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Proud to expand our partnership with SIFMA to help you drive social business best practices

hearsay-social-sifmaToday at the SIFMA Social Media Seminar we proudly announced the renewal and expansion of our strategic partnership with the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) to drive increased thought leadership and education around social media use within SIFMA’s member firms.

Since first partnering with SIFMA in 2012, we’ve worked closely together empowering and educating hundreds of member securities firms, banks, and asset managers on social business best practices. As partners, we’re committed to helping companies like Wedbush–a SIFMA member firm and newly announced Hearsay Social customer–drive better engagement and deeper relationships with clients.

At events throughout the year, including the SIFMA Annual Meeting and SIFMA Social Media Seminar, member firms will receive access to training seminars, greater advocacy with leading social network providers, and more insight into available digital technologies and social media solutions. Kicking off the renewed partnership, Hearsay Social CEO Clara Shih keynoted today’s SIFMA Social Media Seminar in San Francisco with a discussion of the increasingly central role social media plays in financial services.

A conversation with leaders of social media at the SIFMA Social Media Seminar, including Dan Greenberg (Account Manager – Financial Services, Twitter), Jennifer Grazel (Global Head of Category Development – Financial Services, LinkedIn), and Keith Watts (Financial Services Business Lead, Facebook), moderated by Mimi Bloom (Director, Digital and Social Channels, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.).

Over the past several years, the financial industry has increasingly invested in being more customer-centric and having more transparent communications with the public. As more and more financial advisors join social networks to connect with current clients and find new opportunities, it’s clear that 2014 is the year social media moves from an optional tool to an essential way to grow business.

With social media for business becoming an industry standard practice, we’re delighted to expand our partnership with SIFMA to help firms become better practitioners of compliant social business to drive greater client engagement.

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JFAM Forum: How to reach financial services clients in 2013

From left to right: Gina Ballenger, VP, Enterprise Social Media Marketing, Wells Fargo; Chad Smith, Global Social Content Dist. Manager, iShares/Blackrock; Matthew Dunn, Director Social Strategies, Franklin Templeton Investments; Clara Shih, Founder and CEO, Hearsay Social

Yet another successful JFAM Forum took place in San Francisco yesterday focused on one crucial question: What do financial marketers want from their marketing in 2013? Sponsored by Financial Times, Hearsay Social, The Street, and others, the forum brought together speakers and attendees to talk brand reputation and content marketing in financial services, and how new technology like social media affects these hot topics.

As a result of the financial crisis and other factors, firms have lost the trust of their customers. In the morning keynote, Hearsay Social CEO Clara Shih carefully explained that customers increasingly recognize and ignore mailers and impersonal campaigns created by “faceless organizations.”

So what are customers responding to? Personal notes from actual people.

The marketer’s job in 2013 and for years to come is to meet the customer where they actually are–on mobile and social–and engage with them in an authentic, personal manner. Marketers and reps that are good at what they do are rightfully focusing on quality of messages as opposed to quantity.

In the social media age, content is king. Financial firms are quickly learning that by sharing and engaging on social networks, and by leveraging the authenticity and humanness of their field, they can earn back their customers’ trust and business.