Take control of field activity & easily scale programs.

The enterprise-class Hearsay Advisor Cloud platforms underpins all of our applications, delivering seamless integration into existing enterprise environments and security at scale. Plus, our platform integrates with your existing email archive and surveillance systems, so that your data is always retained in a single system.

We offer the most comprehensive client engagement solution on the market – period. The Hearsay Advisor Cloud platform delivers scale, reliability, integration and security, without compromise.


“Today and over the next several years, digital technologies will become an increasingly important driving force for our thousands of agents around the world. Our global relationship with Hearsay allows us to empower our agents to excel on social networks and connect with customers.”

Monika Schulze, Global Head of Brand Marketing of Zurich Insurance Group


“We have 4,600 advisors, this is a very important movement in our company, and Hearsay is the key partner.”

Ruth Papazian, former Chief Marketing Officer, HD Vest

Proven scalability

Hearsay Advisor Cloud is purpose-built for global enterprises in regulated industries and has proven to scale quickly across large, distributed organizations. Our efficient enterprise platform enables field deployments across thousands of users within a matter of weeks.

Centrally manage security and provisioning

The patented Hearsay Advisor Cloud platform provides easy controls for technology teams to manage deployment and user access. We easily integrate with your existing single sign-on (SSO) systems through SAML2 and OpenID and share user and organizational data with through LDAP directories.

Flexible access controls and device policies

Regardless of your mobile device strategy, Hearsay Advisor Cloud delivers enterprise-class tools for IT administrators, allowing them to control user permissions and enforce communication policies in a BYOD, CYOD, COPE or a mixed mobile environment.

Unified data

Break down organizational silos and unify client data. The flexible and open Hearsay Advisor Cloud platform offers integrations and APIs that allow you to bring client and advisor data from across systems together for unique insights and understanding.

Capture social activity from any device, anywhere

The API-based monitoring and supervision provided by Hearsay Advisor Cloud means that your compliance teams can see advisor social media activity regardless of whether they are using their personal or company-provided device, and whether they access it from work or a home network.

Purpose-Built for Financial Professionals.
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