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Create a consistent client experience.

Today’s consumers expect timely, personalized communication delivered through the digital channels they use every day – social media, websites, email and text messaging. Empower your advisors and agents to provide their customers a seamless and consistent digital experience that attracts prospects and builds stronger client relationships to grow their business, with Hearsay Cloud.

“Our financial representatives and compliance teams alike love that the Hearsay enterprise platform is specifically built for our industry to help our advisors and our members connect and engage across all forms of communications in today’s digital era.”

“Before Hearsay, our compliance team would spend weeks at a time working with reps to update and edit content. With the Hearsay platform compliance has become streamlined and content issues are resolved within minutes.”

Elevate your client experience with brand governance

Extend your brand marketing to advisors and agents with Hearsay. Offer branded local advisor websites and share all of your corporate content with just a few clicks. See social networks and brand impressions increase tenfold plus.

Easily share content, from any system (including Hearsay itself)

Hearsay Content and Campaigns make it easy to share compliant content with the field. Augment your programs with built-in Hearsay Content, curated feeds of the most engaging content for P&C, Life, and Wealth Management. Hearsay Cloud also connects to your core systems, like Adobe Experience Manager so you can seamlessly share your best content – and track results.

Learn which types of content drive the most impactful results

Drive best practices & success with analytics

Hearsay Cloud eliminates data silos and connects customer data across sources and platforms. With unified insight across advisor/agent activity and engagement, you’ll understand what content drives engagement and what actions drive business. Use this activity to develop metrics and best practices and educate the field on how to succeed across digital channels.

Measure Results

Hearsay’s Attribution feature provides a way to measure corporate referral traffic & leads generated by your social program. Quantify the value of that corporate traffic by multiplying it against your firm’s average Cost Per Click (CPC). Engage Professional Services to take your Social ROI to the next level.

2019 Financial Services Social Media Content Study

It’s here – the 2nd annual study of wealth, life, P&C and mortgage firms’ social media usage and client engagement.

5 Ways to Drive Advisor Social Program Adoption

One of the biggest challenges marketers run into when starting a digital program is convincing advisors and agents to change their ways. Here are five recommendations from pros who’ve been through it.

Bridging the Gap Between Compliance & Marketing by the Supervision of Multiple Communication Channels

At times it can seem that compliance and marketing teams are at cross-roads when it comes to policies regarding social media usage. Marketing is working hard to get out specific advertisements and promotions. At the same time, compliance teams must carefully ensure that all advertisements comply with regulatory requirements.