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CRM Magazine names Hearsay Social a 2012 CRM Rising Star

We are proud to announce that CRM Magazine, a leading resource on customer relationship management (CRM), recently named Hearsay Social “The Social Media Pro” and a 2012 CRM Rising Star.
The magazine’s “2012 CRM Rising Stars” article profiles both young and long-serving companies of the software world. While these companies vary in size and age, CRM highlights what they all in common: “their innovations are motivating people to act.”
Hearsay Social is featured on the list because of its unique ability to power enterprises on social media, from sales and marketing to compliance and legal. Large companies like our customers Northwestern Mutual, Farmers Insurance, and 24 Hour Fitness are increasingly taking note of the influence and staying power that social media has in the business world. Companies that can harness and use social media to their advantage will continue to win over companies that don’t.
CRM Magazine has identified Hearsay Social as the “x” factor in the social media space.
In addition, we’d like to congratulate fellow “rising stars” Adobe, Badgeville, and the other companies leading the way in how businesses approach digital marketing. Hearsay Social, along with the rest of these companies has entered new and untapped markets with great success, furthering the power of CRM.
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