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Facebook Pages + Places: What’s changing

The news has leaked out – Facebook is getting ready to launch another significant change to Facebook Pages and Places. As you may remember, they’re merging Places with Pages so users will now be able to check in to Pages with physical locations. Now there’s more: in a week or so, Facebook will launch a beta “parent-child” system that allows organizations to manage all of the Facebook Pages created by their local agents, owners, and retailers. We can’t wait!
For a while now, corporate/local brands have been creating and maintaining not only a corporate brand Page but individual local brand Pages for each location. You can imagine things get pretty hairy when you’re talking about hundreds or thousands of Pages, and that’s why companies turn to Hearsay Social–to help set brand guidelines and compliance rules across the enterprise, to marshal the marketing resources of the brand effectively, and to understand the dynamics of how their social strategy works across the organization.
But up until now, we could only take it so far. A truly “rogue” location or representative could refuse to adopt corporate standards, or leave the company and keep control of their branded Page, leaving the brand no recourse but legal action.
With this new announcement, Facebook is taking a major step to help corporate/local brands (our favorite!) with baked-in API support for claiming and retaining control of their brand. By rolling in these new APIs to our existing corporate/local social management suite, brands will have more control and flexibility than ever, while still maintaining authenticity at the local level.
We’re excited that Facebook is beefing up their platform so we at Hearsay Social can deliver richer functionality for large companies. For example:

  • enterprise systems integration
  • enterprise-grade compliance tools
  • centralized content library with hierarchical control
  • distributed campaign management tools
  • and lots more exciting stuff to come

P.S. Facebook, while we know you’re listening, can we have that API to edit Pages and profiles next? 😉