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Introducing the New Curated Content Channels for Advisors

Curated-ContentAn authentic voice. We all have one.
It is who we are. It is the words, grammar and syntax we use everyday to communicate our thoughts and talk about what is important to us, to the world around us.
Our authentic voice communicates our personality, and expresses our humanity.
How ironic it is therefore that on the most human of technologies, social networks, we often find ourselves communicating in a way that is robotic. Too often advisors post and re-post the same series of financial updates on social in some vague attempt to engage a following.
But ask, is that how an advisor communicates in the offline world? As an advisor of a person’s financial wellbeing, something that is highly personal, do you begin a conversation citing stats and dry, distant financial content in the hope your listener reacts positively?
Or do you make yourself relatable. Talk about your personal interests, ask questions and uncover the interests of others around you?
You do the latter. You want people to connect with you first as a person, and then as a financial advisor.
As Clara Shih, our CEO, has often noted, financial advisors have always been social. They have always first dawn on their personal connections and personal networks to build and grow their financial business.
Understanding this, Hearsay Social launched today Curated Content Channels, an innovative way for advisors to find and articulate in their authentic voice on social.
With the help of our Customer Success team, Hearsay admins can now create new content channels in the Hearsay content library. These content channels can be on any topic, general interest or financial, and can even be localized to focus on content from a particular region or city.
The Curated Content Channels offering will draw on tens of thousands of online sources to present the relevant content to the Hearsay admin. The Hearsay Customer Success rep can work with the admin to actually teach the system what content is desired, so the system will actually learn and seek out more relevant content in the future.
With a few clicks, admins can create a stream of relevant, curated content to make available for their advisors. This will save admins the considerable time they now spend to find content to populate content libraries.
Advisors, for their part, can find the content that is more relevant to them and that helps them best find their authentic voice. Sharing and commenting on their personally relevant content will help the advisor evolve from a seemingly automated poster to their original human, and social form.
Learn more about Curated Content Channels in the press release.

Why content matters for the social business

Ed. note: This post is the first in a series drawing from the Hearsay Social e-book The Language of Social: A Guide to Content for the Social Business. Download the entire report for free here.

Content is the language of social.
From viral videos to professional photos, news articles to blog posts, status updates to tweets: content is the bread and butter of being a social business. These days, corporate marketing departments and creative agencies the world over have to work overtime creating fresh, original, and relevant content for their audiences.
Unsurprisingly, 95% of marketers and agencies have curated content over the past six months by sharing a link, blog post, or other kind of content, according to a recent survey by Curata published in eMarketer. In the same survey, 85% of respondents said the main objective of content curation was establishing thought leadership. Nearly as many–80% of respondents–said they were curating content to elevate brand visibility and buzz.

Connecting with customers on social media demands content. It’s what creates engagement, builds relationships, sparks new connections, and keeps conversations going. Ultimately, content drives business on social media.
And, today, demand for content across all the social networks is insatiable.
With all this demand, how can marketers keep up? It’s a question easier asked than answered. In fact, the same Curata survey cited above found a large number of marketers struggling with finding the time to curate content, create original content, and scour the Web and other resources for high-quality content.
Breathe easy. There are many, many ways to create and curate good content that don’t require you to stretch your marketing team too thin. Let this e-book be an initial guide for you in developing your content marketing strategy for your social business.