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Be a spooky company: use your customer data to be scary helpful

Social media can be both a blessing and a curse:  the proliferation of readily available customer data has given marketers more to work with than ever before, but it’s hard to sift through so much. The problem is so pervasive that data management could very well be the one thing in our era that makes or breaks companies, whether they’re tech-focused or not.
Hosted in Denver, CO, Defrag Con is an event focused on big data, social media, and enterprise software. It was a perfect opportunity for me, Hearsay Social’s local data-monger, to meet with others from the industry and see what they are working on.
Most of the talks involved boring (exciting!) stuff like API integration and Hadoop that only the super tech savvy will care about. There were, however, a few takeaways that I would like to share because I believe they will affect how we think about enterprise social media in 2012:

  1. Social businesses should be spooky, not creepy
    What is the difference? Creepy companies have a lot of data on their customers but don’t do much with it. Spooky companies, on the other hand, use what they know to become so helpful that it’s scary! We should use the knowledge we have about our customers to tailor their experience with us. We should combine our business records with their profiles to make become more helpful than ever before.
  2. Data isn’t the same thing as common sense
    While some things we learn from data might seem obvious, things always seem obvious once we know them. As we continue to adapt how we engage our customers on social media, let’s not forget to keep an eye on the data. Maybe Wednesday is a good day to post for some industries, but things might be different for you.
  3. Data and computers are growing, but there are still only 24 hours in the day
    As we gather more data than ever before and crunch it faster, we can easily hit data overload. The key to success isn’t more data, but more useful data. Drawing simple actionable insights from data should always be the goal.

Do you keep an eye on your social media data? Have you ever felt data overload? Let me know – leave a comment below.