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Autonomous blimps and internationalized code: Watch Hearsay Social engineers present at PyCon

Thank you to everyone that joined the Hearsay Social engineering team at PyCon last week! We had a blast, and we hoped you learned a lot at Scott and Ruchi’s sessions, which we’ve embedded below. Looking forward to seeing you all again next year.

Hearsay Social blimp at PyCon

Hearsay Social at PyCon

Programming an Autonomous 20 Foot Blimp with Python

Scott Lobdell, Hearsay Social software engineer, documents the journey of a less than conventional robotics application in which python is used as the logical controller of an autonomous 20 foot blimp. The blimp’s autopilot features, prolonged air time, large size, and smooth motion make it the ideal platform for aerial photography. Giving the blimp an onboard controller reduces the overall costs and requirements of the operation.
Be sure to read our special interview with Scott here and watch his PyCon talk below:


Localization Revisited

Is your web app ready for a global audience? Ruchi Varshney, Hearsay Social software engineer, explains why internationalizing your codebase with gettext ( might just be the simpler part of the puzzle. It’s hard to maintain translations in a fast paced deployment environment without constant manual intervention.
This talk covers tools and strategies you can adopt to automate your localization process and ensure high translation coverage: