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What Google+ Local means for social marketers

In an effort to bring all social data under one roof, Google yesterday launched Google+ Local, a new tab that merges Google Places into the Google+ platform. We are thrilled to see our vision become a reality and feel that this presents a real opportunity for all of our customers promoting locations on Google+ Business Pages and through Google Places.

Consolidating the local experience on Google+ puts the user experience first, as it simplifies the process of finding information that may have previously been strewn across Google+, Google Maps, and Google Places. Integrating Places into Google+ ensures that the user can find trusted first- and third-party information about local businesses, in addition to highly relevant word of mouth recommendations from their circles. The result of this new social lens is not only heightened relevance, but it will also make these pages more engaging and shareable, ultimately driving more sales for local businesses.
In anticipation of Google+ Local, here’s how local businesses owners can get started:

  • claim your place page if you haven’t already
  • ask for recommendations from your customers
  • collect and post photos that tell a story and bring your brick and mortar business to life online

Integrating Places into Google+ Local puts the social experience of your location back into the hands of business owners, and fosters a true two-way relationship with customers and influential supporters.
As Google moves forward with this launch, Hearsay Social will continue offering the most robust platform for monitoring, publishing to, and tracking analytics for all social interactions across Google+, in addition to the other major social networks.
Feel free to ask any questions about Google+ Local in the comments.