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Proud to be the insurance industry standard for social sales, marketing, and compliance success

People often ask me why Hearsay Social started with the insurance industry and have so many insurance companies as customers. The reason is very simple: relationship-based sellers such as insurance agents are the most natural “social networkers” in the planet. They have been helping educate clients, investing in long-term relationships, and growing their businesses through word-of-mouth referrals long before social, mobile, and digital technologies existed.
Since our inception, Hearsay Social has been proud to power leading insurance companies’ efforts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. With invaluable input from marquee customers such as Farmers Insurance, Northwestern Mutual, and Thrivent Financial, we’ve equipped tens of thousands of insurance agents, marketers, and compliance professionals with social media software that increases leads, referrals, and revenue, all while helping them achieve full regulatory compliance.
Today, I’m happy to announce several new customers in the financial services and insurance space: Allstate, AXA Equitable, COUNTRY Financial, and Primerica.

We are so excited to see even further validation across tens of thousands of additional agents that Hearsay Social is indeed the solution of choice for the industry when it comes to social sales, marketing, and compliance.
Over the summer, the International Data Corporation (IDC) labeled insurance an early adopter of social media in a report titled “2012 U.S. Social Media Trends by Vertical.” Compared against any other industry or vertical, insurance is a stand-out model for forward-thinking social media usage.
As part of today’s customer announcements, I am also excited and honored to welcome my dear friend and mentor, Mr. Lee M. Gammill, Jr. to the Hearsay Social Advisory Board.

An illustrious figure in the insurance and financial services industry, Mr. Gammill served a 40-year tenure at New York Life Insurance Company, where he held various executive positions and was Vice Chairman of the Board until 1997. Incredibly, he was the first member of the Board who began his career as an agent in all of the Company’s 150-year history.
In addition to helping lead New York Life, Mr. Gammill has also served as Chairman of the Board of LIMRA (Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association), now part of LL Global, Inc., as well as Chairman of the Board of the Life Underwriter’s Training Council. Recognizing his achievements and leadership in the industry, in 2004 Mr. Gammill was awarded the highest honor bestowed by the American College, The Huebner Gold Medal. He served on the College Board of Directors and currently serves as Director Emeritus of the American College Foundation Board of Directors.
On behalf of the entire Hearsay Social family, we extend a warm welcome to Mr. Gammill and our new partners.

Leading financial firms building valuable and compliant relationships with Hearsay Social

Over the last two years since our founding, we have focused on two industries specifically built on relationships: Financial Services and Insurance. Advisors, agents, and other representatives build their entire businesses on forming and developing person-to-person relationships. Relationship businesses are the perfect use case for social media.
That’s why I’m so excited to reveal today that Hearsay Social is powering the top financial services firms on social media, including Northwestern Mutual and Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, in addition to top insurance companies like California Casualty and Farmers Insurance Group. These forward-thinking organizations aren’t just launching experimental corporate pages, they are transforming their businesses from the firm to business unit to representative — and in so doing, building reputation, referrals, and loyalty among clients.
In short, they share our vision for the transformational power of social media for relationship-building in the Facebook era. Supported by Hearsay Social’s complete FINRA/SEC compliance capabilities and empowered by our easy-to-use social marketing platform, financial advisors and firms can now safely and fully embrace the ROI of sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
With so many customers in regulated industries, we’ve been committed since our founding to delivering complete compliance and complete coverage to the world’s largest financial organizations. In fact, our platform has already helped reduce the workload on compliance teams by 50%. That means your employees have even more time to focus on doing real business, which includes connecting with customers and prospects on social media.
I am also thrilled to be announcing today additional regulatory functionality to provide even greater efficiency to compliance teams (you can read the details here):

  • Continuous monitoring and real-time remediation for infractions
  • Full mobile compliance coverage
  • Support for posting from any access point
  • Capturing and archiving for LinkedIn Groups
  • Dynamic hierarchies for fast-changing organizations
  • Compliance management

Many thanks to our financial customer consortium which helped us develop and design these key new capabilities. We are thrilled to partner for your success, and so glad to hear you feel the same way.
Kyle Marie Woods, Marketing Strategist at Thrivent Financial, sums it up pretty nicely: “Our partnership with Hearsay Social gives us added peace of mind that we’re compliant with regulatory requirements which allows us to focus on maximizing the power of social media at a local level.”
Keep the great ideas coming and we will keep delivering the innovation.
Read our full announcement. And check out Northwestern Mutual’s announcement too.