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5 Texting Tips for Increasing Lead Conversion

This blog post is part 2 of a 2-part series. Read part 1, “4 Reasons to Text Prospects for Better Conversion.”
shutterstock_298429103Now that you know how important text messaging is for converting prospects into clients, it’s critical to understand the nuances that make texting such a powerful way to communicate. According to a study by Morgan Stanley, a whopping 91 percent of adults keep their smartphones within arm’s reach. But that doesn’t necessarily mean advisors and agents know the most effective way to use their phones for text messaging. 
Here are five text messaging tips to help turn prospects into clients:

1. Know when to text

Texting is an earned privilege. It’s most effective when you’ve had some type of interaction with a prospect. Have you ever received a text from an unidentified number? It can feel intrusive. That’s the last feeling you want to give a prospective client. Once you’ve communicated with a prospect, the door is open to texting. Texting at this stage can significantly improve conversion up to 112.6 percent over average conversion when following up on leads, according to a study by Velocify

2. Be concise

The beauty of texting is that it’s acceptable and appropriate to keep your message short. Be concise. Ideally, you’ve met your prospect or talked to her before you text, so there should be some context when you reach out. Say hello and if you feel it’s appropriate, perhaps refer to something you discussed when you saw her last. Then, get to the point. Even if you were introduced to this person by a friend, he or she is likely talking to you with a purpose. Prospects aren’t looking for a new best friend; they want you to help them with major life decisions. Be concise. Don’t ramble.

3. Set professional boundaries

It’s easy for texting to feel familiar—it’s an intimate channel that can be used to communicate with faraway parents, partners and close friends. As an advisor, on the other hand, you don’t fit neatly into these categories and, although texting can feel familiar and friendly, you need to maintain a business relationships with your prospects. So, when in doubt, ask yourself, “Would I text this message to my manager?”

4. Text as part of a bigger close strategy

Use texting as a means to communicate when it makes the most sense. In general, texting is a good way to set up meetings, send reminder messages or check in about something happening in your prospect’s life without having to make a call. For example, if you want to send a prospect detailed information about a life insurance plan, it might make better sense to send her that article over email. If you can keep your prospect’s text preferences in mind, you’ll be even better off. Some people will want to catch up or ask you questions over text, while others will prefer a phone call.

5. Be yourself

Nobody wants to feel like they’re texting with an automated machine, and texting gives you the opportunity to be yourself and interact with a prospect in a casual way. You can comment on the rainy weather in your town and easily transition to asking about a prospect’s new job or aging parents. Moreover, texting allows you the time to think about what you’re going to say (before you type it) and respond thoughtfully.
When done right, texting is a crucial component of your digital strategy as a savvy, successful advisor or agent. By texting at the right moments, you can build deeper relationships and convert prospects faster.
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