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Local Content to Engage Local Audiences: A Look Inside Farm Bureau Insurance of Tennessee’s Social Strategy

crop imageThere was never a doubt in the minds of the leaders at Farm Bureau Insurance of Tennessee that their agents had to be social. An integral part of the community for 67 years was the belief that by banding together, local farmers and community members could engage and cooperate to provide a better way of life in rural Tennessee.
If Farm Bureau’s history is about providing the hard working people of Tennessee financial advice and stability, then its future is about taking that local ethos to where their neighbors and customers spend a lot of their time today: on social networks.
When launching their new social program in August 2015, Jeff Pannell, chief marketing officer for Farm Bureau Insurance of Tennessee, knew he wanted to help agents provide their audiences with important news and updates about their financial lives.
But to be really part of the local community on social, Pannell also wanted agents to be a hub of information for their community about local news, events and other goings-on.
The question was, how to find and organize all the great personal planning and local content Farm Bureau needs for its agents? With only four people on the communications team, they needed a solution that would help them scale to distribute content its many users.
Enter Hearsay Social Curated Content Channels.
Hearsay Social’s Curated Content Channels is content offering that automatically populates the Hearsay Content Library with timely, relevant content that is directly in-line with Farm Bureau’s social strategy.
Curated Content Channels is flexible enough to provide content relevant to any social strategy. It eliminates the need for long online searches to find just the right content.
Kaz Suzuki, social media administrator at Farm Bureau, described the value of content by saying, “our agents’ involvement in their communities around the state is an important value for us. In working with Hearsay Social we were able to create a series of content channels that are populated every day with localized content about topics like Tennessee football, community events­­ and important causes, like the American Cancer Society.”

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 12.41.44 PM
Example of a local social post by Farm Bureau Insurance Tennessee showing their support for Breast Cancer Awareness month via their #FBITNpinkout2015 campaign.
Suzuki worked with her Hearsay Social Customer Success Manager, Senol Akin, to create a custom series of Content Channels that find and organize new content everyday about financial news as well as local Tennessee news and sports.

“The Curated Content Channels offering through Hearsay Social is great,” Suzuki said. “Everyday I’m served up new and relevant content that I can provide to our agents so they can inform and engage with their social audiences.”
We’re proud to support our customers in their efforts to engage customers and deepen relationships.
Learn more about Curated Content Channels on the Hearsay Social blog, or download Making the Shift: From Corporate to Local Marketing: 5 Ways to Maximize Agent Success in the Digital Age
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For financial advisors, however, it’s not always easy to know how to present your personal side on social media while maintaining a professional presence, and the lines are often blurred as to what is and is not acceptable to post.
Your profile on social media – while remaining authentic and compliant — must maintain the right balance between your professional and personal side. After all, the more relatable you are, the easier it is for people to trust and connect with you.
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