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Highlights from Hearsay Social London Customer Forum 2016 – Key Trends and Takeaways

Hearsay Social customers from across Europe gathered for the 2nd annual customer forum in London on June 16. The interactive forum — geared for customers to learn how to derive success from their social media programs — was filled with practical tips and insights on the most pressing questions concerning their programs today, including those related to product queries and requests, scaling the business, and measuring ROI.  
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The afternoon opened with an address by Steve D’Angelo (@stephendangelo), global head of sales at Hearsay Social, and focused on major global trends shaping digital programs in the financial services industry. Steve thanked everyone for joining and and for their continued business. Steve stressed that this was their meeting and that they were free to ask any pressing topics that were on their minds concerning their programs. 
Below are some of the key trends and takeaways from the day’s event:

Industry Trends

Trend #1:  Communicate on your clients’ terms
Steve spoke about the changing preferences of the consumer in interacting with businesses.  Like other brands they are used to, customers expect their advisers to communicate on different channels with relevant and timely content, tailored to them. He emphasised the need to become a customer-centric organisation which goes beyond just having a single data view of the customer. The need to provide an omni-channel experience – where interactions move seamlessly between online and mobile SMS via phone and in-person – is increasingly important in this hyper-connected era. By being findable and available on multiple channels and platforms, the easier it is for customers to engage with you.
Trend #2:  Better connect marketing with relationship managers
Across our clients, there is no shortage of great content generated by marketing teams. But for that content to reach the right audience at the right time, firms need to leverage their front line salespeople – client advisers, relationship managers and agents. This not only ensures that marketing content gets amplified many times over, but it also creates a more personal relationship between the client or prospect and the advisor.
Trend #3: Get access to “dark data”
All companies collect and store dark data. Dark data is defined as operational data that is collected by firms but is currently not used by relationship managers in the field.  Steve emphasized the importance of this information for serving clients in an optimized way and improving the customer experience. For example, if a customer comes to your corporate website and then visits an advisor’s site, you should be able to have this data against the customer available to the advisor for timely and effective lead follow-up.  

Product Roadmap

Opening remarks was followed by an interactive session on our product roadmap led by Mark Gilbert (@Markegilbert), vp of products and Chris Andrew (@chriswandrew), managing director for Hearsay Europe. There was ample time for active discussion during the product session on how to enable agents/advisers to use Hearsay more often.
Scaling the program  
In one of the more interactive sessions presented by customers such as Thomas Rudelle (@ThomasRudelle ) ofAXA France, James McQueen (@McQueenUK) of Charles Derby (part of Old Mutual Wealth) and Liz Thompson of Aberdeen Asset Management, participants received practical tips for motivating and growing their social program. Some of the key takeaways on what makes for a successful program, included the following advice from Thomas:

  • Start small
  • Teach your Sales team to use social media through discussion forums, weekly meetings, and Facebook/LinkedIn groups
  • Engage in change management
  • Test and learn
  • Amplify and share adviser success stories, including through the use of regular video testimonials

Start small when measuring ROI
The day concluded with an informative discussion on how to measure ROI led by Hearsay Social’s Matthias Göllner (@goellnermat) and Andreea Costea of Allianz Romania. Matthias demystified ROI by presenting the Hearsay ROI framework mapped against the stage of digital maturity the customer is in – outlining a journey towards measurable ROI (see illustration below).
Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 6.36.50 AM
Andreea showed the framework in action as she shared a recent case study based off of an online survey with advisers to understand the impact of social media on an adviser’s business.  Her presentation was full of practical tips on how to think about ROI, such as:

  • Leverage multi-dimensional views on ROI (NPS, agent success stories, agent survey)
  • Use the right measurement approach depending on the maturity of the program
  • Measure success early on in order to influence the actions and strategic direction of the project (e.g. agent training, social signals, Facebook ads)
  • Share successes in various ways (agent stories, best practices, leader boards for social)
  • Develop a community of agents on social media (e.g. Facebook group) to motivate them to actively share their success.  

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to come for the annual customer forum in London.  Your engagement and dialog are the reason we strive to do better.  
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First European Customer Forum: Keys to Social Business Success for Financial Services Firms

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 9.56.54 AMHearsay Social recently hosted its first European Customer Forum in London to highlight best practices around social business in an ever-changing global financial services industry. Customers hailed from all parts of Europe including France, Germany, Spain and the UK and spanned multiple industries including wealth and asset management, banking, and insurance. This varied customer base provided an excellent opportunity to share best practices and tips for rolling out a successful social business program.
Motown-inspired entertainment from The Chapman Brothers set a lively and fun atmosphere for the bulk of the day, which included an interactive discussion around three main topics: content strategy, adoption best practices, and compliance. Members of Hearsay Social’s Customer Success team facilitated and guided the discussion to capture best practices and insights shared by our customers.
Below are key takeaways from the event:
1. Robo-advisors can be an opportunity for financial services firms
Abhay Rajaram, VP of Customer Success at Hearsay Social, kicked off the program with some high level thoughts on trends in the financial industry and what it means for the financial advisor. His overall message: It’s imperative for advisors to become “technology empowered” and to supplement what can’t be replaced by automation (i.e. the human touch) with digital technologies.
2. Targeting based on life events is key
Chris Andrew, Managing Director at Hearsay Social UK and Europe, gave an update on Hearsay Social’s product roadmap and new products, such as Hearsay Sites and new modules like Facebook Ads that allow finer targeting of audience segments. Our customers were particularly excited about the ability to target ads based on life events, such as marriage, retirement, and saving for college. As one participant said, “If you don’t have a lot of connections, then this functionality is incredibly valuable.” He also emphasized that the Facebook Ads module leverages Hearsay Social’s compliance workflow as well as the Content Library for finding and promoting pre-approved content.
3. Know your audience well
The more you know and understanding your audience, the better it is to create appealing content to connect with those audiences. That was the overall takeaway during the discussion on content strategy. Below are tips participants shared on effective content creation habits:

  • Fresher, more informal content for agents is better vs. stuffy, brand speak.
  • Visual content wins.
  • Include cultured themes, even if they do not relate to industry insights or products and services.
  • Go for original images over stock photos.
  • Use infographics or videos to point to long form content (such as whitepapers) as attention-grabbers.
  • Consider using content that is entertaining or even “risky” or satirical.
  • Mix it up. Link to content at the local or macro level (such as general news updates) and content that resonates with “niche” audiences.
  • Personalize content. People like to engage with other people.
  • Interesting idea for a post: “Have a title and picture that is not related to the main text but to a link at the end of the post: this insures the reader is interested by the entire post, and intrigued to click on the link at the end of the post to ‘find out more.’

4. The keys to successful rollout and adoption of Hearsay Social is to continuously train and share your successes
The adoption and rollout table focused on ideas for initial agent activation and the on-going task of maintaining momentum of the program.

  • Get all stakeholders involved early in the program.
  • Convince sales management to set objectives for the agents/advisors upfront, include social as part of the sales methodology.
  • Organize in-person training sessions in the beginning: explain social media, Hearsay Social but be very practical.
  • Keep trainings ongoing – preferably in-person. If doing webinars do them as “lunch & learn”; give points/rewards for agents who participate in the trainings.
  • Ensure your content strategy stays relevant; gather agents feedback and adjust your content accordingly.
  • Ensure there is close supervision by sales management.
  • Keep momentum going by creating internal Facebook/LinkedIn groups for agents and advisors to share their experience & challenges.
  • Send a weekly or monthly newsletter with social media tips; share best practices or run a contest among agents.
  • Identify success stories, record a video of the testimonies and share during sales events.

5. Varying levels of risk profile and understanding of key regulations remains a challenge for financial services firms
Most banks and asset management firms in the audience were heavily focused on compliance while others were early in their approach to social media risks. Firms that were farther down the social media maturity curve shared that protecting employees from saying or doing the wrong thing depended heavily on having clear social media policies and guidelines in place and enforcing them through rigorous training.
Across all countries, it was clear that regulators held the companies responsible for any wrong doings of the employees. And hence it was in the best interest of the companies that there are systems and processes in place to supervise social media communications relating to business.
On the question of protecting an individual’s privacy on their personal social media accounts, the best practice Hearsay Social has recommended to its clients is to be clear on what channels can be used for business and how they can be used. So for example, Twitter allows a person to have multiple accounts, similar to emails, which means people can have a personal Twitter handle and a business Twitter handle. For Linkedin, companies can set up the use of Linkedin Sales Navigator for business communication and allow the advisors to continue using Inmail for personal communication.
Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 9.58.27 AMThe big takeaway from all the sessions? A forum to interact with other users of Hearsay Social who share similar vision and objectives for their advisors is invaluable. We will continue to create opportunities like this to share insights and learnings so that we can innovate and grow together as an industry.
Thank you to the entire Hearsay Social team, our attendees and invited guests for the support and for making this inaugural European Customer Forum a great success!
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France : Les banques et les assurances à l’heure du social business avec Hearsay Social & l’Efma

Read this post in English.

“You can use social media to turn strangers into friends, friends into customers, and customers into salespeople.” — Seth Godin, auteur, entrepreneur, marketeur et intervenant

HSS_France-01Plus tôt au cours de ce mois, Hearsay Social et notre partenaire associé l’Efma ont organisé un petit-déjeuner réunissant les professionnels les plus confirmés des secteurs de la banque et de l’assurance afin d’échanger sur les succès et enjeux des réseaux sociaux.
Dans un contexte où la digitalisation des entreprises devient inévitable, la rencontre visait à échanger sur la meilleure façon d’aider les agents, commerciaux et conseillers à valoriser leur réseau de connections et développer leur activité via les réseaux sociaux.
C’est dans le cadre chaleureux et original de l’Atelier du France situé sur les quais de Seine que les invités ont échangé sur les enjeux du digital dans leurs secteurs tout en profitant d’une vue dégagée et ensoleillée sur la Seine.
Pour commencer, les participants, répartis autour de différentes tables baptisées des noms des réseaux sociaux les plus populaires (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google + …), ont échangé par groupe sur une question très ouverte « Comment les réseaux sociaux peuvent-ils aider votre organisation à développer son activité, et quels défis imaginez-vous rencontrer ? ».
Voici un échantillon des meilleures réponses identifiées :

  • Un besoin essentiel de conduite du changement pour faire comprendre les évolutions comportementales amenées par les réseaux sociaux et en tirer parti (transparence, réciprocité, moindre contrôle, big data…)
  • La nécessité de former les conseillers et les agents à l’utilisation des réseaux sociaux
  • La formation des équipes marketing face à émergence de nouveaux métiers comme la création de contenu (content marketing)
  • Le paradoxe d’investissements sur du long terme avec une recherche de ROI rapide

Dans un second temps, Olivier Maire (Sales Director France chez Hearsay Social, @olivier_maire) a présenté deux de nos clients venus témoigner à cette occasion, BNP Paribas Wealth Management et Allianz France :
Thierry Derungs (Chief Digital Officer pour le Monde chez BNP Paribas Wealth Management, @ThierryDerungs),  a présenté la stratégie digitale mise en place depuis deux ans au sein de son entité et la manière dont elle s’est inscrite au cœur de sa stratégie globale.

  • Constat : les études montrent que 68% de clients qui partent ont le sentiment de ne pas être suivis et écoutés. Les réseaux sociaux deviennent ainsi incontournables pour renforcer la relation client
  • Défis rencontrés :
    − Mener à bien une campagne de « change management » au sein de son entreprise et convaincre le comité de direction de la pertinence du projet
    − Adapter la communication digitale à l’ensemble des pays et de manière cohérente
  • Concrétisation du projet :
    − Création d’un « Lab » pour permettre aux collaborateurs d’expérimenter et d’explorer de nouvelles voies
    − Mise en place d’une politique de partage d’informations entre les pays pour éviter la duplication de contenus et localiser la production au plus près de l’expertise
    − Mise en place de « kits/guides d’utilisation » pour les pays
    − Lancement d’un pilote de Relationship Manager présents individuellement sur les réseaux sociaux

Karine Lazimi (Manager Expérience Digitale chez Allianz France, @karinelazimi), a partagé l’histoire de l’entrée des réseaux sociaux chez Allianz France en tant qu’outil et pas uniquement media. Elle a donné notamment l’exemple de la naissance de la relation client sur twitter et facebook chez Allianz et la manière dont l’assureur a naturellement suivi l’évolution de ses clients en décidant de favoriser le déploiement de ses réseaux d’agents / conseillers sur les réseaux sociaux.
Les réseaux sociaux sont un levier pour la marque mais également pour le développement commercial.

  • Constat : le client a une relation avec son agent / conseiller et c’est donc avec lui qu’il aura le plus de propension à se connecter sur les réseaux
  • Défis rencontrés :
    − La sensibilisation des agents / conseillers et de la ligne managériale à la réalité de la transformation dans la relation client pour les éduquer à l’usage des réseaux sociaux
    − La nécessité de rassurer sur la façon de préserver la marque sur les réseaux sociaux tout en acceptant de ne plus avoir 100% du contrôle
    − Le temps nécessaire pour la formation des agents, inspecteurs,…
  • Concrétisation du projet :
    − Octobre/Novembre 2013 : kick-off avec quelques agents
    − Décembre 2013 : formation des inspecteurs
    − Avril 2014 : Accélération du projet et volonté d’embarquer plus d’agents
    − Juin 2014 : formation d’un groupe d’agents supplémentaires
    − Septembre 2014 : ouverture sur LinkedIn avec les conseillers financiers
    − Octobre 2014 : Allianz renforce sa présence sur les réseaux sociaux: élargissement des agents sur Facebook avec le soutien de la solution Hearsay Social

Dans un troisième temps, Olivier Maire a repris la parole afin de présenter les 4 étapes clés pour tirer le meilleur parti des réseaux sociaux dans son activité commerciale :

  1. Exister (Be findable)
  2. Développer votre réseau (Grow your network)
  3. Ecoute du client (Hear – Do your research)
  4. Etablir sa crédibilité (Say – Establish your credibility)

Olivier a particulièrement insisté sur le fait que la présence sur les réseaux sociaux ne change pas le métier de conseiller / agent, qui a toujours cherché à se constituer une communauté de clients fidèles qui deviendraient ses ambassadeurs. Les réseaux sociaux sont simplement une façon de le faire à grande échelle et de manière industrialisée. Trois bénéfices découlent de cette approche :

  • Plus de relationnel : les conseillers multiplient le nombre de personnes avec lesquelles ils peuvent rester en contact
  • Plus de recommandations : le client satisfait partagera avec ses amis, sa famille et ses contacts personnels
  • Plus de leads : augmentation de 10-20% de nouvelles affaires

La séance s’est terminée sur une série de questions/réponses reflétant les interrogations des participants sur la pertinence des réseaux sociaux pour booster leur force de vente, l’intérêt qu’aurait un client à vouloir être connecté à son conseiller et les problématiques de protection de la vie privée sur des réseaux sociaux tels que Facebook.
L’ensemble des participants ont manifesté un intérêt réel pour la digitalisation de leur organisation en partageant à la fois leurs doutes, leurs questions mais également les bénéfices constatés par l’utilisation des réseaux sociaux. Afin de rendre l’événement plus ludique, des cadeaux étaient offerts en fin de session à la personne ayant le plus tweeté durant la séance avec le hashtag #HSParis2014, à celle ayant posé la 1ère question et au chanceux dont la carte de visite a été tirée au sort.
La matinée en quelques tweets :

In France, Hearsay Social & Efma bring banks and insurance firms up to speed on social business

Lire ce texte en français.

“You can use social media to turn strangers into friends, friends into customers, and customers into salespeople.” — Seth Godin, author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker

HSS_France-01Earlier this month, Hearsay Social and our associate partner Efma organised a roundtable breakfast event, bringing together leading professionals from the banking and insurance sectors to discuss the latest successes and growing stakes in social media.
With digitalisation becoming a top priority for businesses, the meeting’s aim was to discuss the best ways to assist brokers, salespeople and advisers in optimizing and developing their networks and social network activities.
In a welcoming and original venue, the Atelier du France on the bank of the river Seine, guests exchanged ideas on the digitalisation stakes in their sectors, whilst enjoying a sun-filled view over the water.
The participants, who were grouped around tables named after the most popular social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc.), started by discussing a couple open questions: “How can social media help your organization increase their activity and what are the potential challenges?”
Here were some of the best answers:

  • Organisations need to understand the behavioural changes brought about by social media if they are going to take advantage of these platforms. For example, they must be more transparent, prepared to engage with other social users, ready to accept they will have less control than they are used to with other marketing channels and willing to understand how to utilise big data.
  • There is a necessity to train advisers and brokers in the use of social networks.
  • Marketing teams also need to expand their skillsets, particularly when it comes to content marketing.
  • Assessments must be made to fully understand the long-term investment requirements and potential ROI of any social media project.

Olivier Maire (Sales Director France, Hearsay Social, @olivier_maire) also introduced representatives from two of our client companies, BNP Paribas Wealth Management and Allianz France:
Thierry Derungs (Chief Digital Officer of Monde chez BNP Paribas Wealth Management, @ThierryDerungs) presented on his organisation’s digital strategy. He explained how it was first undertaken two years ago and how it has since been integrated into the organisation’s core strategy:

  • Key takeaway: studies show that 68% of clients which leave do so because they feel that they are not looked after; social networks are therefore essential to strengthen relationships.
  • Challenges:
    – Fostering ‘management change’ inside the company, and convincing the board of importance of social networks.
    – Adapting digital communication to international markets in a coherent way.
  • Putting the plan into practice:
    – Creation of a ‘Lab’ that gives employees the chance to experiment with new channels.
    – Setting up an information sharing network between countries, to avoid content duplication and to ensure local production according to local expertise.
    – Common charters and instruction kits for every country.
    – Launch of a Relationship Manager pilot scheme with individual presence on networks.

Karine Lazimi (Digital Experiments Manager at Allianz France, @karinelazimi) presented the origins of digital client relations at Allianz: how the firm had developed alongside its clients by adapting its network of brokers and advisers to the use of social networks:

  • Key takeaway: the client forms a relationship with a broker/adviser, with whom he/she is likely to connect on networks.
  • Challenges:
    – Making brokers/advisers and managers aware of today’s transformation in client relationships, and educating them in the use of social networks.
    – Necessity to ensure brand integrity on social networks, whilst accepting less than full control.
    – Time taken to train brokers, assessors, etc.
  • Putting the plan into practice:
    – October/November 2013: kick-off with a few brokers
    – December 2013: training of assessors
    – April 2014: acceleration of plan and more voluntary brokers
    – June 2014: training of a group of extra brokers
    – September 2014: LinkedIn launch with financial advisers
    – October 2014: Allianz strengthen their presence on social networks: increasing the number of agents on Facebook thanks to the support of Hearsay Social solution

Next, Olivier Maire explained the four key stages to success for sales platforms on social media:

  1. Be findable
  2. Grow your network
  3. Do your research
  4. Establish your credibility

Olivier underlined the fact that a presence on social networks should not alter the relationship manager’s role, which has always been to build up a loyal client base that will provide positive recommendations to others. The networks are simply a means of operating on a large scale, in an ‘industrial’ way. This approach has three benefits:

  • More client contact: advisers multiply the number of people they can keep in contact with
  • More recommendations: a satisfied client shares his/her opinions with friends, family and personal contacts
  • More leads: 10-20% increase in new business

The session finished with a Q&A session linked to the participants’ debates on the importance of social networks for boosting their sales. Also discussed were the benefits for clients in being voluntarily connected to his/her adviser and the privacy issues around networks such as Facebook.
All participants expressed a real interest in the digitalisation of their organisations. At the same time, they voiced their doubts and queries, whilst confirming the obvious benefits of social network tools. To make the event more fun, prizes were presented to the person who had most tweeted using hashtag #HSParis2014 during the session, to the first to ask a question, and to a lucky winner whose business card was drawn out of a hat.
The morning in tweets:


Technology, the changing workplace, and entrepreneurship at Web Summit

Earlier this month, Hearsay Social CEO Clara Shih took center stage at Web Summit in Dublin to discuss the future of business with the technology industry’s most influential leaders–including Peter Thiel (Founder, Founders Fund, @peterthiel), Padmasree Warrior (Chief Technology & Strategy Officer, Cisco, @padmasree), Drew Houston (Founder, Dropbox, @drewhouston), and many more.

Hearsay Social CEO Clara Shih at Web Summit 2014
Hearsay Social CEO Clara Shih and Radius CEO Darian Shirazi chat with Caroline Hyde of Bloomberg at Web Summit 2014.

In their “centre stage” discussion, Clara Shih (CEO and Founder, Hearsay Social, @clarashih) and Darian Shirazi (Founder, Radius, @darian314) sat down with Caroline Hyde (Business Correspondent, Bloomberg, @CarolineHydeTV) to talk about big shifts in technology over the past decade, the changing face of the workplace, and some of the best words of wisdom they’ve gained as entrepreneurs.
Watch the full session here:


Peter Thiel, Padmasree Warrior, Drew Houston, Clara Shih and other tech leaders center stage at Web Summit

u1Md_RDLIn Dublin for Web Summit next week?
Hearsay Social Social CEO Clara Shih (@clarashih) will be joining the technology industry’s most influential leaders–including Peter Thiel (Founder, Founders Fund, @peterthiel), Padmasree Warrior (Chief Technology & Strategy Officer, Cisco, @padmasree), Drew Houston (Founder, Dropbox, @drewhouston), and many more–for three days of discussions around innovation, marketing, machines, and the enterprise.
Here are some others that will be speaking:

Web Summit speakers

If you’re attending the Summit, you can see Clara speak in two separate sessions on Wednesday, November 5th:

  • At 10:15 AM on the Marketing Stage, Clara will be interviewed one-on-one by Martin Bryant (Editor-in-Chief, The Next Web, @MartinSFP).
  • At 11:45 AM, look for Clara on the Centre Stage, as she will be featured on a panel with Darian Shirazi (Founder and CEO, Radius, @darian314) and Tom Cheshire (Technology Correspondent, Sky News, @tomcheshiresky).

In both sessions, Clara will share background on Hearsay Social and the company’s growth trajectory in Europe, insights into entrepreneurship and women in technology, as well as her perspective on the growing importance of social media and technology at the executive and board level.
See you there!

Zurich Insurance Group collaborates with Hearsay Social in Germany, Austria, Spain, and more

zurich-logo1Today we’re proud to announce that Hearsay Social has collaborated with Zurich Insurance Group, a leading multi-line insurer that serves its customers in global and local markets, to empower their agents across Europe on social media.

(Read the news in French / Français or German / Deutsch.)

178 million people in Western Europe, or 2/3 of all Internet users, will be regularly participating on social networks by the end of 2014, according to data from eMarketer. It’s clear that social media is increasingly becoming a crucial way for insurance agents to connect with customers.

According to Monika Schulze, Global Head of Brand Marketing of Zurich Insurance Group:

“Today and over the next several years, digital technologies will become an increasingly important driving force for our thousands of agents around the world. Our global relationship with Hearsay Social allows us to empower our agents to excel on social networks and connect with customers.”

Using Hearsay Social, Zurich agents can now compliantly share content and build relationships with current and prospective clients across the social networks. After kicking off its social media project in Germany, Zurich is now rolling out Hearsay Social to multiple countries, including Austria, Spain, and others.
Michael Holzapfel, Digital Strategist at Zurich Germany, explains:

“We are proud of the successes we have seen working with Hearsay Social in Germany, which we have now expanded to other countries in Europe. Through the social business program so far, we have been able to drive marketing.”

We’re very excited to help develop the social media program at Zurich Insurance Group, and we look forward to empowering Zurich’s insurance agents to reach even greater successes as they expand the program across Europe!

On the road with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Efma across Europe

As Hearsay Social expands its international presence, we’re pleased to have spent the last couple weeks on the road with our partners LinkedIn, Facebook, and Efma across Europe.

At the LinkedIn Finance Event in London, Chris Andrew (Managing Director, UK and Europe, Hearsay Social) spoke on compliance best practices. He later joined the first European Facebook PMD (Preferred Marketing Developer) Summit held in Dublin and also participated on a panel with Lee Jay Burningham (Head of Financial Services, UK & EMEA, Facebook) at the Financial Services Social Media event in London. Peter Caryotis (Sales Director, Europe, Hearsay Social) also spoke at Efma’s Banking on Innovation event in Barcelona.

At the LinkedIn event, Forrest Baker (Head of Global Insights, LinkedIn), Christina Jenkins (Head of Insights, LinkedIn), and Laura Collins (Research Consultant, LinkedIn) presented on content and industry trends across the international financial services community. Some highlights from the event include new data on social media usage by high-net-worth individuals (HNWI):

  • 70% of HNW individuals in the UK use social media and this number is 99% in Hong Kong & Singapore.

  • In the UK, 71% of these HNW individuals access LinkedIn multiple times per week.

HNW individuals spend their time on social networks connecting, researching and reading up on business and financial information, following influencers and brands, and creating content of their own. Some other key findings:

  • 48% of these individuals have started gathering their own information on products and services, and they often use this information to complement the advisory services they seek out from financial firms.

  • 30% of HNW individuals have actively recommended or made a referral via social media.

Chris later took the stage to share a number of industry specific tips on compliance best practices, a few of which were highlighted by attendees on Twitter. He especially focused on the four steps to social business success: get found, build your network, “hear” or listen for key events, and “say” or build an engaged audience with quality content.

For a list of our upcoming global events please visit our website.  We hope to see you soon!

Read more:

Bringing social business innovation to financial services in France

pin paris franceToday we are proud to announce that Hearsay Social has officially launched in France!
Using Hearsay Social, insurance brokers, banking and financial advisers in France can now take advantage of social networks, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+, to gain and secure the loyalty of new clients and to help them grow their business.
Internet use–and social media use specifically–has become the norm across the world, and in France it’s no different. The latest stats show that 9 in 10 Internet users in France are signed up for at least one social network and 1 in 3 minutes spent online is spent on a social network. With such a strong affinity for new digital technologies, France is an obvious choice for Hearsay Social’s global expansion.
Hearsay Social will equip banks and insurance companies in France with the ability to develop real client connections through advanced digital and social business strategy. Advisers and brokers can build personal relationships by connecting with current and future clients on the social networks.
Photo Olivier
Spearheading Hearsay Social’s rollout in France, Olivier Maire has been named Sales Director of France. A graduate of the École Polytechnique and a specialist in marketing and sales solutions, Olivier brings 20 years of experience to Hearsay Social, as well as his proven expertise in the development of innovative businesses in the French market.
We’re proud to have Olivier on board and it’s an honor to be launching in France. Learn more below:

Hearsay Social becomes Efma's first social media partner


We’re proud to announce today that we have partnered with Efma, an association whose membership includes nearly one-third of the world’s large retail banks. Through this new partnership, we will work closely together to empower and educate the more than 3,300 retail financial services companies that comprise Efma’s network in Europe.

Significantly, Hearsay Social is the first social media partner to join Efma.

The announcement was made today at the Efma Distribution Summit, which gathers banking and insurance executives across Europe to discuss the challenges and opportunities posed by social and digital technologies. As social business best practices transform the financial industry, distributors are learning that social media can be a more efficient and effective way to communicate with clients.

Over the next year, Efma and Hearsay Social will work together on the following activities:

  • Efma and Hearsay Social will launch a “think tank” consisting of three webinars focused on essential social business topics, including “Social Marketing” and “Social Compliance.” These webinars will help educate the various business line managers at Efma member firms, including heads of distribution, marketing and risk, on the opportunities presented by social business.

  • The two organizations will also work together to create content, including interviews and case studies, informing member firms how financial firms are using social media today to grow business.

  • Hearsay Social will host Efma and select member firms in San Francisco for an innovation study tour presenting how retail financial firms are applying technology from Silicon Valley.

Through this partnership with Efma, we aim to empower member firms with the education and innovation necessary to grow business on social media. See the full press release and learn more about Hearsay Social’s partnerships in the financial services industry:

PRESS RELEASE: Hearsay Social and Efma Partner to Bring Social Business Best Practices to Financial Firms in Europe

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