create Messages That are Truly Personal
Marketers must also rethink the way they create messages. To move past the noise of email clutter, it’s important to deliver targeted email messages that are truly personal. Personalization is more than simply fitting the content to the recipient—your recipient wants to know they are receiving email from an actual person—so be sure to create content that sounds like it’s coming from a human being.
Track and Monitor Email Effectiveness
As a best practice, it’s important to track and measure the effectiveness of your email programs. This starts with knowing the goal of your email program. For example, it is to grow your subscriber base? Generate more leads? To convert more leads into customers? Knowing the goal (and there can be more than one) will help you figure out which metrics you’ll need to track in order to determine how you’re progressing toward that goal.

Get the eBook

Download Rethinking Email: 4 Ways to Deepen Relationships and Drive Revenue Through Personalized Client Communication to learn how to implement a relationship-building email strategy that works in the age of inbox overload.

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Announcing the Predictive Omnichannel Suite in Europe

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 6.05.58 AMWe’re thrilled to announce our new email solution, Hearsay Mail™, and text messaging solution, Hearsay Messages™, in Europe! Our European customers will have access to the full Predictive Omnichannel Suite™ (#omnichanneladvisor), empowering their advisors and agents to build, deepen and grow relationships with their clients and prospects across multiple digital channels.
According to Forrester Research, European adults regularly research online and are comfortable with managing their financial and insurance matters across multiple digital properties. Additionally, as organizations in countries such as the UK (Financial Conduct Authority) and France (Autorité des marchés financiers) are paying increasing attention to the development of industry regulations, the need for a solution such as Hearsay Social to address both the new digital-first consumer and compliance in financial services is clear.
Whether on social media, a local advisor website, personalized email or text message, advisors can leverage the suite’s Predictive Content Library, which recommends pre-approved, compliant content – in their local language – based on client interests and interactions to share, making it easy for them to offer the personalized, omnichannel experience their customers and prospects demand.
At the firm level, corporate marketing teams gain deep insights on what content is resonating at the local level within these different channels, so they can optimize their content efforts. Compliance teams, too, benefit from a 360-degree view of advisor activity across social, Web, email and text from a single Universal Supervision dashboard, increasing efficiency and productivity.
Read the UK press release and French version for more details. We’re excited to continue helping shape the digital transformation of the financial services industry in Europe, and for the Predictive Omnichannel Suite to accelerate our growth abroad!
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