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Why content matters for the social business

Ed. note: This post is the first in a series drawing from the Hearsay Social e-book The Language of Social: A Guide to Content for the Social Business. Download the entire report for free here.

Content is the language of social.
From viral videos to professional photos, news articles to blog posts, status updates to tweets: content is the bread and butter of being a social business. These days, corporate marketing departments and creative agencies the world over have to work overtime creating fresh, original, and relevant content for their audiences.
Unsurprisingly, 95% of marketers and agencies have curated content over the past six months by sharing a link, blog post, or other kind of content, according to a recent survey by Curata published in eMarketer. In the same survey, 85% of respondents said the main objective of content curation was establishing thought leadership. Nearly as many–80% of respondents–said they were curating content to elevate brand visibility and buzz.

Connecting with customers on social media demands content. It’s what creates engagement, builds relationships, sparks new connections, and keeps conversations going. Ultimately, content drives business on social media.
And, today, demand for content across all the social networks is insatiable.
With all this demand, how can marketers keep up? It’s a question easier asked than answered. In fact, the same Curata survey cited above found a large number of marketers struggling with finding the time to curate content, create original content, and scour the Web and other resources for high-quality content.
Breathe easy. There are many, many ways to create and curate good content that don’t require you to stretch your marketing team too thin. Let this e-book be an initial guide for you in developing your content marketing strategy for your social business.