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4 social media trends every real estate agent must know

Are you a real estate agent new to social media? Or maybe you’ve been on social media for a while and want to keep up with the industry trends. Here are a few real estate trends that will help you be social media savvy.

Mobile photos

As an agent, you’re always on the go—showing houses, meeting with clients, and searching for the hottest new listings. That’s why mobile is so important for real estate agents today. Mobile helps you share content, listings, articles, and tips over social networks while you’re on the move.
Here’s one great practice: As you arrive at your new home listing, snap a picture using Instagram and post it to your Facebook page so that your connections can see the latest houses on the market. You can also capture stories, share neighborhood information, and other tips while you’re driving through your local area. For the most mileage, post these ideas and pictures when they are relevant and recent instead of waiting until you get back to the office. In addition, Instragram allows you to turn these photos into a postcard that you can send to your clients or use in your marketing materials.
Don’t forget you can also share content and upload pictures to Hearsay Social from your mobile phone by logging in to Hearsay Social from your iPad, iPhone, Android, or other Web-connected device.


There are many types of communities online that you can join through LinkedIn GroupsGoogle+ Communities, and Yahoo! Groups. These services allow people to connect to communities who share common interests.

Try joining a community about real estate, creating a community about your local neighborhood, or joining a community that is involved in city event planning. All of these types of communities will help you connect with potential customers and convey you as a credible resource in the industry. Remember: don’t advertise through these communities. Simply answer questions and contribute to the conversation so that your new connections come to you for advice about real estate. Brand yourself as the go-to person.

Networking via Social Media

When you look at your News Feed on Facebook or your homepage on LinkedIn, do you ever look for new life events?
For example, when someone has a baby, gets married, or experiences other significant life moments, many people share that information over social media. The great thing for real estate agents is that it gives you a glimpse into the important things happening in your network so that you can reach out. Chances are high that a new baby, a new spouse, or an upcoming job move could mean the person has to look for a home. Track the feeds on your favorite social networks to find out what major life events are happening and congratulate your contacts so that they remember you’re there to help when they need to move.

Google+ Local

Do you have a physical real estate agency office? If so, the new Google+ Local feature would be great for you. It allows agents like yourself to list your physical office details and collect customer reviews. Since this is all housed within Google+, it allows clients and prospects to be able to find your physical location and listing on the Web through various services, like Google Maps and Google search. Try it out!

What Google+ Local means for social marketers

In an effort to bring all social data under one roof, Google yesterday launched Google+ Local, a new tab that merges Google Places into the Google+ platform. We are thrilled to see our vision become a reality and feel that this presents a real opportunity for all of our customers promoting locations on Google+ Business Pages and through Google Places.

Consolidating the local experience on Google+ puts the user experience first, as it simplifies the process of finding information that may have previously been strewn across Google+, Google Maps, and Google Places. Integrating Places into Google+ ensures that the user can find trusted first- and third-party information about local businesses, in addition to highly relevant word of mouth recommendations from their circles. The result of this new social lens is not only heightened relevance, but it will also make these pages more engaging and shareable, ultimately driving more sales for local businesses.
In anticipation of Google+ Local, here’s how local businesses owners can get started:

  • claim your place page if you haven’t already
  • ask for recommendations from your customers
  • collect and post photos that tell a story and bring your brick and mortar business to life online

Integrating Places into Google+ Local puts the social experience of your location back into the hands of business owners, and fosters a true two-way relationship with customers and influential supporters.
As Google moves forward with this launch, Hearsay Social will continue offering the most robust platform for monitoring, publishing to, and tracking analytics for all social interactions across Google+, in addition to the other major social networks.
Feel free to ask any questions about Google+ Local in the comments.