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Introducing Hearsay Social Content Exchange

From viral videos to professional photos, news articles to blog posts, status updates to tweets: content is the bread and butter of being a social business. These days, corporate marketing departments and creative agencies the world over have to work overtime creating fresh, original, and relevant content for their audiences.
In fact, 95% of marketers and agencies have curated content over the past six months by sharing a link, blog post, or other kind of content, according to a study published in eMarketer. Yet, as that study notes, a large number of marketers struggle with finding the time to curate content, create original content, and scour the Web and other resources for high-quality content.
That’s why we’re excited to announce the Hearsay Social Content Exchange, a revolutionary platform for businesses to discover and share great content with their customers and prospects on social media.

Hearsay Social is launching Content Exchange today with support from Thomson Reuters, Tribune Media Services, and Demand Media, three of the most respected names in media.

Content Curation, Social Syndication

Our customers are big brands like Farmers Insurance, Northwestern Mutual, and 24 Hour Fitness. Their corporate marketing departments, like yours, already do an outstanding job of harnessing all the available resources to create and distribute original content to thousands of local salespeople, whether they’re insurance agents, financial advisors, or store managers.
Today, we’re making your job even easier with Content Exchange, which empowers corporate brand marketers to curate and share the most fresh and relevant articles, videos, and blog posts from our launch partners Thomson Reuters, Tribune Media Services, and Demand Media.
As a result, we’re enabling your sales representatives to have authentic conversations with your customers on social media. For the first time, you’ll be able to cultivate real rapport between actual people on a large scale, something that used to be unthinkable for large companies.
Not only that, but the bottom line is that all these soft victories for the brand and consumer relationships will actually translate into real sales results, which many of our customers reported in this social media ROI report, also announced today.

Premium Social Media Content

Existing Thomson Reuters subscribers to Context Exchange will be able to access and curate premium content and create multiple channels inside of their Hearsay Social Content Library.
Through Context Exchange, Hearsay Social customers will also have access to the full selection of award-winning lifestyle content from Demand Media, including,, and
Additionally, Hearsay Social has entered into a business relationship with Tribune Media Services, a global content licensing and syndication company, representing a variety of renowned writers and content brands via a suite of custom publishing solutions for media and corporate publishers.
Finally, Hearsay Social users will also be able to create their own custom channels on the fly by plugging in RSS feeds.
We’re so excited to see you taking advantage of this exciting new upgrade to the Hearsay Social platform. Just look at what Marc Zeitlin, Vice President of Marketing at Farmers Insurance Group, says about Content Exchange:

“The key to any successful social marketing program is sharing timely, relevant content on a consistent basis. Hearsay Social Content Exchange reduces the amount of time my team spends curating pre-approved content for our Agents while improving the relevancy, timeliness, and therefore effectiveness of their social media efforts.”

From Reuters to Tribune to Demand, we’re supplying you with a vast network of content to explore and share with your customers on social media. And we won’t stop working at keeping Hearsay Social the leading social sales and marketing platform for the enterprise.
If you’d like to demo Content Exchange, let us know.
And if you want to learn how content can help you grow as a social business, download our ebook, The Language of Social: A Guide to Content for the Social Business.