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Announcing New Hearsay Social Mobile Apps for iPhones and Android Devices

Social media and mobile devices go hand-in-hand. Recognizing this, access to Hearsay Social via smartphones has always been an important part of the solution that we offer to the over 100,000 agents and advisors that have access to our software. Today we are excited to announce the new and improved mobile applications for both iPhones and Android mobile devices that are available for free to our customers.
We know that advisors and agents are not always at their desks, so we wanted to give them an even easier way to engage with clients from anywhere; whether that be from home, in line at a coffee shop, or walking between meetings.  We’ve streamlined the mobile experience by packaging the key on-the-go activities that users wanted into simple apps that financial professionals can easily use to engage their clients. With this enhanced mobile experience offered through our iOS and Android mobile apps, advisors can even more easily access new Predictive Social Suite to receive and act on client insights anytime, anywhere, from the device of their choice.
Hearsay Social iPhone App
What we are most excited about is that many of our customers are already leveraging the mobile applications. Jason Graham, Regional Marketing Director at Penn Mutual, said, “I am on my iPhone for calls and checking emails, about 90% of the time, so when Hearsay Social came out with a new app, I was ecstatic. The app allows me to capture content more readily and post to my LinkedIn account at a moment’s notice. The functionality is fantastic and it provides the speed that is needed to put material out there in the fast paced environment I work in.  Kudos to Hearsay Social!Hearsay-Social-AndroidApp
With a few finger taps in one of the apps, financial professionals can publish posts from the Hearsay Social Content Library to their social networks, create original posts to share, view their post schedule, as well as quickly email or text contacts. Plus,with Social Signals through the app not only alert advisors when key life events happen to people in their networks, they also make it easy for advisors to reach out and engage based on those alerts.
Rebecca Peduzzi, Operations Manager at The Boyer Agency, said, “the Hearsay Social app does everything I need it to while I’m out of the office. What I find most valuable is the ability to push content to all social networks instantly.
Amanda Isert, Associate Agent at Billy Hewes Insurance Agency, shared, “the Hearsay Social app is great. I love that I have it at my fingertips and don’t have to be on a computer to do what I need to do… I have already recommended the app to several people.
Hearsay Social customers can download the new  Android app or the iPhone app  and login with their existing company credentials.
Read more about today’s announcement in our Press Release.

Anatomy of the New Facebook Pages Brand Timeline

Note: All Facebook Pages will automatically transition to the brand timeline format at the end of the month. The following is a chapter from our how-to guide for the Facebook Page Brand Timeline Redesign, a free resource featuring everything you need to know about the new social marketing tools.

The number one thing to know with the new Facebook Pages is that this is the page users will see when they visit your brand on Facebook. No more fan-gating and no more auto-redirecting users to custom-created tabs. This is it. So it’s important to understand each individual component and the part each plays in the whole picture.

  1. The cover photo is easily the most visually striking element of Facebook’s new brand pages, and you can bet that it’s the first thing any user will notice when they visit your page. Images uploaded as covers must be a minimum of 720 pixels wide.
  2. Layered above the cover photo, the profile picture is the second most important visual element of the timeline. Many brands will find this to be the perfect place for their logo, especially since this is the image which users will see alongside your posts in the News Feed. Your page name will appear in plain text to the right of this photo.
  3. Directly underneath the profile photo is the about section, where you can share basic information about your business, like founding year, contact information, location, and any other general info.
  4. To the right of the about section are the app buttons, which replace tabs from the old Facebook Pages. Only four of these buttons are displayed automatically, and the first of these is reserved for Photos. The other three, and any others made visible by clicking a small arrow on the right, can be customized by the business page administrator.
  5. The Facepile displays all the people who have liked your brand’s page. If a visiting user has friends who have already liked the page, then those users will be displayed in the Facepile first.
  6. Timeline
    a. Post: The blank box on the top left side of the timeline is an ordinary input box for you or your fans to post a status update, a photo, or any other content to share on the timeline.
    b. Just like on the Facebook Wall of old, the actual timeline displays the newest posts at the top and older posts as you scroll down. One nifty innovation of the timeline is that it displays fewer posts the further back in time you go, so that it’s easy to learn about a business’s whole history in one quick overview. Add compelling content from your early years for those users savvy enough to explore your past!
    c. Pinning holds a status update, photo, or other piece of content of your choosing to the top of the timeline for exactly seven days.
    d. Highlighting extends the width of posts across the timeline, making them more clearly visible as users scroll down the page.

Now that you’ve read this chapter, read the full how-to guide for the Facebook Page Brand Timeline Redesign. Learn about the new rules for cover photos, how you should transition from the wall to the timeline, and other digestible tips for creating the best possible business page on Facebook.